• R, 1 hr. 39 min.
  • Drama
  • Directed By:
    Adam Kassen , Mark Kassen
    In Theaters:
    Sep 23, 2011 Limited
    On DVD:
    Jan 3, 2012
  • Millennium Entertainment


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Puncture Reviews

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Super Reviewer

August 18, 2011
Set in Houston, Texas in 1998, and based on actual events, this indie drama focuses on Mike Weiss- a talented young lawyer and functioning drug addict. Along with his straight-laced law partner Paul Danziger, they run a modestly successful mom and pop style personal injury law firm.

Their business really picks up when, after taking on the case of an ER nurse who accidentally got stuck with a contaminated needle, they find themselves embroiled in a web of conspiracy with big business interests are lawyers far more powerful than they are. Though it is a Herculean task, the two buck up and do their best to fight for what's right, despite all that stands in their way.

In a way this kind of feels like the cinematic equivalent of an airport novel, but I mean that in a positive way. It's well paced, engaging, and keeps you interested. There are shades of familiarity of course, and it's not the deepest material either, but there's still a fair amount of substance, and what really holds it all together is the lead performance by Chris Evans, who once again adds another solid piece of work to his resume.

Evans is fun to watch, quite convincing, and does a good job at balancing the slick lawyer side with the wild side. As his foil, co-director Mark Kassen is fine as Paul. We also gets some okay work from Vinessa Shaw as their nurse client, Marshall Bell as a key player in their investigation, and an all too brief, but still fine appearance by Michael Biehn as another piece of the puzzle.

The film is not all that different from other legal procedurals, but what makes it worth it is the acting (especially from Evans), the fact that it's a neat real-life based story, and the cinematography, which is a nice blend of darkness and light.

I found this to be a nice satisfying little drama and, though it's not groundbreaking, it is still done decently well enough to warrant a watch.
familiar s

Super Reviewer

October 23, 2012
I was inclined to watch it for it being based on real life case. Apparently, it's not always a pleasant experience (& at times I've ended up paying drastically for my interest in the genre). While not a total disaster, this one surely could have been more interesting than what it is. For a <100 minutes movie, it was a bit too snail-paced. The characterization of Mike Weiss was extremely typical. It fails to concentrate on the case. It may have been better off without its fair share of exposures & histrionics. So far as storytelling goes, it's a wasted opportunity. However, given the content, quite an apt title that's not the least misleading!!! 1.5/5 is my generous rating.
Tired of Previews
Tired of Previews

Super Reviewer

July 12, 2012
Question: Are you afraid of needles? I am, never in my life have I ever been able to handle needles. When I was a child, my fear was so intense that when I would get a cavity filled I would forgo the Novocain because the huge metal syringe looked like a torture device. I would just raise my hand when the dentist hit the nerve. Then he could continue drilling. I know it's not logical, at all, but something about the huge needle coming at me scared me to death.

Of course, over time I have learned to tolerate (hide) my fear; but I still have a small, silent panic attack whenever I see a needle during any doctor's visit. And I just finished watching the film, Puncture, and now have a more elevated fear of needles. That does not mean it was a bad movie or story. On the contrary, I am glad I watched it and learned something about needle use and manufacturing in our country.

However, I am slightly angry at the moment. Right after the film I was almost numb because it was based on true events that shocked me. Then I began to really think about the story, in its entirety, and a wave of annoyance slowly crept in. Corporate greed and government corruption or manipulation, whatever you want to call it, is at the base of Puncture. To be honest, when the film began I had presumed it had a completely different plot. Chris Evans stars in it, and I believe I saw a preview for it awhile back but just saw that he was a lawyer (Mike Weiss) with a drug problem so I assumed the movie was about him and his issues. I was wrong.

Now I won't go into detail about the film, as per my usual, but I will say you will learn about safety syringes in Puncture; and you will be glad someone invented them. The lead actor, Chris Evans, deserves the main focus of this review because many are used to him playing superheroes and not this type of role. He plays a character that I didn't like and liked at the same time. That is very difficult to pull off, and he did it so well that I am still trying to figure out if the like outweighs the dislike or vice versa.

