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In space no one can hear PROMETHEUS disappoint you.

June 4, 2012 Full Review Source: Badass Digest | Comments (25)



Neal U

Clichéd tagline is not Badass.

Jun 4 - 08:27 PM


WS Shannon

And the Oscar For Best Joke goes to ... someone else

Jun 4 - 08:28 PM


Christopher Aull

Sorry Bad*** Digest, but Moviedex has already beaten you to that quotation.

Jun 4 - 08:34 PM

Chris Papadopoulos

Chris Papadopoulos

Yes!! i hope this movie ends up in the late 70s pr 80s. I find that movies in the 80s on rottentomatoes I end up loving like Inception. And movies that are in the 90s I typicially find overrated. Most recent being 'The Social Network'.

I have no doubt Prometheus will rock now.

Jun 4 - 09:43 PM


Gustavo H. Razera

How original. That blurb makes me wanna read your whole review sooooooooo much... ~

Jun 4 - 09:50 PM


Chris Cox


Jun 4 - 10:07 PM

Richard H.

Richard Han

Badass Digest - Always making the lamest jokes and reviews.

Jun 5 - 01:09 AM

Dictator Fred

Dictator Fred

Sorry, somebody else already said this.

Jun 5 - 02:04 AM

Keyser S.

Keyser S

How sad that so many hacks are rushing to use this obvious (and lame) "joke" in their reviews.

Jun 5 - 02:25 AM


Sean Pak

Not only was this joke used already, but Faraci actually worded it worse. If you're gonna copy something, improve upon it, not the opposite. xD

Jun 5 - 05:38 AM

Premo Beat

John Noto

No thoughts original I know, but this is just pathetic. I hope you are not adequately compensated for your "work".

Jun 5 - 08:23 AM

James Williams

James Williams

where's the rimshot?

Jun 5 - 09:18 AM

Scott Schofield

Scott Schofield

The Headline is a groaner, but Devin is usually right on the mark, this review, combined with a couple others troubles me. We'll see on Friday.

Jun 5 - 10:35 AM

Chris Shannon

Chris Shannon

The thing is though, I feel like people are coming into this expecting like the best sci-fi film ever to grace the screen. There's no way it can trump Alien 1, maybe not even 2. I don't know of too many people that are going into this film with more of an expectation than just to see a great film with awesome spectacle feature slimey awesome aliens and ensuing chaos. The fact that it's taking place more or less in the Aliens universe is just icing on the cake.

Jun 5 - 05:22 PM

Matt Whitfield

Matt Whitfield

Why couldn't a new film trump Alien or Aliens?

Jun 6 - 03:35 AM

Eric Basinger

Eric Basinger


Jun 8 - 08:36 AM

Kemp Kennedy

Kemp Kennedy

I didn't go into this movie with that expectation at all. I was still disappointed and thought it was a messy script with disjointed moments. Kinda boring as well. In the same genre is 'Event Horizon', which I didn't really like a lot either, but thought was vastly superior to this film.

Jun 8 - 02:57 PM


Val Mordas

In space you can still hear Faraci's disappointed wife.

Jun 5 - 11:12 AM

Dixon Tweenercheeks

Dixon Tweenercheeks

Devin Faraci is an idiot.

For months, Scott has stated unequivocally that Prometheus is NOT an Alien prequel but somehow the aforementioned window licker has the ignorance to OPEN his review with the following statement", "Whether you consider Prometheus a prequel to Alien or not (and I don?t know how you couldn?t)....."

Fortunately, this provided me a reason to ignore the rest of the review which I can assume is equally as ignorant.

I could care less about getting another installment in the Alien franchise, I think Scott, Cameron and Whedon have provided every flavor of the story that I am interested in seeing.

What I am looking forward to is the aspects of the story which are loosely based upon Erich von Däniken's "Chariots of the Gods".

I'll comment back after seeing the film but my guess is those people who go into the film without the expectation of another Alien installment will be quite satisfied with Prometheus.

Jun 5 - 02:21 PM


In Your Dreams

Oh cool, I read that book! Along with "Gods From Outer Space" (which he wrote from prison, lol.) I hadn't even made the connection with this movie. Thank you!

Jun 5 - 10:36 PM

Scott Schofield

Scott Schofield

Wrong, it's loosely tied to HP Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness". So much so that Guillermo Del Torro (sp) cancelled his movie based om ATMOM because Prometheus is so close to it's themes. In fact all of Lovecraft's "Man via Alien" Mythos beats Von Daniken's crap by 50 years.

Jun 6 - 12:04 PM

Tony Petrucci

Tony Petrucci

Double wrong. Both ALIEN and ATMOM have Lovecraft influences, but von Daniken's work is a documentary relating to the numerous historical occurrences and beliefs that point towards the idea that our existence may have originated from alien contact. You'll find just about every idea considered in von Daniken's work is much older than Lovecraft's "stories" and some have been dated thousands of years before the bible. I appreciate Lovecraft's work as well, but even original stories have their inspiration. And to compare a movie to a book or a documentary would be as illogical as comparing Mel Gibson's work to the bible. It's just unnecessary.

Jun 7 - 02:41 PM


mark ashworth

'Badass Digest' lol... who the fcuk reads anyhing called 'Badass Digest'????

Jun 6 - 02:35 AM

Scott Schofield

Scott Schofield

I don't know, why are you reading a site called "Rotten Tomatoes"

Jun 6 - 12:05 PM

Jordan K.

Jordan Kahl

I made this account just to respond to you Devin. You're such a loser, and your blurb was already used and yet somehow I feel like you already knew..

Jun 8 - 02:17 PM

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