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Quantum of Solace is a model of mediocrity, even though Daniel Craig gives his all to a production that doesn't deserve him.

November 14, 2008 Full Review Source: Wall Street Journal | Comments (7)
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Silas S.

Silas Shaw

I feel that your review is mediocre, Joe. Quantum of Solace is a brilliant, complex thriller. The film speaks to globalization, transnational capital, class disparity, corruption, and paranoia. The strategy of speed, location, and fragmentation underscores this theme. Absolutely breathtaking.

Nov 16 - 11:38 AM

A G.

A Garron

agreed Joe- Quantum's plot was idiotic. more so than usual. there was also no true emotion and i found myself daydreaming during the girl's 'they killed my family' speech. people's actions and interactions were without realistic motivation (i tried to have you killed but now that you came back- why?- go play with the bolivian general).

i laughed at how it's bond v an evil utility company.

or how this organization needs a coup to get its contract, but and couldn't just kill the current president like they threatened his successor. a bit rube golbergian, no?

or how the organization is naive enough to think the bolivian government wont just nationalize the resources in 5 years anyways.

or how dams were created without anyone noticing the movement of people or resources.

best line: your water 'washed away to the sea!'. what sea you idiot??? bolivia's landlocked. i laughed straight through the rest of his speech.

boring and dumb. a let down after the last one.

Nov 17 - 01:05 PM

T L.


Um most rivers eventually run to the sea or another river that runs to the sea. I think the point was made in the movie that the current President was not willing to play ball and that Quantum would take care him with the understanding the new government would make the deal with them. If the new government doublecrossed them then they would take care of them the same way..on and on and on...... AG were you paying attention?

Nov 19 - 01:56 PM

A G.

A Garron

hehe- wondered if someone would bite since that was a bit trollish, though perfectly reflective of my thoughts on the movie.

there's no sea by bolivia. it's a stupid comment no matter how you slice it. if he means to say bolivia's water is flowing to the atlantic, it's still stupid, since the andes block one side and the eastern highlands block the other. the comment becomes stupid just based on how complicated any rationalization would be.

and so why doesn't quantum just kill the current pres? why do they need a coup? seems unnecessary. just kill him and deal with the successor. there's no reason they have more leverage over the general than any one else already in the gov.

and no, i wasn't paying attention. i got bored.

where does that leave us? oh yeah. with another dumb bond movie.

Nov 23 - 09:49 PM


Spencer Priest

"another dumb bond movie"

Did you think Casino Royale was "another dumb bond movie"? What about Goldeneye? Goldfinger? Just curious what you're willing to throw into the pile.

Nov 24 - 04:12 AM

A G.

A Garron

Goldeneye wasn't brilliant, but was amazingly enjoyable.

Let's see... dumb bond movies, i think:
moonraker (which also had the best bond intro, ironically)
tomorrow never dies (just seemed to fall flat)
never say never again (though that one's non-cannon to many)

i really liked goldeneye but it didn't do anything brilliant. just a fun movie. also liked the entirely incoherent the world is not enough, because it said let's have fun, and then it did, and i can't fault it for that.

in general, the more serious a movie tries to act, the more it needs to stay coherent; otherwise all immersion falls away when motivations are bizarre and contrived and especially when supposedly smart characters make naive or dumb statements. The dumber the plot, the more the tongue better be firmly in cheek, or else I start to tune out.

i really liked casino royal. there was a sense of danger and i actually cared about the characters. it can be nitpicked but it stayed coherent and focussed. quantum was all over the place, from the ang lee artsy cuts to the horse race, to the horrible cgi used at the end of the roof top chase, to a bond villain's hideout being a hilton in a bolivian dessert, and his diabolical plan to overcharge Bolivia for water (BWAHAHAHAHAH!).

don't you think they missed a big opportunity here? with the great intro that was casino royal, they had a great chance for character development and making the audience care. and i got bored. quite a let down.

Dec 10 - 01:12 PM

Ninja S.

Ninja Star

Great review, beyond boring movie, which they say "Bond" around 100 times just to make sure you remember it is a Bond movie. Worst villian ever! If you can call him a villian, the wimpering final fight was hilarious. Hopefully Craig's third will redeem this mess.

Mar 29 - 01:36 PM

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