Bottom line, Chris Evans plays a drug addict. A fairly functional drug addict but he had more vices that will just rub you the wrong way. For example, he's unfaithful, selfish, and arrogant. Plus, he's a charmer, an ability that you know he uses to make people deal with his negative attributes whether they want to or not. Anyway, he and his partner take on a new client and his character's drive to "win" the lawsuit is where everything gets muddy. As you watch Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) pursue his case, it is unclear what drives him to win the case: obtaining justice or he just has to win because he is so competitive. Or was it the drugs?

Watching someone doing his job high as a kite on pain killers and cocaine and unable to quit was disheartening. Chris Evans was so good in this role that I forgot about the other characters he has played. There was one scene when he is in a politician's office and his reaction to their words gave me goose bumps. Despair, desperation and conviction were all portrayed within the short scene and it was very powerful; and Chris Evans deserves some accolades for this part. Puncture wasn't an easy watch but worth it.

There is a line in this film that really stuck out for me, "Sometimes the brightest light comes from the darkest places." A wonderful line that I hope inspires people as it inspired me.

Directed by Adam Kassen, Mark Kassen, Cherry Sky Production, 2011

Starring: Chris Evans, Mark Kassen, Vinessa Shaw, and Brett Cullen

Genre: Drama

My favorite thing: Chris Evans. He was truly wonderful in this film. A great performance.

My least favorite thing: That this story is true - especially about the needles.

Rating: R
Length: 100 minutes

Review: 7 out of 10

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2011
Cast: Chris Evans, Mark Kassen, Vinessa Shaw, Michael Biehn, Brett Cullen, Marshall Bell, Jesse L. Martin, Roxanna Hope, Tess Parker, Kate Burton

Director: Mark Kassen, Adam Kassen

Summary: Drug-addicted attorney Mike and his business partner Paul take on a case involving an emergency room nurse who has been pricked by an infected needle. Uncovering a web of corporate conspiracies, Mike and Paul quickly find themselves outmatched.

My Thoughts: "Weiss was either snorting, smoking, swallowing, or injecting whatever he could to not feel. It's quite sad, because seeing what he was capable to do in his short career shows that he could have done so much more if things wouldn't have turned out so ugly for him. The story is true, and it's sad and awful too. The many deaths and diseases being spread around the world could so easily be prevented but these big companies refuse it because of their greedy self-righteous ways. It just reminds you how sick this world is when money is involved and is considered more important than saving many lives. It's sad it took what it did to finally have these safety needles distributed to our hospitals. But it said there are still some hospitals that do not use the safety needles. What is wrong with these hospitals? It should be mandatory for every hospital to have access to these needles and only these needles. It kind of makes you feel a bit disappointed in your countries health care system. It's too bad this film didn't get a bigger outlet because it deals with a serious topic that more should be aware of.
Chris Evans is absolutely great in this. He is definitely turning into one of the younger stars that should be paid more attention to. He envelops this character to the fullest and really impresses in this film. If you get the chance to see it, do so."

Super Reviewer

September 22, 2011
One of the more uninteresting films of 2011. "Puncture" delivers with good performances and likeable characters, but most of the time the story is random and it felt like these directors wanted to create a film with Chris Evans in order to get recognition, because I was very bored while watching this movie. The film revolves around drug stories and court cases, but when there is no real connection between each case, you feel like you are wasting 100 minutes of your life. It may just be me, and I know that this film is based on a true story, but they could have left out the bullshit and focussed on the important elements. This film is just a display of one letdown after another. Let's just say that the substance is there, but they do not do anything with it!
Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

September 9, 2011
This is a really good undiscovered independent film! Chris Evans does an amazing job in this dramatic role. This film is based on an actual story about the introduction of the non-stick hospital needle, and the corruption around the suppliers monopoly when selling to hospitals. The story features a drug-addicted attorney (Evans), and his partner, and their struggles to break the surreal monopoly involved. They attempt to take on the high-powered Houston law firm assigned to stop their efforts, and run into one horrific issue after another. Great effort from Evans in this first class sleeper.

