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Melissa T March 21, 2013
Terrible. Hard to watch. Difficult to believe that it was filmed/released in 2004; quality appears to be much older. Strange. Watching not recommended.
Frances H October 10, 2012
Funny little satire with a good cast.
Alice S
Super Reviewer
July 29, 2012
0 stars. This movie isn't really about anything. The ad nauseum back-and-forth arguments between high-strung mother and basket-case son are frustrating and pointless.
Lisa Michelle A January 28, 2012

What does the above tell you about this film???
xxdebxx xxdebxx
Super Reviewer
September 11, 2011
The story about a teenage genius Hal (Justin Long) who locks himself in the bathroom for three months, in order to work out mathematical equations on his shower walls and secretly ogle his cheerleader neighbor, Lacy (Danica McKellar) without interference from his overbearing mother Nancy Nestor (Wendie Malick) who sees herself as the perfect wife and mother. A battle of wills ensues with Nancy determined to lure her son out for a valedictory speech and Hal equally determined to stay in the john. Psychologist Dr. Curle Weeks (Ed Begley Jr.) comes to Nancy's aid to develop a program that might get her obsessive-compulsive son out of the bathroom. Stephen Root stars as the beleaguered dad who just wants to get through each day while Malick is hilarious as Hal`s social-climbing and equally dysfunctional mother.
lilyjlh66 lilyjlh66 October 16, 2010
my parents, rased a genius :)
LisaMichelleAckles LisaMichelleAckles January 4, 2010

What does the above tell you about this film???
skyeeangel69 skyeeangel69 March 12, 2009
Another under rated comedy. I laugh so hard at this movie I cry every time I watch it!
DeNae G ½ January 15, 2008
Odd little movie. Not Justin Long's best work at all.
frameofmind frameofmind ½ October 28, 2007
Light entertainment.
Small little insights about parenting and marriage but nothing really goes into depth.
The movie, while fun to watch, feels empty inside.
Though not a complete miss.
PunkPrincess588 PunkPrincess588
Super Reviewer
½ September 23, 2007
pretty bad overall movie kinda good concept though.
jazza923 jazza923 September 6, 2006
Very offbeat but oddly likeable. As good as Wendie Malick is as the mother, I couldn't help but visualise Patricia Clarkson in the role, and she would have been terrific. (or even Joan Allen, Judy Davis or Annette Bening). I think they would have made it a more powerful film.
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