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They should call this overloud, underwhelming movie Real Steal.

October 7, 2011 Full Review Source: Christian Science Monitor | Comments (23)
Christian Science Monitor
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Nay Nay Bauer

haha like steal instead of steel....

wait, you get paid to make condescending and douchey movie puns all day? Every jaded geek ever can do your job.

The Matrix Re-Bloated... where's my cut?

Oct 7 - 05:28 PM

Matt Festle

Matt Festle

dude, perfectly said haha. i just laughed out loud.

Oct 8 - 08:05 PM

Djangolulu S.

Djangolulu Smith


Oct 13 - 02:27 PM

Scappy D.

Scappy Doo

Such wit.

Oct 7 - 10:59 PM


Jem See

Christian - Science
Isn't that a pun in itself?

Oct 8 - 06:30 AM


Jonathan Earley


Oct 21 - 03:28 PM

Bran Schwass

Bran Schwass

I'd read your review if I could get past the pun.

But I can't.

Oct 8 - 01:28 PM

Raul Magana

Raul Magana

Dat Wit

Oct 8 - 01:32 PM


Josh Ryan

The lot of you sound like a group of 13 year old girls, crying because someone made fun of your infantile robot movie.

Oct 11 - 01:56 AM

Daniel L.

Daniel Lima

Won't disagree with you but won't agree either. They are making fun of the ridiculous pun. Now depending on one's opinion, you can take that as a hate to the critic or the simple fact the pun sucked lol.
Still, haven't watched the movie yet but the movie seems ridiculously corny to me, although it could have some surprisingly unexpected fun moments according to some other critics.

Oct 13 - 06:44 PM


Brion Finlay

The pun could have exhibited double its wit had it instead been "Reel Steal", since, you know, the claim was that the ideas had been stolen from other films, which could be more cleverly connoted by "Reel" instead of "Real".

Oct 16 - 11:13 PM

Max Harkness

Max Harkness

every god damn movie critic does this stupid shit. Reason why the only movie critic i read anymore is Armond White.

Oct 16 - 11:27 PM

Corey Hoffmeyer

Corey Hoffmeyer

You're joking, right?

Jan 1 - 07:40 PM

chad b.

chad bones

Come on Christian Science Top Critic, it wasn't that overloud or underwhelming. That was decent entertainment for 7 bucks. Although I must say, the nachos...something bad was in that cheese wiz. I think I lost 7 pounds.

Oct 17 - 07:53 PM

Sai Kumar Davuluri

Sai Kumar Davuluri

you rate crappy movies like get him to the greek 5/5 nd clicher as stale
plz grow up!

Oct 21 - 07:49 AM

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Oct 26 - 07:55 AM

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Nov 1 - 07:23 PM

Timothy Hall

Timothy Hall

reviewer, you sir are a stupid faggot, this movie was amazingly epic you watched a masterpiece and saw nothing but junk. thats pathetic grow up

Nov 15 - 10:55 PM

Marcos Villarreal

Marcos Villarreal

I can't believe many of you consider this to be a epic movie. Have all of you really lost your taste in thearter!? Does anyone still have an appreciation for the art of cinema!? Real Steel may have been good to those who could care less about the art of film. But for thoes few, who go beyond of seeing the film for what it was and really try to understand it's concept and story, the Academies and I applaud you for that, but for the rest of you who seem to enjoy every idiotic, pointless, movie that Hollywood throws at you, stop acting like you know a good movie when you see one, stop criticizing everyone who who likes and dislikes every movie you agree and don't agree. See their point of view of the film and understand why their opinion is different from yours, who knows, they may have a point and a reason. If you take the time to understand film, then you will understand both points of view instead of saying that you're right, because your not, you're just acting like know-at-all idiots.

Jan 27 - 07:50 PM

Joshua W.

Joshua Wark

Get over yourself. It's a fun action movie. It was not in any way made to incorporate the "art of the cinema" as you put it. It's completely idiotic to do any critique of it at all on that level.

Jan 28 - 02:26 PM

Marcos Villarreal

Marcos Villarreal

Ok, yeah I did over exaggerated with that, and yeah this was a fun action film, but I still didn't like it for my own reasons, and yet I'm pretty sure many would call me a tastless idiot for not liking this movie, instead of looking at it from my point of view.

Jan 29 - 12:21 PM

Alyy Sialer

Alyy Sialer

ur fucking stupid nigga this shit was beast. stop hatin pussy

Jan 4 - 08:53 PM

Jhay Khay Cee

Jhay Khay Cee

I'm not fond of making comments about "bad" reviews, but I'll make make an exception... This gives nothing but shame and misguidance to a truly epic and heartwarming movie.

Come on reviewer, it's a family movie.

Put some REAL THOUGHT next time in your future reviews...

Jan 9 - 08:28 AM

Jhay Khay Cee

Jhay Khay Cee

I'm not fond of making comments about "bad" reviews, but I'll make an exception... This gives nothing but shame and misleading insights to a truly epic and heartwarming movie.

Come on reviewer, it's a family movie.

Put some REAL THOUGHT next time in your future reviews...

Jan 9 - 08:29 AM

Andrej Boljsakov

Andrej Boljsakov

The wit is strong in this one...

Anyway, I read your excuse of a review... you're actually comparing this to TRANSFORMERS?! First of all, it is far better than Transformers, at least you can tell what the hell is going on all the time. Or what, are you gonna tell me any movie that happens to feature a robot is immediately a Transformers rip-off? And Star Wars? Why? Just, why?!

This movie is getting so many unfair reviews, consisting of nothing more than senseless drivel, it's not even funny. And to think you're actually getting paid for this... unreal.

Jan 24 - 09:18 AM

Phillip Lockhart

Phillip Lockhart

How could you say that! Sure the script is predictable but its fun and exiting if you don't end up watching this twice you have no taste!

Jan 25 - 07:16 PM

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

Oooh! Zing!

I'm joking. I hate reviews like this one. Maybe you should be a poet instead of a movie reviewer. Oh wait, your pun was more lame than a bad movie! So yeah, I guess you're stuck being a film critic. I'm not saying this was an awesome movie, I'm just saying that your review is even more trite! Do you get paid for this, or do you just do it to amuse yourself?

Mar 4 - 04:46 AM

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