Super Reviewer

November 18, 2011
When you think you've seen it all as far as court room fare goes, along comes Puncture with a fresh new spin on the genre. After knocking it out of the park with Captain America, Chris Evans solidifies his talents further, with a memorable performance as the flamboyant lawyer Mike Weiss. Uncovering a scandal regarding negligence to safety in country-wide hospitals, he gets the case of a lifetime, as he goes into the ring with one of the great giants in corporate America. The battle itself though isn't half as riveting as Weiss as a character. For while we have met unorthodox attorneys before in films like The Lincoln Lawyer, it bleaks in comparison to the colorful lifestyle of Mike and his friends. Surrounding himself with eccentric company and equally exotic pets (who keeps an alligator in the house anyway?), he's not exactly what you'd call your average Joe. All the while being a drug addict who walks around in suspenders, makes it pretty hard to fathom that it's all based on true events. Therein also lies one of the few issues I had with the film. At times, there's so much stuff going on with him, that Weiss becomes more of a caricature than someone of real flesh and blood. Not so much that it ruins the movie, but they could definitely have toned it down a little. From the grander perspective, however, I really enjoyed it through and through. I took a gamble on this film - with no prior knowledge of it - and although falling short of hitting the jackpot, it did return my investment with flying colors. A shrewdly written fight for justice, that despite a partially depressing conclusion, holds a very powerful message in its own right. Or as they express it in the film: "Sometimes the brightest light comes from the darkest places".

Super Reviewer

January 24, 2012
Madman. Genius. Playboy. Friend. Fool. Lawyer.

Good movie. I think Chris Evans has alot of potential seeing him now on a more serious role than the past, he still has alot to work on but I see him doing very good in years to come. A very true story about needles and how politics and money get in the way of saving millions of lives.

Idealistic lawyers Mike Weiss and Paul Danziger are partners. Mike is a drug-addict and and Paul is a family man with a pregnant wife. When nurse Vicky Rogers seeks them out, they learn that she has contracted AIDS a couple of years ago when she was accidentally pinpricked with a contaminated needle by a violent patient. Vicky shows a retractable safety needle invented by engineer Jeffrey Matthew Dancort, who owns the Safety Point Company, but is unable to sell his product to any hospital from the United Medical group, apart from San Antonio Memorial. Danziger and Weiss accept the case and go to court against United Medical, defended by powerful lawyer Nathaniel Price. Soon, they see all the doors closed in their fight against the powerful mafia of the medical supply system.
Al S

Super Reviewer

November 28, 2011
One of the best movies you will see this year or any other year. It just may be the best one i have seen this year in 2011. It`s bold, addictive and very original. Chris Evans is utterly electrifying, a brillant tour de force perfromance that can make a career. Evans brings an amazing presence to the character and works over-time and brings a humanity to his coke-head hero. An award-worthy performance that will not be forgotten. It`s a spellbinding, bone-chilling and intoxicating first-rate thriller. An intensely dramatic, true to life and very entertaining film. A pure exhilarating knockout. A blistering, shocking and unforgettable film. A movie that leaves such a powerful and explosive impact. Directors, Mark and Adam Kassen craft a magnificent and incrediable triumph. I loved this film. It`s thoughtful and eye-opening on every level. A hard-boiled and surprisingly effectionate drama. The wrtiting, directing and the acting from the cast are all superb
Matt G

