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The Quick and the Undead Reviews

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Super Reviewer

December 15, 2009
If you're not quick, you're the Undead
_kelly .

Super Reviewer

February 2, 2008
there's much worse in the zombie genre. acting is touch and go here, zombie fx are good, cinematography decent, but too short with a flawed screenplay

Super Reviewer

April 21, 2007
A modern-day spaghetti-western by way of latter day George Romero. I've got to give this a low-rating, although I thoroughly enjoyed it. The beauty of it is, the filmmakers didn't try to parody either the western or the zombie genres; they came at both with a straight face, and their respect for the material was obvious. Had the budget been greater, many of the obstacles here (like the unconvincing zombie make-up) could have been cleared. As it is, it's got a classic western storyline, and enough twists to keep you interested.

Super Reviewer

January 7, 2008
Quite interesting!
June 7, 2007
What a blasphemous title! Zombies in the wild west! Look out everyone! And our hope is this lone ranger guy who apparantly can't die for some odd reason.
Ken D

Super Reviewer

August 26, 2007
An interesting idea for a zombie movie with a tale of revenge thrown in as well. It started off pretty promising, but it went downhill rather quickly with the bad acting and the bad dialogue. I know it is a low budget movie, but it really has to have something if these people want to compete for my money with other zombie/ horror films.
June 8, 2007
I thought this movie would take itself a lot less seriously, but I have still seen a lot worse. The actors were actually pretty good, but the zombies are more of a side plot to a revenge story.
April 20, 2007
personally li like the plot...bounty hunters trying rid zombies from the world. well only if they get paid for it. This causes competition amongst the small group of bounty hunters.
November 25, 2013
5+++!!! It's damn so great for me. Cheap and simple, it's much more attractive than all that heavily promoted stuff with symphonic soundtracks and typical posters.
June 19, 2013
Plot, character development, acting? Nope.But if you're looking for a brainless movie with plenty of B-grade zombie gore, this... Is still a horrible movie.
John W.
March 22, 2012
I love bad movies, they can be lots of fun. Sometimes I like to hate bad movies, this time I couldn't stir up enough feeling to actually hate it, it was just plain bad. The dialogue was lifted almost verbatim from other films and the lead character was a TERRIBLE rip off of Clint Eastwood. Unfortunately, it was done in such poor fashion that it doesn't feel like a homage or even spoof, it's just plain bad. I never understood the premise or sympathized with the characters and, worse yet, discovered I didn't care that I didn't I just stopped watching. In short, you guessed it, it was just plain bad.
Andrew N.
March 29, 2010
Since there are SO MANY zombie movies out there, I have made up a system by which one might grade said zombie movies.

10 points for every second of female nudity.

50 points for full frontal.

1 point for every zombie killed. This adds up quickly.

The Quick and the Undead (2006) - Much more focused on getting revenge on a betrayer, rather than the zombies themselves. Both men just happen to be zombie hunters. Not enough dead zombies, and 0 hot chicks. F for FAIL!
Paul Celano
December 2, 2009
Ok I saw the cover of this movie and wanted to watch it. But the cover had nothing to do with the story. I really wanted a wild west zombie. The cast was not good at all. Horrible acting. I will give props on the zombies. The make up was pretty good. But the poor story and poor acting made this movie not that enjoyable at all.
David G.
September 30, 2009
So when you are making a zombie movie, the bar is pretty low. You need to have gritty action, sick special effects, and some scare moments to make your girlfriend jump into your arms for protection. You don't expect Oscar caliber writing and acting, but you'd expect to believe that people are actually afraid... or angry ... or not made of wood.

My wife and I got this movie because the "Writer"/Director was a friend of a friend. I put writer in quotes because the plot, dialogue, and camera shots were lifted from other movies such as, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Gladiator, and others. Personally I was shocked that they did not at least give a nod to the movie whose name they parodied. THAT WOULD HAVE AT LEAST MADE SENSE! Instead we get a contrived story about zombie bounty hunters collecting fingers to get quick cash. Oh yes and the Hero/Producer can't be killed... convenient as his death would have helped my enjoyment.

The special effects are fine. Low budget, but forgivable with less fudges then a SyFy original movie. The actors are bad, poorly cast, and at the same time too good for the movie. (Except the Hero who paid for everything and was just as bad as everything as well.)

I know I might seem like I am being vengeful here, and maybe I am, but this movie stole time from my life, so I'm writing this for YOUR protection. STAY AWAY!
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