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May 23, 2016
With quite possibly the greatest performance in the history of cinema, Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull is both haunting and powerful, exploring the themes of self-destruction and defeat in the most heartbreaking way possible. The boxing scenes are stellar, and the Scorsese's direction is brilliant in every way possible.
May 13, 2016
A masterpiece, plain and simple. DeNiros commitment to playing this completely unsympathetic character is really affecting and so impressive.
½ April 30, 2016
Extremely intense and extremely hard to watch, with sometimes excessive dialogue, I still understand how the film is regarded as a masterpiece.
March 10, 2016
The last masterpiece of "old Holliwood" and the first masterpiece of "new Holliwood".
April 23, 2016
Raging Bull may be a Boxing Movie Classic, but I still prefer Rocky. Scorsese loves to portray italian americans who apparently can only be mobsters or boxers; aggressive people nonetheless. Overall it's a good movie about a person with anger issues, very well acted by De Niro. Also, one of my thoughts watching this movie: Joe Pesci may be the most italian-american ever.
½ May 15, 2015
An astonshingly moving biopic from Martin Scorsese.
March 30, 2016
Martin Scorsese has made an art-filled portrayal of a man that many would call an animal. Raging Bull was a film project that Robert Deniro wanted to do after he watched Jake LaMotta's autobiography and read the book the film was based on. It was thanks to Deniro that saved Scorsese's life from his troubled phase when he saw something in common between LaMotta and his life around the time making the film.

Robert Deniro was phenomenal as Jake LaMotta, breathing new life to a character in ways that made his performance really astonishing back then. He got in shape to play a boxer and then put on a hulking amount of weight to play his has-been alter-ego in the later part. I really like how Deniro acts against Joe Pesci as his brother, who by the way, was Pesci's major film role that got him public recognition around the time when he was thinking of quitting on his acting career. Most of my favourite scenes are with Deniro and Pesci in the picture playing off as brothers.

Paul Schrader who wrote Taxi Driver gave the same raw, insightful treatment to the film as he did for Taxi driver. The screenplay was relentless, yet enticing to see in motion picture. His work had fleshed out the main character in ways that makes him real or at best interesting.

There are many problems with Jake LaMotta himself as a human being. He is angry, mean, ugly, judgmental, paranoid and violent worst of all. He has the rough aspect of being human such as perseverance and physicality. Jake LaMotta possesses no real redeeming qualities that would consider him a decent person in the eye of society. He even asked his ex-wife if he was that bad in real life after watching this film. She told him that he was worse.

I love the black and white cinematography for Raging Bull that gives it the mid-century. It also makes the film look more timeless, aging much better than if it was in colour. During the montage sequence that does feature colour, it is a cleaver form of storytelling without words that glamourizes LaMotta's life. How they film the boxing scenes were mesmerizing as far as how brutal and hyperbolic it appears. There are parts like the face of a boxer is bursting open with blood or how much smoke is brewing around them like they are descending to hell.