Super Reviewer

September 22, 2011
Despite a cool-looking poster, and a committed performance from Chris Evans, "Puncture" doesn't work. Based on a true story (although my research says otherwise), Puncture concerns Houston-born lawyer Michael Weiss (Chris Evans), who is an abusing drug addict. That's about it. There's a few cases here and there, but honestly, who cares? There is NOTHING interesting pertaining to the bore-filled events that transpire throughout. To be honest, the only exciting part of the film was the first three minutes, which had little to do with the actual film itself, but served as an appetizer for the tasteless meal. As I said Evans gives a very committed performance, and it's true; but was he any good? No. You don't follow mega-million Captain America with "What's Your Number", and ESPECIALLY not "Puncture", but he went ahead and screwed up his career. Somebody get Evans a new agent! I looked up the basis of the film online, and could not find squat about this character, makes me wonder if they are trying to stir up talk about actual bullshit. That's all I have to say. This is a serious letdown. No wonder it was not awarded a wide release. Hell, I don't even remember it getting a limited release! At best, this is only acceptable to watch on FX on a Tuesday night if you are bored to death.

Super Reviewer

February 9, 2013
In "Puncture," Jaime's(Tess Parker) got a gun, which she is using to threaten her no-good husband Mike Weiss(Chris Evans), a personal injury lawyer. Otherwise, it's a pretty normal evening, with Daryl King(Jesse L. Martin) outsourcing cases to Mike and his partner in law, Paul Danziger(Mark Kassen, who directed with Adam Kassen). Their latest case involves Vicky(Vinessa Shaw), a nurse, who after being accidentally pricked by a contaminated needle, contracted AIDS. They cannot help her since she is collecting workers' compensation but they can help her friend, Jeffrey Dancort(Marshall Bell), an engineer, who has developed a single use safety needle. In response, Paul has to remind Mike not to go on a fishing expedition, especially if it involves a white whale.

"Puncture" is an object lesson in that just because a movie is based on a true story, it does not exempt it from being cliched or that it will automatically make for a compelling story, coming off as turgid as it does. For example, it is anti-drug, but only in the way that using them looks really boring. As far as the safety needles go, while this is a valid issue, they only provide enough substance for an excellent PSA, a passable episode of 'Leverage' or a decent documentary; forget a narrative film. And I've seen Chris Evans do quality work elsewhere when not wearing spandex, but he can do little right in this complex role. That leaves overqualified bit players like Vinessa Shaw and Kate Burton with the movie's best moments.
Dann M

Super Reviewer

April 4, 2012
Puncture begins with a lot of promise but fizzles out. Based on true events, the story follows two struggling attorneys who take on a medical supply company. Chris Evans leads the cast and gives a solid performance. Yet, the film gets caught-up in too many tangents and draws out the story for too long. Puncture has an interesting story to tell but has trouble finding it.

Super Reviewer

July 9, 2012
This independent melodrama starring Chris Evans was a very tough to pull off for directors Adam Kassen and Mark Kassen. The movie is based on the true story of Michael David 'Mike' Weiss and Paul Danziger and as any movie with agenda it was hard to complete it that everyone could be satisfied! I know that it was as one of the spotlight films for the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival because it had potential with its right ingredients: corrupt corporate villain and a sympathetic victim, an interesting young lawyer (idealistic to a degree).

It starts very promising, but at the end just fails to assemble everything together into a compelling package. One of the problems I noticed was that the main character Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) who is a young Houston lawyer and a drug addict, is trying too hard to bring us the drug addict part that he undermines the successful lawyer part! On the other hand his law firm parner Paul Danziger (co-director Mark Kassen) who is his longtime friend never notices that! I like the concept of exposing the health care and pharmaceutical conspiracy which is becoming everyday affair and normal all around the world that it doesn't even raise eyebrows anymore - it's becoming just another toothless tiger. This story is based on two young lawyers and a syringe manufacturer who had invented a safety syringe that he was unable to sell and there was an antitrust lawsuit against the two largest hospital group purchasing organizations and a large syringe manufacturer claiming he was being shut out of the market - at the end the case was settled before trial for $150 million.

A passing reference in the movie was the most significant moment (at least for me) and it was kept "under the carpet" for a long time: research has proven needle reuse, rather than sex, have been the main cause of the rapid spread of AIDS in Africa!

