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½ March 21, 2011
Prom Night III: The Last Kiss is a poorly made horror film that combines all the usual cliches with a bad horror comedy overtone. This third entry suffers from a bad script and bad acting with nothing really new to offer the genre. This entry doesn't try to do anything new or exciting and the film suffers from a poorly conceived horror comedy formula that ultimately doesn't work. Prom Night II: Hello Mary Lou was the best in this series and it shocking how they couldn't build anything on the Mary Lou story a bit further. The filmmakers took a different approach and the film is a failure. The Last Kiss is packed with horror cliches and stereotypes. The story seems incomplete and the actors seem out of place. This is too bad because the first two entries were solid films. After finishing this fiolm you'll realize that your time could have been wasted better as this film is quite stupid and boring to be honest. there is nothing good about the film, nothing remotely appealing to fans of the first and second film. For me the real Prom Night film are the first two films, the first was good and the sequel was even better, but then we get to The Last Kiss and what we have is purely and simply a film that absolute garbage. If you want good advice skip this one and the fourth film and stick with the first two, much better films, and are definitely more entertaining. This film is just sad in its failure.
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January 13, 2007
Cynthia Preston looks so hot as the prom queen from hell Mary Lou Maloney who returns to her old high school to knock 'em dead. Done with some style and humour. Watch for the jukebox from hell.
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January 12, 2008
½ September 3, 2012
Slow and gets boring, but isn't too bad of a watch. It's not as good as part 2 though, the characters are awful and the effects aren't good. The story feels wasted, and the ending was terrible. There are some nice bloody moments, but nothing to get too excited about.
February 2, 2012
The first 2 sequels are the only connection within the franchise. Unfortionaly Prom Night 3 picks up right where 2 left off so its a good supernatural flick!
July 4, 2010
Not as good as the previous movies but still could make you laugh at the histarical lines that the characters say, alright
½ October 20, 2006
Here's another film rating.
November 5, 2004
Has anyone taken a good long look at this weekend's theatrical releases? Apparently I'm choosing between a movie about a gay British dude who somehow gets chicks (I am actually aware of the fact that Alfie is not gay, but he's British, which is close enough) and another freaking Pixar cartoon. Great. In fact, so little has opened that I think [i]Friday Night Lights[/i] is back on something like 4 screens, and somehow they've resurrected [i]Wicker Park[/i] back from dollar theater purgatory. Well, I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea: there is absolutely nothing opening this weekend. And if anyone expects me to get excited over the almost certainly derivative [i]National Treasure[/i], well, it's time for me to head over to Hollywood Video.

So, being a horror completist, I feel occasionally obligated to watch films that I just KNOW are going to be awful, just in order to say I've completed the series. (As a self-purported horror film expert, how am I supposed to answer the query, "Which [i]Witchboard[/i] movie is the best?" if I haven't seen each and every one of them?) This unheralded dedication led to the unfortunate viewing of [b][i]Prom Night III: The Last Kiss[/i][/b] this past week. I can't really discuss this film seriously, since it was so godawful it transended the medium of cinematic discussion. In the first [i]Prom Night [/i](actually a decent slasher movie, although [b]Jamie Lee Curtis[/b] was attempting to play "high school" even into her 50s) a little girl was shoved from a window during a particularly grueling game of hide and seek in an abandoned school. The kids who did the shoving all grow up and go to prom, only to be killed one by one. The killer turned out to be the brother of little the little girl, and whereas the original film is scary and intense, somehow the [i]Prom Night [/i]sequels were bastardized. Beginning with [i]Hello[/i] [i]Mary Lou: Prom Night II[/i] the focus shifts to a worthless franchise character named Mary Lou, a high school girl jilted in 1957 who returns for revenge dressed in black prom get-up, killing in a way-too-literal and unambiguous fashion in subsequent films.

[i]Prom Night III[/i] is the result of an unfortunate 80s trend: the unfunny horror comedy. [i]Student Bodies[/i] or [i]Return to Hell High[/i], for example. [i]Prom[/i] [i]Night III[/i] is a bad, bad horror comedy. Mary Lou comes back from the dead and has some sort of uncomfortable love affair with a male student. Her evil spirit starts to "do things" for our hero: killing the teacher that gives him sh** during class, messing up opposing members of the football team, etc., presumably cause she's an evil spirit in LOVE, or some such nonsense. All of these shenanigans make for a film that comes across like a mix of [i]My Demon Lover[/i] and the [b]Scott Baio[/b] catastrophe, [i]Zapped![/i] An ugly film, totally unfunny, and lacking in any kind of narrative coherance, with not even a minor marquee player to list in its credits, only [i]Sky Captain and[/i] [i]the World of Tomorrow[/i] ranks as a worse film, in my opinion.

I followed up the abyssmal [i]Prom Night III[/i] with [i][b]Return of the Living Dead[/b] [b]2[/b][/i], the sequel to the dated but still very entertaining [i]Return of the Living[/i] [i]Dead[/i], which was itself an unofficial comedic sequel to [i]Night of the Living Dead[/i] that chose to ignore [b]Romero[/b]'s own follow-ups. In the [i]Return of the[/i] [i]Living Dead[/i] films the zombies crave BRAINS specifically, and actually have dialogue (although the dialogue is usually restricted to two phrases: "Brains!" and "More brains!"), although in most other ways they behave just like generic zombies. The gore in all three [i]Return of the Living Dead[/i] films is old school but undeniably impressive and entertaining. [b]Dana[/b] [b]Ashbrook[/b] (well before his Bobby Briggs days on [i]Twin Peaks[/i]) plays the big time high school graduate who gets the smoking hot high school girl clothed in a perpetual 80s aerobics leotard! Also, every "zombies on the prowl" scene is accompanied by the music of some vague 80s hair band, i.e., [i]Love of Wanton Satan's[/i], or [i]Metalchurch[/i], or what have you. Classic!

My point in reviewing these two films was to point out the fact that not all horror series are created equal. Undiscerning filmgoers would equate [i]Halloween 5[/i] with [i]Friday the 13th V[/i], but those of us in the know are aware of the fact that Michael 5 is a much better movie than Jason 5, that the [i]Return of the Living Dead[/i] series is worth sitting through, and the [i]Prom Night[/i] series should be put on immediate moratorium.
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