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I saw Prometheus without my trusty guide-wife next to me to describe the creepy stuff yet watched every second of the movie. And not once did I jump out of my skin.

June 7, 2012 Full Review Source: TIME Magazine | Comments (24)
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THGhost .

That kind of of film has long since past us by. Did this guy really think he was going to be frightened by this? :P

Jun 7 - 01:18 PM

Jack le Critic

Jack Blanc

Absolutely right. People need to wake up to the fact it's 2012 - indie sci-fi horror doesn't get $150m budgets. It never did. Prometheus is as scary as a big movie like this could be - it has to appeal to a broad demographic, it has to make profit.

I think they did a good job. We all like to think we can do better, but most of us wouldn't last 5 mins dealing with Fox's (probable) ridiculous demands.

Give me this any day over Transformers or Twilight.

Jun 7 - 04:55 PM

bob j.

bob jenkins

Why does the new TV trailer state: "it will scare the hell out of you" then? Hehe, he's right everyone thought this was going to try and scare you, come on don't act like his comment is out of left field.

Jun 9 - 12:11 AM

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor

I don't mind it not being scary, but I did mind it being so sterile and unengaging.

Jun 20 - 11:11 AM

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor

Certainly past R. Scott and his scriptwriters.

Jun 20 - 11:35 AM

John Alexander

John Alexander

Prometheus is scifi adventure, deal with it.

Jun 7 - 01:36 PM

Robb H.

Robb H

Prometheus is crap. Deal with it.

Jun 7 - 01:57 PM

John Alexander

John Alexander


Jun 7 - 02:07 PM

JC Martel

JC Martel


Jun 7 - 02:27 PM


Chris Cox


Jun 7 - 03:19 PM

Austin Bond

Austin Bond

it actually is

Jun 8 - 01:12 AM

Chris DeBlois

Chris DeBlois


Jun 9 - 09:36 AM

david c.

david cooper

crap..... honestly????????
fukn great film end of.

Jul 25 - 03:30 PM

Johnnie Y.

Johnnie Young

Your absolutely correct... Not only wasn't it scary, but it seemed to be edited by monkeys.

Jun 7 - 01:44 PM

Ausautas V.

Ausautas V.


Jun 18 - 07:48 AM

Anthony Cassidy

Anthony Cassidy

Richard Corliss liked this movie:
""Is it a good movie?? And we?d reply to the uninitiated that if you like your R-rated sci-fi?horror pictures in two parts ? first half chatty, second half bloody ? you?ll find half an exciting evening at Prometheus. It?s just not what your parents, steeped in Alien lore and gore, were hoping for.""

His suggestions about making it more scary, are simply suggestions for any new films.

Jun 7 - 03:44 PM

Curtis  B.

Curtis Barnhart

Irregardless of your opinion of the movie, that statement makes you sound like a huge pussy. Just sayin...

Jun 8 - 07:02 AM

Chris Bacon

Chris Bacon

"Irregardless"? Really? Regardless too good for you, that you had to add 2 pointless letters before it?

Jun 9 - 07:04 AM


Chris Holland

just because a film doesn't make you jump doesn't mean it isn't a horror film, horror is about suspense & being un-nerved.

Jun 8 - 11:46 AM

Jordan K.

Jordan Kahl

lol this guy needs his wife to explain things to him. Poor woman.

Jun 8 - 03:05 PM

Steven Ohl

Steven Ohl

Yeah.... not the point of the movie

Jun 9 - 03:23 PM

I`m spartacus

john howarth

Whats wrong with aliens as a devoloping specis themselves? In their development they try to create life on a new world, but theirs a flaw in their design. Their sacrificial alien contains a weak dna strand. Time to call in the exterminators. But weakness may be inheriant of their race and the exterminators know this. So the engineers face extermination themselves buy their own weapons. Give me more!!

Jun 13 - 04:07 PM

jay n.

jay nolan actually scared the hell out of me indeed.. - i'm scared that public got so dumb nowadays and buys stories like this. sad. and as i said - scary.

Oct 13 - 11:28 AM

jay n.

jay nolan actually scared the hell out of me.. - i was scared that the public got so dumb it buys stories like prometheus. scary and sad.

Oct 13 - 11:31 AM

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