Noble cause was maybe a reason to make this movie, but, the final product, was somehow unfinished business! I think it is watchable, though, and sometimes even enjoyable!
Cameron W. Johnson
Cameron W. Johnson

Super Reviewer

February 8, 2012
Ladies and gentlemen: Chris Evans, the most inexplicably specific typecast actor alive. Seriously, in 2011, the guy was in, not one, but "two" movies where he played unconventional justice defenders who were pumped with lord knows what kind of wildly dangerous experimental drug that gave him super human muscles. Yeah, I know that the main drug he's using in the film doesn't seem to really do anything to his muscles, but remember that he was a drug addict before this stuff came along, so who knows what kind of insane chemicals were fired into his veins that caused him to gain a single peck that's about as big as George Lopez's head. The guy is so ripped out that I don't even know if regular "steroids" could get him to the state he's in, let alone working out. I know that I'm making him sound more intense than he actually is, but it's impressive enough that he's able to aquire a six-pack, because when you actually pay attention how he looks and sounds, you'd think that for the skinny Steve Rogers effect in "Captain America", they had to scale him "up". No, I'm kidding, he's manly enough to pull his muscles off, and plus, he's manly enough to pull "my" muscles off, so I better not say anything, but don't think that that's the only reason why I'm saying that the dude is another fine example of how a lot of our newer actors are so good, that they could be caked in enough muscle to the point of being rendered totally immobilized, and you'll still take them seriously as a performer. Still, no matter how awesome - in several ways - Chris Evans is as this lawyer, not even Atticus Finch could defend this film from its missteps.

In concept, this is easily one of the most unique and wildly inventive lawyer drama concepts that we've seen in a very long time. In execution, however, this is more of the same. Sure, the film's not as beat-for-beat formulaic as the consensus makes it sound, but the Kassen Brothers' storytelling is more conventional than the actual story is unique, and the result is a film that has some pretty nifty ideas that unfortunately find themselves filtered down to the same level as your more run-of-the-mill drama of this type. Really, outside of that and the occasional spot in dialogue, there's not the much plaguing by the film, but it's not like its conventions are diluting it too heavily, because this is not the most - pardon my obviously intentional pun - "puncturing" tale. This film could have picked up momentum if the Kassen Brother gave it that extra punch, but as it stands, this is a rather underwhelming concept by default and is made more so by conventional storytelling, creating a great deal of lapses in engagement that could have rendered this film utterly forgettable. However, the film is above that, being a not alway smooth, but ultimately rewarding film. If nothing else, it's made charming by some pretty snappy style.

The Kassens may not be able to fully convey the essence of our lead to the point of making and his struggles consistently engaging, but not for lack of trying. Many of the stylish choices - from some snappy lines, to soundtrack - made by the Kassens adds emphasis to the free spirit of the Mike Weiss character, while clever, yet believable legal dialogue - that's also rather snappy at points - shows that he's not only a down-to-earth dude at his prime, but a real professional, and a hard-working at that. This really shows a lot of humanity in Mike Weiss, yet still has you believing that he can do near anything, making it that much heavier when anything from a schedule slip-up, to him facing his comeuppance falls on Weiss' head. Sure, the Kassens' execution of their fairly sharp script certainly stands to be more compelling, but on the whole, the lead that they have crafted is a very human subject who's struggles really pick up the pieces more often than they drop them. Of course, the real smooth-talking representer of the Mike Weiss characer, and by extension, the film itself, is leading man Chris Evans, who's charm and wit further sell Weiss as the very professional, yet still rather down-to-earth picture that he is. As if that's not enough to make him an engaging lead, when things begin to unravel and Weiss finds his cover not only blown, but back to bite him in the - as Forrest Gump would put it - "bauttocks", Evans becomes hard-to-watch, yet you can't look away as he portrays the frustrations and pains of a man that's this deep into his own mess and can't find his way out with such weight, but grace. Evans carries this film as he further proves himself to be more than just big bag of muscles, and if you see this film for no other reason, see it for Evans' deep and heavy, yet rather subtle portrayal of such a complex and unique character.

