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It's clear by now that whatever characterization skill Anderson showed in his lean, mean debut, 1997's Hard Eight, was a fluke.

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James DeStefano

good call! ;)

Jun 10 - 08:27 AM


Eliot Vitalie

more like bad call now, huh morons.

Oct 6 - 02:21 PM


Jack Mik

I suppose Magnolia and There Will Be Blood were also flukes, right? *slaps head*

P T Anderson is one of the 4 or 5 living directors that you can safely say will go down in history as being a true great. Your inability to understand and/or appreciate this film, whether that's your fault or not, is no excuse to insult such an incredible director as Anderson.

His films are not supposed to tell the audience. That's not what he does. He shows the audience and lets them decipher the meaning. Or do you really think it can rain frogs?

p.s. You're very lucky I'm bothering to comment given your 5 star reviews for Burn After Reading, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. I'm seriously baffled as to how anybody can give BAR 5 stars. You honestly think it's comparable with No Country or O Brother?

Nov 10 - 12:14 AM

Bupos K.

Bupos Keriol

Where's the argument here? You mock the critic for having opinions of his own, then state both Magnolia and There Will Be Blood were both inconceivably better films than O Brother and Burn After Reading. I don't understand you. In my humble processing, O Brother is better than anything Anderson's ever made. That's just how I feel, honestly. I'm not an idiot, nor am I troll, so please don't label me as such.

Jun 23 - 11:31 AM

Tim Bresnahan

Tim Bresnahan

He never said O Brother was bad. In fact he said quite the opposite.

Aug 6 - 09:54 PM


Jack Mik

Oh god, it goes on. Hancock, Indiana Jones 4, War, Inc, Funny Games, Shoot 'Em Up, The Queen, Hostel, Borat (!!!), Jarhead...

How can any of those possibly warrant 5 stars?

Nov 10 - 12:16 AM

Bupos K.

Bupos Keriol

This is coming from a guy that gave the Mask an 80%. We all have our own individual beliefs. No need to get snooty.

Jun 23 - 11:34 AM

Stephen Kan

I find that people who do not appreciate this film (apart from the obvious differences that we have as humans) is that they don't realise that with love stories, something has to be overcome.

What is overcome in this film is his own mind. it was racism in "guess who's coming to dinner" or family prejudices in "Romeo and Juliet". This modern classic has the protagonist overcoming his own self hatred and insecurity and it is a huge beast to overcome. From the moment he awkwardly steals the piano thing to his sisters badgering him, and philip Seymour's cruel con, he is forced to give up his chance for real love or overcome. If you get that journey, you are more likely to dig the film.

Unfortunately, a lot of people can't relate to that, it takes a paranoid, insecue and overly sensitive person to connect to the premise,

P.T. Anderson is in my top few directors, included is Tod Solondz, Araki and Gus Van Sant. Filmmakers changing the way films are made.

Apr 13 - 07:06 AM

Nakia G.

Nakia Gladden

Its clear that there is a reason that I don't trust e-critics. This movie was nothing short of fantastic.

Apr 5 - 10:23 AM


Dick Face

Rob, you may be in the wrong line of work.

Nov 12 - 04:55 PM

Seb M

Seb Moore

this guy is a complete and utter moron

Aug 2 - 04:53 AM

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