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Nicki M
Super Reviewer
½ September 21, 2014
Ending was a little flat - I really expected a big comeback, but actually it went full circle to the beginning of the movie. Hard work, nice things, nice family, time poor.
Parker Posey as Susan is the boss from hell - mentally unbalanced, driven, enough to do your head in, quite honestly. Watching Pete get sucked into her web was horrifying.
I can see why this wouldn't be the most popular movie, but it's well done and I enjoyed the various characters and office politics.
Christian C
Super Reviewer
April 11, 2014
"Price Check" belongs in the Bargain Bin. Parker Posey is the only remotely compelling character and the film's potential messages are diluted by ambiguity. Comedy genre? We'll need a "price check" on that....
Hamee Hamee ½ April 13, 2013
This was a rather pointless movie. I can't believe that ending; it felt like someone got tired of writing the story and just slapped something together.
Thomas W December 5, 2012
Playing a variation of the brittle, manic, domineering character(s) she has played in the past, Parker Posey (The House of Yes, Superman Returns, Waiting for Guffman) is Susan Felders, a scheming corporate climber fresh out of LA who has just been promoted to head a struggling, Long Island NY grocery store chain. Claiming to want to be out of a hectic LA, she professes love for her job and appears to hate everything about except for the power she has been given. Making drastic and nearly improbable changes in short time, much of her staff is in disbelief and doesn't know what to make of her. She quickly promotes Pete Cozy (Eric Mabius - "Ugly Betty", Welcome to the Dollhouse) to be her right-hand man and expects a LOT out of him. While not perceived as an exciting world, Price Check gives audiences a glimpse of how cutthroat retail marketing can be as almost all corporate executives strive for success (oftentimes at any and all costs). When one is out for himself/herself exclusively ... nothing stands in his/her way. Price Check is a watchable corporate comedy with an appealing cast (even the bit supporting players play their roles nicely). Having experienced that world first hand, I contend that this is pretty honest even with some of that Hollywood gloss.
Jack S ½ July 21, 2014
Parker Posey failed miserably to come off as an alpha female, and the male lead could not have been more bland. Also, I have to question the validity of the message of the film as it seems to say that in order to ascend to "upper middle class", you have to be immoral.
Matty Stanfield Matty Stanfield July 6, 2014
The actors do their best, but this film fails.
Christian C
Super Reviewer
April 11, 2014
"Price Check" belongs in the Bargain Bin. Parker Posey is the only remotely compelling character and the film's potential messages are diluted by ambiguity. Comedy genre? We'll need a "price check" on that....
Nukleopatra Nukleopatra ½ March 31, 2014
A fairly pointless, short on laughs dramedy.
Rachel C December 12, 2013
This movie had much potential, but I was disappointed about all of the inconsistencies in the film which ruined everything. Queue the scene where Pete inadvertently fingers his office mate for termination, while the person Pete really thought should get fired stays. When the co-worker finds out Pete was the one who used his name, he said, "Never talk to me again"

Then two scenes later, Pete is having a full blown conversation with him. That is frustrating to the viewer.

Pete cheats on his wife, gets caught (rather stupidly), and then "Hey! It's all good!"

Susan is the epitome of someone with a borderline personality disorder (although, I hate using the word 'borderline'), Yet, she is given positions of top responsibilities in corporations where it is acceptable for her to blow through money and throw physical tantrums on the floor as a child would. She's foul and classless and dirty. But Parker Posey pulls it off, which is the only redeeming quality of the fim. Completely unbelievable, except I believed in Susan's narcissistic behavior, and for that I give this movie one extra star.
Catherine O September 14, 2013
Hated it. Absolutely hated it.
zafmonkey zafmonkey ½ August 13, 2013
With the exception of the comfortably subtle lead performance by Eric Mabius, Price Check is overwhelmed with unnecessarily exaggerated acting from Posey and the supporter acting. The exaggerated acting and directing choices give the film more of a comedic tone, while the plot seems more dramatic with an end that never gives the film point or reason. Thank god the soundtrack was good.
DC Edmonds DC Edmonds ½ August 11, 2013
"Price Check" 10 Scale Rating: 5.0 (Mediocre) ...

The Good: Parker Posey. As usual, the indie queen does a great job bringing an obscure character to life. The film had some very funny moments, especially early on.

The Bad: Slows down and almost comes to a screeching halt halfway through. Ultimately disappointing, it fails to capitalize on a strong start.
Tony H May 30, 2013
OK film. Mostly pointless. Posey is her usual self.
Ian F June 22, 2013
The word bland can be applied to every single aspect of this shit storm of a movie with the exception of Posey's performance. Price Check's plot, characters, dialogue, themes, conflicts, and ending seem like they were mashed together by a drunk college student. The selections of shots make no sense what so ever, and many of these shots serve absolutely no purpose. Finally, Mabius shows about as much emotional range as an OD'ing heroin addict.
FilmGrinder S. FilmGrinder S. ½ May 24, 2013
Parker Posey plays the ultimate manipulator, sometimes for the good...of the company, but mostly for herself. There were some highly anxiety inducing scenes. You can tell director Michael Walker has or had a rebel streak in him.
Peter H May 11, 2013
Another dazzling performance by Parker Posey, but the narrative is disjointed and direction is uneven. The first half of the movie had all the makings of an instant indie classic, but then it goes off the rails with illogical and questionable plot twists, culminating in an ultimately unbelievable ending.
Bryan C May 11, 2013
The movie setup really well and maybe the reason I didn't like it is I didn't like any of the characters. The main character came across as he was trying to do the right thing but consistently did the wrong thing coupled with a checkered past. His wife didn't have any motivation apart to gripe on him for not make enough money and not wanting to work. The main antagonist had all the major motivations and characteristics to make us hate her but because I didn't like any of the protagonists by the end of the movie I really didn't care when she didn't get her come uppance. Also the ending completely ruined everything that had set up to that point of the movie it was neither a tragedy or a happy ending and it didn't really feel realistic to me either.
Sandeep S April 27, 2013
Though the ending is not satisfying, it is a good corporate comedy.....Somewhat similar to the Office/Office Space.....
Gary M April 23, 2013
Had the potential to be the indy Office Space. Fail.
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