My review of "Premium Rush"

Hello all,

I wrote a review of "Premium Rush" over at my own website, and figured I'd share a link to it here in case anyone felt like reading it.


I'm open to any comments or feedback about the review or the movie, and would enjoy discussing it with anyone who either agrees or disagrees with my opinions.
Ben Weber
12-26-2012 11:38 AM

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Migs Rodriguez

Migs Rodriguez

I didn't see this movie in the theaters, but I got the dvd (it was on sale). I enjoyed it. I'm becoming more of a JGL fan (Looper...nuff said), and I thought General Zod was over the top as a corrupt cop. The high speed bike riding through NYC was pretty cool. Decent flick

Jun 9 - 07:39 AM

Sean Gall

Sean Gall

Horrible movie.
It was like it was written by a high schooler.
Mike Shannons part was horribly and yes the scene were he died was just kind of dumb.

Feb 11 - 02:11 PM

Diego Tutweiller

The Artist Formerly Known as Tutweiller

It was formulaic, and the acting wasn't particularly fantastic, but you can't say it's HORRIBLE.

Mar 6 - 08:13 PM

Nina Bradley

Nina Bradley

Hi Ben, I'm curious about your take on Michael Shannon's performance. It seems like you were entertained by him (as was I) but I wonder if the tone that he took wasn't inconsistent with the ultimate outcome of his story line. I felt it was a bit jarring to have such a serious end to a character who had more of a comic ineptness than any kind of sinister evil. What do you think?

Jan 2 - 09:16 AM

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