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It doesn't know what kind of a film it is.

March 8, 2011 Full Review Source: The Vine | Comments (11)
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Mike Quach

this reviewer loves his own writing too mch

Mar 8 - 04:45 PM

Nathan H.

Nathan Haffner

Since you're clueless, here you go: It's a western. Yes, it's animated. You've gotten past that I hope? Ok, good. Now, maybe the main character, Rango, is the one who doesn't know what kind of person (chameleon) he is; but isn't that the whole point of the film? Maybe the slightly broken tempo of the movie is meant to tease and toss around it's audience. Clearly, you were in for a more predictable story. Sorry you were so disappointed, but not all animated films are doomed to reside in one area of the film industry. Rango strives to be something a little bit different. I don't understand why some people just can't give enough credit to those films that don't "fit" into the typical and preset shapes that make up today's film (especially animated film). This movie was highly enjoyable and it did not seem to overshoot or lack anything severe enough to deem it inferior or poor quality.

Mar 9 - 04:26 AM

Jack S.

Jack Sickenberger

The movie? Or you?

Mar 9 - 05:22 AM

Jack S.

Jack Sickenberger

The movie? Or you?

Mar 9 - 05:23 AM

Rebecca W.

Rebecca Whelan

Yes it does.

Mar 9 - 02:09 PM


Richard Bennett

First, I got as far as "firstly" and couldn't understand why you didn't just use the word "first". You weren't trying to convince me that you were smart enough to know what you were talking about be using a fancy and unnecessariousentatios wordish, where youse?

Mar 9 - 10:04 PM

Marco M.

Marc-Olivier Maheu

I agree that the movie is pretty mixed-up sometimes. I think about awkward moments with jokes for adults and also action moments for kids like the air raid of bats with moles on them accompanied by cliché movie songs... But if I put that all on the side, the visuals are fantastic and this bizzare world is strangly fascinating. Also, a lot of good refernces, like the western movies, are more than welcome... Still, I find myself scraching my head trying to figure out if I liked it or... a bit less than that... because the story is not so original... it's in the details that it is.

Mar 10 - 07:28 PM

Samuel C.

Samuel Cannon

For all those who are writing these comments, i'd like to say two things. His opinion is his opinion, and, well, i dont think he's reading these comments, do you?

Mar 11 - 01:21 AM

Jacob K.

Jacob Kennard

What I don't get about this criticism is why do people want something that falls into a specific genre? Isn't another criticism that films are too generic and not inventive enough? I guess my point is I don't find this a very valid criticism.

Mar 11 - 09:57 AM

Nicholas S.

Nicholas Stamatovich

Jeez, I'd expect a little more taste from the guy who did Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, and Starship Troopers....Though he did also do Showgirls.

Mar 15 - 10:34 AM


Rob Alicea

Banal PIXAR ripoff? In what way, other than being computer-generated, is it a ripoff of any of PIXAR's movies?

Mar 28 - 11:04 AM


Joel Martinez

Cars maybe, but if so, Rango is more of an improvement than a ripoff.

Aug 26 - 11:28 PM

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