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Jake Turner

Uwe Boll is able to keep making crappy movies because of a tax law in Germany that allows investors in German films to write all their investments off as tax deductions. i.e.,loans. So they can take out a loan and invest in a movie made in Germany and not have to pay back the loan. The only thing they have to pay are taxes on the profit of the movie......which for Boll is an all-time total of.......$0. oh ya, and if the movie doesnt turn a profit, the investor gets a write off. meaning they dont have to pay. technically hes using the system correctly...but hes abusing it...the tax deductions are in place to encourage investors to invest in German films and help the German film industry. But Boll keeps making terrible movies that never make any money. Hes just wasting money.
and personally, I think hes a douche.

May 14 - 02:08 AM


Marko Rebić

I never believed Uwe is stupid or anything. He just doesn't have the talent, doesn''t have the feeling, how to direct well. He just can't put it together.

May 14 - 02:14 AM


Jean Bonhomme

I guess Uwe Boll is the Ed Wood of our times. Apparently, he knows what a good movie is, but hasn't the foggiest idea how to make one himself.

May 14 - 02:21 AM


Gabrielle *no way*

You cannot help but like Uwe Boll. He obviously has very good taste in movies which is not suprising - and no matter what you think if his movies, people still pay to go see them and lots of people actually enjoy them! Plus Uwe in the boxing ring against the critics is just classic! Good on him!

May 14 - 02:38 AM

~*Admiral Snowstorm*~

Dominique Amsterdam

I guess this is proof that good taste in movies doesn't necessarily produce good movies of your own.

Though that thing he said about Apocalypse Now in comparison to We Were Soldiers was a pretty cool way of looking at it.

May 14 - 03:35 AM


James Ford

is THE SEARCHERS a POS because the characters are racist or is it a POS even if they weren't? in one instance it means an opinion (probably varying from your own) deems a movie good or bad. john wayne's evan is an obsessed racist and it isn't glorified (like BIRTH OF A NATION where the klansmen are the heroes rescuing white women). his character is ugly and vile to the point he's willing to kill his own neice.

now i think MISSISSIPPI BURNING is a racist POS because it takes an actual event and then fictionalizes it making the black people who created and pushed the american civil rights movement to the side while white FBI agents pushed for change. that's the blatantly offensive. if they wanted to tell a story about southern racism they could have fictionalized all the events like IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.

May 14 - 05:26 AM


David Ober

That list seemed like the generic "No, really, I have good taste in movies" kind of list. It was a bunch of, admittedly good, award winners that probably never really affected the compiler. He probably just thought they sounded good.

May 14 - 05:26 AM


Link O'Fett

Huh, I didn't think Uwe Boll even knew how to spell the word "movie".

May 14 - 07:55 AM


Miguel Serrano

I'm under the impression that most people who say they wish that Boll was dead or that he'd stop making movies are just bandwagon haters who haven't even seen tha man's movies and just get a kick out of the one-liners they've read from critics' opinions.

If nothing else, I'm glad Boll is around because, from the many posts that I've read, he's a means for catharsis for many a keyboard hater and a means of entertainment for those of us who read their posts. I don't think the haters REALLY want Boll out of the movie business. If he were, who would they have left to criticize with such gusto and reckless abandon?

May 14 - 08:18 AM


Greg Guro

A little bit ago in another thread I actually asked "what are Uwe Boll's 5 favorite films."

But I had the prediction that they would all be films he made.

He has a decent list.

"Anyone else think that the photo above of Uwe Boll looks like Terry Gilliam?"

Now that you mention it, I do! I like/love all things Gilliam except for Tideland, which was beyond creepy and insane. And, like something Boll would do, Gilliam actually told the audience before watching the movie how good it is. . .

I have a feeling Postal will be better than Tideland. . .

May 14 - 08:35 AM


Cody Dean

Let me get this strait. Uwe Boll was inspired by some of the greatest movies of all time, and the best he could come up with was Bloodrayne. Radiohead said their main influence was the Pixies, and Radiohead is one of the greatest bands of all time.

How does Uwe Boll do it!

And also for the Uwe Boll film, he should be played by either Eli Roth or Michael Bay, just to piss him off.

May 14 - 08:35 AM


Lyle Pollard

Heh....I'm tempted to just send him a pack of razorblades with some instructions on how to properly slit his wrists, drawn out in cute cartoon characters.

I just want him out of the picture before he ruins a property I actually care about. As it is...I just think that the money from his movies could be better spent on other things....anything else, for that matter.

May 14 - 08:48 AM

Young Turk

Joe Massino

that and he has never fought Blade over the survival of mankind.

May 14 - 09:31 AM


Jonathan Arthur

Uwe is our Edward D. Wood Jr. He has made some of the funniest scenes I have ever seen in films. My family and I would seriously miss Uwe if he were to stop producing the comedies he now does so well. It turns us all into MST3K.

May 14 - 09:48 AM


Jim Carter

I have talked to Uwe Boll a few times. He's actually a pretty cool guy. When I talked to Zack Ward he had some interesting ideas as to why his movies are clunkers.

I am actually looking forward to Postal. It should be interesting.

May 14 - 10:02 AM


Jim La Rose

"not like Pearl Harbor, that's one of the worst movies of all time"

There is no better definition of "the pot calling the kettle black" thank this line, right?

May 14 - 10:32 AM


Jim La Rose

Also, OMG, when I saw the title of "Uwe Boll's Five Favorite Films" the graphic changed up top and I was trying to figure out how to get back to it. I have never wanted to see anything more in my life.

May 14 - 10:33 AM


Adam Gagnon

I'm sure he looked at a couple compilation lists of best movies and chose some on there randomly. I have a hard time believing this guy can process human thought let alone have good taste.

This guy is a plague on the Movie industry.

May 14 - 11:02 AM


Andrew Strange

Theres an online petition to stop him making movies?!!!

Why not just not watch them?!!!

Some people need a girlfriend...

May 14 - 11:45 AM


Dr. Gonzo

Forget about signing the million person petition. Even if you do, I'm sure Dr. Boll will just take all of you on in the ring at once ala royal rumble and reign victorious.

After watching the disaster of an unscripted film entitled "Hotel," I think Dr. Boll should try an unscripted film himself. He's come very close to doing this already...

May 14 - 11:55 AM

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