Knowing the backstory makes the film even more impressive

To correct some of the reviewers here ...

Primer was shot in 16mm (not a digicam).

Shane Carruth used filters and a variety of other traditional photography/videography techniques to give it an intentional, overexposed look. Reminded me a bit of other recent noir thrillers like Pi and Memento. Loved it. Perfect. Had it been a digicam, it would have been a completely different movie...but the fact that you didn't notice is a compliment to the director.

If you didn't catch the entire plot the first time through (especially the ending), it's definitely worth a second watch. The two main characters were confused & twisted in the end, and the filmmaker wanted to take the audience on the same journey. Brilliant decision.

I remember critics watching films like Total Recall (original) & Vanilla Sky a second time...why does Primer get singled out for more criticism simply because it's independent?

The budget was $7,000. This entertained me more than most movies with $70 million budget. And it raises so many ethical and scientific issues, it makes you think. View this movie like a complex novel - if you're not in the mood to really engage, go watch Battleship or Transformers.

Shane Carruth was the writer, the director, the star, the editor, & wrote and performed the music score. Amazing.

Primer won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance. The acting was impeccable - I think the filming style and the 16mm helped cover up any shortcomings of the entirely amateur cast, because I didn't notice any weak scenes at all.

For me, this movie gets the highest possible score, and I can't wait to see his next film Upstream Color.
Paul Haughey
06-26-2013 11:42 AM

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Ben Herr

Ben Herr

I agree, incredible work for no budget. What impressed me most was how natural and unscripted the dialogue/acting felt. I love movies with unknown actors because you're not sitting there thinking of all the other characters the actor has played.

I'm generally pretty good and understanding complicated movies after one viewing. I'm not sure I'd entirely get this one after three. And yet, I have a sort of faith that everything actually makes sense. Kudos to them, great film.

Aug 21 - 08:28 PM

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