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½ June 12, 2009
Holy shit, that lighting. If it suffers from anything it's the fact it's a true story, so it gets frustrating when the great scenes where LaMotta's paranoia gets the best of him and a creeping sense of dread starts to build are undercut when they're followed by a scene that essentially starts, "So, anyway, a couple of years later..." and then the next chapter in this guy's life is recounted. But Scorsese powers through it to create a beautiful film, in spite of a not very interesting story.
July 31, 2011
Might be my favorite Scorsese film up there with Taxi Driver and Robert De Niro provides the best acting of his career
January 31, 2016
Raging Bull is a classic boxing film. De Niro's performance is one of the greatest of his career. Scorsese's telling of Jake LaMotta's life story is art, not simply another Hollywood movie. It is serious and builds empathy for the audience for the film's protagonist. La Motta was a rough, streetwise pugilist, who made his way to the top simply by his unique toughness. Ironically, this film etches LaMotta forever into cinematic history, moreso than he will be remembered for his fighting career.
January 26, 2013
Emotionally shattering drama about prizefighter Jake La Motta, who fought no worse enemy than himself. He slowly destroys his life by obsessive jealously. No movie has ever captured anger or jealously so beautifully on screen; some movie buffs (myself included) consider this to be the greatest film ever made. Full-bore, non-stop compelling direction plays viewer's emotions like a harp, delivering one painful scene after another, with dazzling (though brutal) boxing sequences. Opening is hypnotic, finale is perhaps the most devastating moment on celluloid. Robert De Niro gives the most devoted performance in movie history (he gained 60 pounds for the role). This masterpiece was also stunningly photographed and edited for maximum impact. Final note: Scene with De Niro and Pesci arguing in front of a broken TV is the single greatest acted scene ever.
½ January 24, 2016
Martin Scorsese directed a beautiful film that delves deep into the life of Jake la Motta, putting much character development into every character, all topped off with an amazing performance from Robert de Niro. Although a bit slow at some points, Raging Bull is deservedly crowned as a classic.
October 1, 2011
The visuals, sound design, rigorous editing by the master Thelma Schoonmaker, and searing performances combine to make one of the greatest and most powerful of all films and one of the definitive cinematic explorations of an unsympathetic and damaged protagonist
December 25, 2015
uste edna Scorsese-De Niro klasika!
August 5, 2007
of all the Oscars Scorsese SHOULD have won.....this should have been it....don't get me wrong "Ordinary People" is a good film...but compared to THIS.....Anyhow, just goes to show you how the Oscars don't mean anything.
½ July 24, 2011
A visceral examination in the deterioration of a raw and brutal man that is spectacularly acted and powerfully presented.
December 10, 2015
Although Boxing may seem like it is at the forefront of Raging Bull, it actually is just a backdrop of the portrait of an extremely flawed and volatile man who although can beat men twice his size into a bloody pulp, is extremely unsure of himself and self conscious and the only way he knows how to express his frustration is through violence. Take for instance the scene where he is pestering his brother played by Joe Pesci about the relationship between his wife and the brother. The tension is so thick and just when you think that it is over, Deniro's character just simply will not let it go. His jealousy is so unsettling that you can feel the fear and uneasiness of the other character's pouring through the screen right into your chest. Raging Bull is brilliant. Scorsese, Deniro and Pesci are absolutely incredible in this movie. When you look at the history of actor and director teams that have worked together multiple times, I am not so sure if you can find a time period that is better than Deniro and Sorcese early in their career and this is probably the culmination of that excellence.
May 31, 2013
De Niro 's greatest on screen performance is The true story of prize fighter Jake LaMotta and his downward spiral of self-destruction.
½ November 6, 2015
De Niro is the master!
October 23, 2015
After watching this movie, I could not immediately remember any other roles played by the legend De Niro. For me De Niro was Jake LaMotta for quite some time even after the movie ended. I simply cannot think of any other movie written, directed and acted with such intensity. This movie is pure emotion.
October 20, 2015
#115 IMDB top favourite films of all times, won 2 Oscars. Rotten tomatoes 98% yet I did not like this film at all .... Robert De Niro won Oscar ... I think it was deserved but his character was totally not likable there is totally nothing to like ...NOOOOOTHIIIIING ... I will not be watching this film ever again ... sorry but no ... just no.
½ October 12, 2015
Well acted, and, due to its brutality, deserving of the R rating.
March 4, 2014
Has there ever been a more concise metaphor for America than a boxer, prioritizing strength above all, idealizing crushing masculinity, pulverizing anyone who gets in its way?

Masculinity is inherently dramatic due to its fundamentally flawed nature; it's built on a rejection of the other, primitivism, insecurity, and fragility. Watching these foundational elements seep through the cracks in its hardened outer shell of repressed human emotion and bravado will always be fascinating to watch on both a psychological and visceral level, particularly for American audiences for which masculinity forms the backbone of their societal ideology. Scorsese's Raging Bull, like his exemplary Taxi Driver, is about this masculinity that pervades every aspect of American life. His "heroes" are horrible, abusive people, ignorant and violent, and yet because they're so clearly trapped in the destructive cycle of their nation's misguided social structure we feel for them when they destroy themselves. Watching this evisceration of our elemental makeup is gloriously cinematic and timeless in its effect, Scorsese getting to the heart of what plagues society at large; in doing so, he has created a masterpiece.
October 11, 2015
Arguably Martin Scorsese's best movie.
It isperhaps the greatest film of its decade. The edition,the photography,the acting...my god!
itīs wonderful.
October 4, 2015
Raging bull can be explained with a very simple sentence: a biopic made with a soul and not just to use the name of the VIP "biopiced" on the poster. Nowadays we see all the kind o biopic movies that doesn't tell you anything about the characters, one so much the same to the other that you could simply switch the characters without seeing any difference. Of course you have the great charisma of Robert de Niro, Joe Pesci and one of the greatest directors of the 20th century to direct them, but the present shows us every day that also great cast and directors fail in delivering great biopics because they just don't have a soul.
Super Reviewer
December 28, 2010
Superbly directed, edited and acted, this top-notch boxing drama is a fascinating character study centered on an aggressive, insecure man overcome by intense jealousy and paranoia. A haunting film crafted with a lot of honesty and unpretentious realism.
½ August 31, 2015
Yikes, I can't believe I'd never seen this.
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