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March 7, 2011
Admittedly, I come at this with a bias, since I can never get into war movies. These two hours I spent watching this were some of the longest of my life. I don't feel like it had anything meaningful to say or enough action to be interesting. The most interesting scenes were the ones with Rommel himself.
May 29, 2012
Tuesday, May 29, 2012

(1971) Raid On Rommel

European production starring Richard Burton as commander of a squadron to first help Paton by destroying Rommels gas tanks then escape by breaking through Nazi barriers with battleships entering the desert coast. Some have said this is a cheaper version of Tobruk.

Quite boring and typical of Spaghettti War movies!

2 out of 4
July 21, 2005
January 16, 2010
I don't give out rottens very often, and believe me I like Richard Burton in anything, but this movie really stunk up the place as a WWII yarn.

It just had something about it that was poorly done. Maybe it was the direction, the shooting of it. I don't know, I am not in the business of being too precise about why I didn't get a good feel about this film.

Barely worth watching once, if only for Burton's fine acting, but that couldn't save this one, even for me.
½ December 22, 2009
When I saw this I was amazed to see that huge chunks of 'Tobruk' (which is a good film) had been spliced into this one -presumably to cut costs- with all the editing and continuity skills of a learned chimp.

This films sucks so bad.
September 8, 2009
Story line was pretty cool and realistic but the actual film making of it.... the action parts where just reruns one after the other....
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