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February 15, 2014
Great documentary, highly suggest it
August 2, 2012
Seeing this for the first time in 2005, I was junior in High School. At the time I had just left the punk scene, and when I say what was the so-called punk scene at the time, it was comprised of punks who listened to 3 of the same bands. I was more of a pioneer of hearing everything possible, so when I viewed Punk Attitude on the IFC channel more that 6 years ago, my life would change forever.

This film has a lot of heart, it's Don Letts's love letter to an important time and how this reoccurring spirit of punk rock has always existed and bloomed in the 1970s to make its prominent mark as a huge cultural impact in history. Although it primarly leads up to focus on the 1970s punk scene, the film covers such a vast amount of essential punk history as far back as even to the 1950s and boomerangs to cover even today's times.

With interviews with great pioneers, historians, and bands of the genre (ie: Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra Mick Jones, and Jim Jarmusch), and the amount of coverage of the sub-genres that exploded from the initial explosion of punk.

All in all, see this fuckin' movie. It'll educate you, entertain you, and most importantly, inspire you.
December 18, 2011
Det tar mig över en timme att inse att jag redan sett den här dokumentären för några år sedan, men det gör ingenting, Det här är väldigt underhållande + Hur kunde jag glömt att New York Dolls var så jävla bra?.
½ April 12, 2011
Good historical doc.
½ October 23, 2008
I can't avoid being biased on this movie. I grew up this music and still listen to it constantly. It has a very good straight forward structure and style and it goes straight to the point without any sugar-coating. The interviews could be longer but they land well and fit right in with the story of the evolution of punk. I would like to see the full interviews from each of the subject in the film.

My biased rating is 4.5 although it really is a 4.0... I would rate it a 5.0 but, oh, well, I love this documentary.
April 1, 2010
Beastie Boys are NOT punk, they're just BAD.
½ January 26, 2010
Not bad for another documentary but a little mainstream lenient, Rollins is really starting to seem like a rambler that can't stop complaining.
October 25, 2009
The most superficial (as in skimming only the surface) punk documentary I have ever seen. It's about an hour too short and doesn't include the Jam. What the hell?!
Super Reviewer
March 21, 2009
This would have been 5 stars, if they hadn't ended the documentary by talking about shit bands like Limp Bizkit. I don't know why they found that necessary. But other than that, this is great.
February 21, 2009
I don't care for punk
January 15, 2009
Awesome documentary.
October 12, 2008
Pretty thorough and kind of longish but follows the ripped thread of music known as punk from the proto-50's to the commercialized 90s. Dedicated to Joe Strummer.
½ August 5, 2008
Required viewing for aspiring musicians, fans... and for those of us who were there.
May 19, 2008
Very insightful! Definitely worth watching if you like history of music.
February 28, 2008
it's so awsome I can't beleve it's so awsome
February 7, 2008
"No Thanks, I'm not fond of punks."
January 30, 2008
GRRRREAT DOCUMENTARY!! Everyone should see this!!
January 16, 2008
Amazing doc chronicling the birth of "punk" and beyond. Great footage of early bands like The Stooges, The NY Dolls, to The Ramones (my favorite), The Pistols, and of course, The Clash. But the list here is infinite.

Wonderful interviews with journalists of the time, musicians, and poets. Anything you ever wanted to know about the "punk" movement is here. My only gripe is, where the F*** is Joy Division?

btw, I think this music is more relevant than ever today. God save the queen? God save Bush, he's no human being. There is no future in America's dreaming.
January 12, 2008
A very good, but far from 'covering everything' (how can that ever be possible?) movie about the music phenomena known as 'punk'. With a lot of good footage and music from the likes of Sex Pistols, The Stooges, Ramones and new interviews with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Poly Styrene (X-Ray-Spex) and many many more. Really worth seeing for anyone into 'punk' or if you just want to learn more about the music.
½ November 3, 2007
A really fun to watch documentary. Many of the people involved with the scene are interviewed including Henry Rollins, Siouxsie Sioux, Mick Jones, Poly Styrene, and more. Definitely a must see for people who used to be punks or are in the new generation of punks.
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