To close this case and flush the stash, the Kassens' conventional storytelling exacarbates the film's already somewhat underwhelming premise - unique, though, the concept is on paper -, creating some gaping lulls in engagement, but what keeps pulling you back in is, if nothing else, the Kassens' snappy style and writing, but most of all, Chris Evans' charismatic, when not heartbreakingly heavy performances that carries "Puncture" and helps in making it the generally rewarding dramatic study that it ultimately is.

3/5 - Good
Jeffrey M

Super Reviewer

January 15, 2012
A very good legal thriller anchored by strong performances all around, but especially from Chris Evans. The script, though formulaic at times, actually has a good amount of legal realism that similar films lack. That it's based on a true story gives the film additional weight, making it thought provoking in addition to succeeding at being a solid, smart, and gritty legal drama.
Joe S

Super Reviewer

December 1, 2012
Caught this movie on TV tonight. Checked the boxoffice and wondered why the movie was never released, pulling in $60,000 worldwide. That's intriguing, considering Evans puts in a terrific performance as a drug-addicted lawyer taking on big pharma. Almost has me considering a conspiracy theory that maybe somebody didn't really want this story to be too public. I recommend it though. Worth seeing.
Christopher H

Super Reviewer

January 8, 2012
Chris Evans finally takes a step away from the action hero roles he has become known for and steps into the spotlight with a rich performance of the based-on-a-true-story character, Mike Weiss, a functioning drug addict lawyer. Evans embodies this role beautifully, drawing a nice line between his fast-talking, cocky-natured persona that we are used to and the thoughtful and melancholic nature of the A-list pseudo actor that he will hopefully grow into. Puncture is a great film that not only sells the truth of the state of our medical system but entertains with all-around great performances.
Philip P

Super Reviewer

January 3, 2012
While "Puncture" is an appealing film, it is made even more compelling by how loyal it feels to the true story it is based on. This doesn't just seem like a movie for the sake of entertainment purposes, but actually exists to make its audience aware of a real issue that is still happening. That the film continues to push forward what its main character strived to fight against is the true testament to the more personal tone this movie possesses. It is a film that could easily fall into the genre of adult drama. A genre that doesn't get enough exposure or response for a lot of underrated films it produces every year. "Puncture" has floated under the radar since its release and even now as it makes its way onto home video you may not have heard much about it, but it is certainly worth the rental. It tells the David vs. Goliath story of Mike Weiss, Chris Evans in a great performance that shows he's more than Captain America, who is a talented young lawyer that is also a heavy drug addict. The main plight of this story is that Weiss and his straight laced partner Danziger (Mark Kassen) decide to take on huge pharmaceutical companies after the they meet with an ER nurse who was pricked by a contaminated needle on the job. Their investigation leads to a conspiracy within the monopolized mediacal supply world that is lacking in principle. This case pushes Weiss and Danziger apart with the script smartly handling their struggle to do right as well as Weiss's drug problem and how it plays into his role in the world. It is a better than average courtroom drama with not all of the action taking place in front of the jury but just as much within the characters. A great story and engaging film that deserves your attention with a great performance from evans to boot. You have no reason not to check it out.
Lane Z

Super Reviewer

December 5, 2011
When I first saw Evans was going to be doing drugs, drinking, and debauchery in a lawyer film about a case that hits close to Houston, I thought, awesome. Well, I wasn't completely disappointed in how the movie turned out.

Evans drives this movie. He's slowly but surely becoming a real stand-out in the business after knocking out some super hero roles. Where the movie lags though is when he's not involved or on screen. I also don't think the directors did a complete enough job at conveying just how important this case is in the courtroom. The opening scene didn't pull the heart strings enough to make me care about the opening actor's story.

Without the directors taking some chances to make this lawyer flick stand out, it will remain in the average pile even though Evans acts well above it.
October 5, 2012
Very interesting plot. Based on a true story. I'm never going to a hospital again to get my blood drawn. No but seriously a well put together film. Strong movie. Very entertained.
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