Now I hate it when people come into these films having fixed expectations and end up hating it. Raging Bull is not all about boxing since it is only a backdrop. It revolves around the character study of a man retaining an abusive lifestyle and paranoid oversights during his prime. And whatever I said earlier about Jake LaMotta was referring to him, not the actor playing him. Raging Bull is a masterpiece that easily stands out among others in that decade and is definitely on my top 3 best films by Scorsese.
March 28, 2016
Its an absolute masterpiece from Scorsese and De Niro. Right from scene one wherein De Niro starts his monologue preparing for the script for the comedy stand till the very last scene, again a monologue from the famous film "On the Waterfront". The movie makes you wonder and spare a thought about a man who had achieved so much and yet fell to such a level wherein he would long forget the past glory he had achieved. I've seen a lot of films of De Niro but this one is certainly is the best. Some of the scenes like the one in jail where he hits the wall and sobs saying that "Im not an animal, Im not that bad" is superb or the scene where he suspects his brother having an affair with Vicky. Scorsese's technique of camera work and light along with the Black and White charm adds more importance to the film and its set up. Its hard to digest that the film was not accepted as a Best Picture contender by Academy, but rest assured everyone knows what this film is. As someone said, "great work dont need labels, awards or honour, they need the vision to foresee what makes it great".
March 27, 2016
Another great biopic film this time helm by Martin Scorsese and fantastically lead by Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. It shows that it can be a bloody and visceral without needing a colorful picture.
½ March 6, 2016
Even with De Niro and Pesci being in their prime and some classic moments of cinematography in general, I think Raging Bull didn't quite stand the test of time. As put anywhere else, intentionally uncomfortable to watch.
February 29, 2016
A guy flick. Graphic boxing and Lamotta is the background, but strong undertones about defining yourself as man and the fears that come with it. Cinematography is about as good as it gets.
½ June 12, 2009
Holy shit, that lighting. If it suffers from anything it's the fact it's a true story, so it gets frustrating when the great scenes where LaMotta's paranoia gets the best of him and a creeping sense of dread starts to build are undercut when they're followed by a scene that essentially starts, "So, anyway, a couple of years later..." and then the next chapter in this guy's life is recounted. But Scorsese powers through it to create a beautiful film, in spite of a not very interesting story.
July 31, 2011
Might be my favorite Scorsese film up there with Taxi Driver and Robert De Niro provides the best acting of his career
January 31, 2016
Raging Bull is a classic boxing film. De Niro's performance is one of the greatest of his career. Scorsese's telling of Jake LaMotta's life story is art, not simply another Hollywood movie. It is serious and builds empathy for the audience for the film's protagonist. La Motta was a rough, streetwise pugilist, who made his way to the top simply by his unique toughness. Ironically, this film etches LaMotta forever into cinematic history, moreso than he will be remembered for his fighting career.
January 26, 2013
Emotionally shattering drama about prizefighter Jake La Motta, who fought no worse enemy than himself. He slowly destroys his life by obsessive jealously. No movie has ever captured anger or jealously so beautifully on screen; some movie buffs (myself included) consider this to be the greatest film ever made. Full-bore, non-stop compelling direction plays viewer's emotions like a harp, delivering one painful scene after another, with dazzling (though brutal) boxing sequences. Opening is hypnotic, finale is perhaps the most devastating moment on celluloid. Robert De Niro gives the most devoted performance in movie history (he gained 60 pounds for the role). This masterpiece was also stunningly photographed and edited for maximum impact. Final note: Scene with De Niro and Pesci arguing in front of a broken TV is the single greatest acted scene ever.
½ January 24, 2016
Martin Scorsese directed a beautiful film that delves deep into the life of Jake la Motta, putting much character development into every character, all topped off with an amazing performance from Robert de Niro. Although a bit slow at some points, Raging Bull is deservedly crowned as a classic.
October 1, 2011
The visuals, sound design, rigorous editing by the master Thelma Schoonmaker, and searing performances combine to make one of the greatest and most powerful of all films and one of the definitive cinematic explorations of an unsympathetic and damaged protagonist
December 27, 2015
"You never got me down Ray". Raging Bull is the story of famous Boxer Jake La Motta. This is an excellent film brought together by what might possibly be Robert DeNiro's best performance. Excellent directing by Martin Scorsese and Scorsese's second best behind only Goodfellas
December 25, 2015
uste edna Scorsese-De Niro klasika!
March 21, 2015
Raging Bull is one of Martin Scorsese's most iconic movies for good reason. Raging Bull is an absolute classic and one of the best movies ever. This is a boxing film but it's so much more. Robert De Niro gives one of the best performances of his entrie career. He's likeable yet you hate him at the same time. His performance is very physically demanding as he had to gain a load of weight and then loose it all again for his next movie. There's a brilliant scene where Jake La Motta just breaks down and starts punching a wall and Robert De Niro gives it his all. Joe Pesci is amazing as Jake's brother. I love how he's the voice of reason to Jake when he suspects his wife sleeping with other men, yet he's still a very violent and aggressive character. The rest of the acting is great but it's those two leads that carry the movie. This film is amazingly directed by the fantastic Martin Scorsese. This is full of all his trademarks and he did an amazing job with this film. The writing is fantastic, a lot of the dialogue leads to very tense seems which is great. The cinematography is excellent, the scenes in the ring are magnificent to look at and there are lots of brilliant long takes. The opening of this film is visually stunning, it's this brilliant wide take with the classical music, it's just amazing. The boxing scenes are brilliant. If you thought the stuff in Rocky or Warrior was brutal they are nothing compared to the boxing scenes here. The boxing scenes are incredibly brutal and have you on the edge of the seat, especially the last boxing match. This film is also brilliantly edited, the film while it feels long it's still very well edited. I also love the ending, the speech from De Niro, the music it's all just amazing. Raging Bull is a fantastic movie and it's one of Martin Scorsese's best. If Rocky is the most iconic boxing movie then in my opinion Raging Bull is the best. A+
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