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One would think that a collaboration between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas would produce something better than this giggly pastiche of a Republic serial...

June 28, 2007 Full Review Source: Chicago Reader | Comments (87)
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Marco Alatorre

Only a girly man would say that about Indiana Jones

Nov 1 - 07:16 PM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

the comments here are so unbearably stupid...

May 27 - 11:20 AM


Elliot Newton

Stop posting that, it's unbearably stupid and annoying. Let them vent their frustration. You post this on so many comment pages its just planing irritating.

Aug 27 - 07:39 AM

Will B

Will Boissonnault

Agreed. I get your point, Stunner, and agree with you sometimes, but you, like the minority rotten reviews, are starting to get rather annoying.

Dec 11 - 03:33 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

you mean yours?

May 4 - 05:26 PM


Mike Alberto

It's OK to stick out, but try harder! Your stance here stinks!

Nov 30 - 08:18 PM


Scott Clever

You fail as a critic!

Dec 5 - 10:21 AM


Anthony Basile

I'll be sure not to take any of your other reviews seriously

Dec 15 - 12:31 PM


tony duran

your reviews wreak of the foul smell of bias in every word, space, and letter. first star wars, and now this? you're just george lucas hater

Dec 25 - 08:33 PM


Dan Blomquist

This review is bias. Apparently you're just jealous you didn't make this movie.

Jan 3 - 08:53 PM


Ethan Firl

Jan 12 - 04:29 PM


gff fff

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but those who hate Indy MORBIDLY, rather than just disliking him or this movie not being "good or okay", barely count in the human factor.

Apr 1 - 07:13 PM


Daylon Tucker

ur review is an epic fail lets see u do better

Apr 22 - 04:41 AM

Pawel Zietek

Pawel Zietek

your dick in erection is an epic fail, you moron. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. So is Dave Kehr. I also found Raiders of the Los Ark quiet an unbearable film to watch. Just because it is an 80' film doesn't mean I will forgive it its flaws: bad pacing, terrible acting and poor script. It is a mediocre film 5 out of 10 seem generous to me.
On the other hand, I accept you and thousand liking the film. I even understand it, it is a film from our childhood and for many it represent the happiest moments of their lives. For me it's just a cheesy pile of shite, though. Deal with it as I deal with you liking it.

Sep 1 - 12:43 PM


Norman Dostal

The only person on the planet who lets his bitterness about his horrible david spade haircut seep into his movie reviews. No one agrees with you, freakshow

Apr 29 - 03:10 PM


Matt Ritchey

So, you were aware of the fact that they were PURPOSEFULLY making a Republic serial, right? That RAIDERS is a 1950s Republic serial made with modern techniques? And that it's one of - if not THE - most entertainming movies of all time? Just checking.

May 2 - 02:20 PM

Ryan Kramer

Ryan Kramer

I was wondering if someone had brought this up the second I read the pull quote. If Dave was thinking this, then Steve apparently succeeded. A shame Dave sees this ultimately as a shortcoming.

Jun 12 - 10:46 AM


Gabriel Cerda

This guy deserves an EPIC FAIL. Just for the love of god stop doing reviews.

May 16 - 01:11 PM


Gabriel Bleys

You will never be respected as a critic.

May 21 - 06:46 PM


kiber kiber

This critic must be going out of his way to get attention.

How this movie gets a negative critic review, I really don't know. Maybe he was watching Temple and thought it was Raiders.

And look at this guy's pic. Is he a man-she? "It" really looks like a woman. I think "it" is a woman. This man is really a transgendered freak, which probably explains how he can dis one of the greatest adventure films ever made.

It's a 4 star movie for many good reasons.

May 21 - 08:35 PM


Mark Filbey

I created an account here just to say that you are a total moron. I mean, come on!! It's Raiders of the Lost Ark!! It's the quintessential classic. So, what foreign film do you think is the greatest film ever made?

May 22 - 10:39 PM


Pearce R.

You may be the worst crtic ever. I won't ever respect anything you write. Stick to your day job.

May 23 - 02:07 PM


kiber kiber

I just watched the first 10 minutes of this film. "Raiders of the Lost Ark", more like "retards of the lost ark".

The first 10 minutes were so boring, I just couldn't handle it. I shut off this B movie. What a bore.

Hope there are better movies coming out soon

May 25 - 04:48 AM


b x

**** you ******* its not boring so go ****ing die right now

May 29 - 05:20 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

Go back to watching Romper Room

May 4 - 05:28 PM

Rob H.

Rob Hansen

you are an absolute disgrace to the human species go watch revenge of the fallen again if you cant handle dialogue and just want mindless violence

Aug 17 - 05:53 AM


Edward Stymest

your review makes no sense and is missing many key points about the movie, what did u do, watch "raiders of the lost ark" on TNT the other night while flipping through channels?

May 28 - 06:00 PM


Edward Stymest

your review makes no sense and is missing many key points about the movie, what did u do, watch "raiders of the lost ark" on TNT the other night while flipping through channels?

May 28 - 06:00 PM


Charles Hinds

The only comfort I get from your extreme prejudice, is the fact that nobody agrees with you.

Jun 1 - 03:27 PM


Christopher Doucette

You suck. Find a new hobby.

Jun 10 - 11:30 AM

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