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November 4, 2015
Jack Nicholson is way too uptight for the San Francisco hippie scene and he has a really bad ponytail (I mean really bad). When a deaf runaway, Jenny (Susan Strasberg), turns up at his band's pad, he looks after her as she tries to find her (drug-addled) brother (Bruce Dern). Of course, Stoney (Jack's character) is also romantically interested in her but so is perpetually zonked quasi-mystic Dean Stockwell and poor Jenny just ends up confused. The whole thing gets pretty heavy, man, because this is American International Pictures (produced by Dick Clark!) and there is a bunch of arguing, fighting, and bad trips to provide some tension. The music, courtesy of the Seeds and the Strawberry Alarm Clock, is actually pretty good and, for all its datedness, the movie holds together fine. It isn't quite the sixties psychedelic exploitation film that you might expect although it does come laden with all the clichés. Freak out!
½ December 10, 2013
Dick Clark produced vehicle about the hippy scene at Haight and Ashbury during the late '60s. Drugs are bad and they'll make you freak out having fire splashing know what, you need to be stoned out of your freaking mind to receive any enjoyment out of this mess whatsoever. Even Bruce Dern doesn't remember jack about this film and he was as square as Dick Clark.
½ July 5, 2007
A not bad 1960s time capsule.
½ March 5, 2013
Wow man, far out crazy stuff. Story of a deaf girl who goes in search of her brother in San Francisco at the height of the hippie movement. Seeing as the story and location are authentic it adds a lot to the feel of the movie.

Everything is ok in this film, nothing is great other than the real feel of hippy days. The story has it's moments as does jack Nicholson as a long haired musician hippy but in the end it's a flash back you don't care to repeat.
May 30, 2012
Ahahahahaha! Brings back memories! "It's just one big plastic hassle!"
½ December 13, 2011
Now so removed from the 60s it's difficult to associate w/ the hippies. The dreams of the counter culture are so far removed in this day & age it feels like a million years ago. I really would have like to be a part of it though. Open the doors of perception & do your own thing. Of course the pursuit of money killed that pursuit. Psycho-Out is more of a sugar cube trip then anything else & thanks to a great cast is a fair amount of fun even if it is extremely dated. Only occasionally do things get heavy but this isn't a 'flower power' movie. If only I was 20 years younger it probably would have been fun to drop some acid & watch. Those days are now behind me (as the days of turn on, tune in & drop out days are for everyone else) & as the saying goes you can't trust anyone over 30. We're just not the dreamers that we used to be
½ July 26, 2009
Far better than the Trip (1967)
December 21, 2010
Thats a absolutely Burner of Hippieploitation Culture of Free Expression, Psychedelic Pictures, Groovy Music & Freaky Characters it shows both the Beauty of Expansion of Consciousness and the Danger of Loss of Reality Jack Nicholson, Susan Strasberg and Dean Stockwell are great
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½ September 5, 2010
This is an excellent psychedelic drama movie, it's very exciting, and it has a great cast. It's a great movie, and I highly recommend it.
½ January 29, 2010
Above average drama about San Franscico hippie life seen through the eyes of deaf Susan Strasberg, who arrives looking for her missing brother.

Producer Dick Clark, yes of American Bandstand fame and numerous New Years Eve broadcasts, produced this pseudo-hippy flick. How was he ever to know what a anti-establishment person was? Yet, he made this film about them.
Dick Clark was the ultimate ESTABLISHMENT figure during the Sixties and beyond. Please, give us a break.

Adventures depict the world of a lost band experimenting with drugs and the supporting cast is pretty good all the way around. Jack Nicholson makes an appearance in this film too.

Flawed by melodramatic ending but still good. Worth watching once, if nothing else but for the retro clothing.


Susan Strasberg, Dean Stockwell,
Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern,
Adam Roarke, Max Julien, Bob Kelljan, Henry Jaglom, Barbara London, Tommy Flanders,

The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Gary Marshall, Ken Scott, Linda Scott, John 'Bud' Cardos, Gary Kent, Dave Morick, I.J. Jefferson, Beatriz Monteil

Director: Richard Rush

Producer: Dick Clark Note-worthy, Clark was of American Bandstand, host.
December 21, 2008
how can you not love this? a spaced-out trip filmed on location by laszlo kovacs during the height of the haight-ashbury scene in full psychedelic color, starring a young ponytailed, bass-playing Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Susan Strasberg and Dean Stockwell, all produced by Dick Clark himself, and the music! Once again, Jack Nicholson shows off his flair for perfectly capturing the essence of modern culture on film. Experience the true hippie scene as the wildness it truly was.
½ August 1, 2006
dern,nicholson, stockwell....tune in, tune out.. drop out
March 11, 2008
un film pas très original sur le plan esthétique, mais avec une histoire drôle, de la super musique (seeds et strawberry alarm clock), et cette ambiance sixties géniale.
bref à voir si vous aimez le genre, pas un indispensable, mais vraiment cool.
February 3, 2008
It's About Drugs And Hippies And 1960's Rock & Roll. Looks Really Cool. Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness!
December 19, 2007
A nice little bit of 60s nostalgia with a whose who of future stars from the Roger Corman school. This is Hippie culture at its most....Hippiesque, and it fits that this is on a double feature with THE TRIP, because the two movies go hand in hand.
November 8, 2007
Cult film w/me as the sole member.
½ June 14, 2007
A great film to watch when you are either drunk, very happy or high on something. A psychedelic rollercoaster.
June 2, 2007
One beautiful adventure from the time when peace, love, & harmony weren't just novelty sayings spoken with zany ignorance but with sincerity and eagerness for a better world.
½ April 26, 2007
a hippie movie from the time of the summer of love. not as dated as it could have been, with enough groovy weirdness to entertain. They don't make moms like The Seeker's anymore. THANK GOD!
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March 30, 2007
This movie stars a young, deaf... *PSYCH!!!!* XD
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