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½ April 17, 2011
I really like Terrence Howard, and this movie was pretty good. Despite being super-sweet (to the point of saccharine), and being emotionally heavy-handed, I still had tears well in my eyes from time to time. While not overtly racist, this film was subtly racist. In the entire film there was only one positive white character, and he was only shown briefly at the beginning. Many of the white characters were blatantly, and ridiculously evil. BUT..I understood the meaning of the movie, and I did enjoy it.
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March 4, 2011
I really liked this film alot. It's simple, very formulaic, but it is also very touching. Terrence Howard gives a very good performance. I'd recommend this film to anyone.
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June 22, 2008
Swim films make good pick me up films with a very sporting motif underlying the movie pitch. Slightly let down in the fact that it was about this, haha, but still 4 stars for being good.
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July 2, 2007
From what I saw of it, totally cliched and very familiar, no originality at all.
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½ July 8, 2007
It was a heart warming story of a community center on the way out of business. Time framed in the seventies based upon a true story, this movie will compel you to sit and watch until it is finished. Soul stirring performances Terrence Dashon Howard and Bernie Mack....fighting against the odds to save a community center and a community, this was an enjoyable film.
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½ July 15, 2009
I love swimming movies, even though actors can't swim for toffee. Plus this ones got Terrence Howard in it, hurray,
Though Terrence Howards in everything
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½ September 23, 2007
No its not the most original story anymore after both titans and Glory Road, but with these sports movies its all about the genuine heart the actors must relay into the determination they are required to have to overcome the obstacles. In this racial story line Terrance Howard is such a terrific actor its easy to ignore the familiar struggles and become engulfed in the fight for what these characters want to achieve and what they need to be happy.
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March 1, 2007
Fine but familiar.
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½ November 1, 2007
If you've ever seen any film about conquering racism or young people being inspired, you've seen this film...but it's still worth a watch. Great soundtrack too.
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½ October 26, 2010
Another late night find, this is a 'type' of film that we've seen many times before but it is still very entertaining and Terence Howard and Bernie Mac are great. Maybe because I used to be a swimmer I enjoyed this more than most but the film worked for me. Perhaps it could have done with a bit more grit but these Hollywood true story films always leave a bit of a sweet taste behind. Pretty good though.
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½ August 6, 2007
Good film. Good performances by Terrence Howard and Bernie Mac.
April 13, 2012
I really liked this film alot. It's simple, very formulaic, but it is also very touching. Terrence Howard gives a very good performance. I'd recommend this film to anyone.
June 18, 2011
Well I love swimming so of course I'm going to like it. Terrence howard did ok but the directing wasn't solid. Most of the characters were one-dimensional. Kimberly Elise now she is a good actress. Grade: C+
June 3, 2011
This movie should have been a lot better than it was. The weakness was in direction or a lack of character development. Most of the boys were one dimensional and interchangeable. The exceptions were Kevin Phillips as Dre and Evan Ross as Reggie.. Dre was a one note character. but he was the rebel so he was distinguishable from three of the other characters Evan Ross showed nuance and skill as a teen with a speech impediment. Unfortunately, Mr. Howard's Jim is a weakness. He delivers every line as if it's life altering wisdom instead of a natural conversational tone. Bernie Mac continues his run of tough exterior characters with gooey centers ably. However the swimming sequences were exciting and filmed well. Last, but not least, Nate Parker's disappearing and reappearing tattoos drove m to distraction. They would be in one shot and gone the next.
November 6, 2010
Pride is an incredibly inspiring movie that nearly brought me to tears. It based on a true story about the struggles an all black swim team endured to come up being being none existent to Champions in a single season. The story is so well performed and truly moved me like no other movie in recent times. If you are in the mood for a entertaining, uplifting story, then this is the one for you.
½ May 31, 2010
A great movie about a coaches determination of a group of teens to over come obstacles to reach a common goal. There is some great humor as well to the truth inspired movie.
March 28, 2007
I was flipping through my On Demand movies this evening and found this gem. I must say it was hard seeing Bernie considering that he's passed on...but I digressed.

The film was a gentle reminder to pursue your dreams and know that excellence is not a respecter of persons. Also, it made me recall the people in my own life that played the role of Coach Ellis, i.e. one who gave me direction and reminded me to make the most of every opportunity and give my absolute best.

Although hard I will not give any details about the film, but simply ask that you add it to your "should see" list :) In closing, considering how much I love quotes, I'll leave you w/ the one that I believe ushered us to the bridge/turning point in the film.

"My life is way too short for me to spend my time around people who don't care about nothin'" - Coach Jim Ellis
½ March 22, 2007
Good film. Terrence Howard and Bernie Mac team up with a great group of kids in Philly trying to overcome the obstacles of race, the troubles of the inner city and more through some great athletic swimming. A little romance too!
½ April 7, 2008
it was very good . i love true stories & the passion this man had was like a gift not just a passion . the acting was very well prefomed & the story was so uplifting you couldnt help but get into the movie , see it you`ll like it .
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