Attention, RTers: Ask Uwe Boll a Question!

Your questions answered by the Postal director himself.

RT is a website for the people, and as such we are offering the RT community the chance to pose a question to moviedom's most controversial working director: Uwe Boll.

We'll be meeting Boll later this week as he embarks on a press tour to promote Postal, his latest videogame-to-screen offering. Post your burning questions for the Teutonic Terror below and select lines of inquiry will be put to him on your behalf. (Try to keep it tactful. And no, we're not going to challenge Boll to a boxing match.)

Boll's upcoming Postal hits theaters later this month (May 23) and is a sort of departure for the man known best for films like Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. Unlike those actioners, Postal is an intentional comedy that mines today's political atmosphere for laughs with the delicacy of a bull in a china shop. Borrowing its premise from the videogame of the same name, Postal follows a down-on-his-luck loser named Dude (Zack Ward) as his worst day ever turns into a frenzy of bullets, babes, terrorists, and angry mobs; suffice to say that avian bird flu, Osama bin Laden, and a doomsday cult come into play. Did we mention the full-frontal Dave Foley?

Nearly every Boll flick nabs a handful of Hollywood stars; Postal features the aforementioned Dave Foley, Zack Ward, J.K. Simmons, Verne Troyer, Larry "The Soup Nazi" Thomas as Osama bin Laden, and Uwe Uwe Boll.

Boll, a natural publicity magnet, has single-handedly spread word-of-mouth for Postal's debut by posting a video online disparaging filmmakers like George Clooney, Eli Roth and Michael Bay; more recently, he prematurely confirmed that he'd step into the ring opposite Bay, as he had before against his harshest critics (Bay later denied the showdown.)

Below, one of Boll's recent promo videos for Postal, in which he delivers a PSA-style lesson in the character of General George S. Patton. Remember to submit your Boll questions below!

Watch more General Boll videos here.

**UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who submitted questions. We talked to Boll this morning and he answered some of your burning inquiries! Stay posted for our full interview soon!


Slayer Of Light

daniel serper

Wow, this guy is a horrible director, AND a nazi ****.

May 6 - 07:54 PM


That Guy

Mr. Boll,
Why do you box your critics instead of listening to them? If so many people say the same thing, maybe there is something to that. If critics blast your movies and fans seem to hate them then perhaps you should change your filmmaking style accordingly. Going into the ring with a critic or fellow filmmaker is not going to change their opinions of your movies. It may change their opinion of yourself but that is not going to make your movies any better. My point is that criticism is not designed to destroy but for improvement in future endeavors. Failure to listen to criticism only results in the repetition of those problems. I just want to know how boxing is going to alleviate those criticisms.

May 6 - 07:55 PM


idle one kenobi

Boll gives piracy a good name. Mr Boll, taking Alone in the dark as an example. Do you not think you are ripping people off? expecting to spend our hard earned cash on a film like that? Wouldnt you rather us spend it on a film we would not feel angry, bitter and down right rebelious that we just wasted our money and time on?

Maybe you and those like you, are the real course of piracy? Maybe its a way people can sift through the crap without getting stung?

You have the rights to make films of some awsome games that have fan bases, yet you lure them into a trap, a promise of a game to film, and surprise surprise its another dud. You wield your powers like a kid that found his dads gun. Please stop making films of games, thats all I ask. Continue making films by all means, I will avoid them. But making films of games you are ruining the credibility of the idea itself. Game to film CAN be great if in the right hands, and if the film makers show the source material the respect it deserves. You are not one of them.

May 6 - 08:35 PM


Victor Johnson

Mr Boll:

May 6 - 08:41 PM


Nicolaas van Oss

I just can't think of anything to ask of this sad,sad man.

May 6 - 08:51 PM


j b

Mr. Boll:
Do you consider the films you make to be a monument to the future? (i.e., a testament to how future generations will look back on the 90's-00's).
I realize the RT community will skewer me for such a highbrow question.

May 6 - 08:51 PM


Zack Dubuc

Yes, why do you choose to box your critics instead of just making better films? Why do you choose to continually make video game adaptions when you clearly have had no success? How does beating a critic in a boxing match prove you are a decent filmmaker? And lastly, has Michael Bay responded to your boxing challenge, or is he to busy getting actual support from studios to make REAL movies?

May 6 - 08:53 PM


Nicolaas van Oss

What do you think of Citizen Kane, The Godfather, and Stanley Kubrick?

May 6 - 08:55 PM


Alex Vazquez

I thought that video was absolutely hilarious. It probably wouldn't be nearly as funny if I actually knew what the hell he was talking about. Ah, broken English...never ceases to amuse.

May 6 - 09:07 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

There are several scenes on "In the name of the King", that have striking similarity to scenes on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, were this similarities supposed to be an homage to Peter Jackson's masterpiece?

May 6 - 09:10 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

Were you aware of Tara Reid reputation of party girl when you decided to cast her as a brilliant scientist?

May 6 - 09:13 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

Why did you include a voice over narration of a text as it was shown on the screen at the same time on "Alone on the Dark"?

May 6 - 09:15 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

Why is it that on your videogame movie adaptation you only take the game's concept and characters to use them on a original story instead of using the one from the game?

May 6 - 09:17 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

What do you think of Ed Wood?

May 6 - 09:20 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

assuming that you agree with the notion that cliches are a bad element on movies, are you aware that a knocked down orange cart vendor during a car chase scene is a very tired cliche? and if so, why did you include one on Alone in the Dark?

May 6 - 09:24 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

Why did you release a director's cut of "Alone in the Dark" on dvd that only two minutes longer than the original cut? Didn't you have the final cut the first time?

May 6 - 09:27 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

after it was created on The Matrix on 1999 a lot of action movies (including some of yours) started using the "bullet time" effect, now with the success of the Bourne franchise is very common on action scenes to use the "shaky camera" effect, what do you think of it? will you be using concept on future releases?

May 6 - 09:34 PM


Sam Dunning

MR. Boll,

What are your favorite films? Who are your favorite directors? How did you get interested in directing in the first place and why video game adaptations?


May 6 - 09:41 PM


jamie taylor

Robert Downey Jr is THE man in Hollywood at the moment. When are you going to snag him for one of your future projects?

I have a suggestion, if I may be so bold as to impose on the great and powerful Boll: Pac Man:The Movie. Now hear me out.

Robert Downey Jr stars as Pac Man, a pill-eating druglord. Chaos ensues as he fights through a maze of insanity. Through his journey, he encounters and fights the ghosts of his past.

BOOM! Highest-grossing Uwe Boll film right there! No need to thank me, oh crusher of critics. Alone In The Dark and House Of The Dead were MORE than thanks enough.

May 6 - 09:42 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

Your movie Alone in the Dark is based on the videogame of the same name, which in turn is based on the the writtings of H.P.Lovecraft, specially "The Call of Cthulhu, are you familiarised with that literary origin? and if so, was it a factor on the way you constructed the movie?

May 6 - 09:42 PM

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