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Its remote-controlled emotional responses leave little room for genuine uplift.

October 17, 2011 Full Review Source: New Yorker | Comments (17)
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Oct 17 - 11:07 PM


Jem See

'little room for genuine uplift'
says the guy who lives in NY.

Oct 21 - 04:42 AM

Dakota Heer

Dakota Heer


Oct 21 - 11:59 AM


Joe MustChangenName

This from a guy who gve footloose 71% ??? He should have enjoyed the movie, it is a CHILDISH entertaining romp. what did he expect Gone with the Wind?

Oct 25 - 09:56 PM

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Oct 26 - 07:55 AM

Haphy M.

Haphy Morris

We love it, but you hate it. Quit your job!

Oct 27 - 09:09 AM

Dan-Kristy Wilmoth

Dan-Kristy Wilmoth


Feb 4 - 08:12 PM


Matt Goodman

RT Should Change Their Consece

Nov 15 - 12:02 PM

Joshua Hill

Joshua Hill

I loved the movie and would give it a passing rating, perhaps 65%. However, your comment is absolutely spot on. The movie was filled with classic emotional response triggers to get the audience to feel something. Perhaps I've simply seen it too much and so I'm now biased against it, but it's just boring and unnecessary. It was still a great movie, though.

Jan 4 - 01:27 PM

William Barber

William Barber

Yip, going to agree with another person who commented. While I enjoyed the film, and I did, it was full of very fake feeling attempts to make you go 'awwwww' inside. Which is a shame, as the content if done properly could have possible done that without the need.

You that image of a live studio audience, with the guy at the front holding up a sign saying 'laugh'... it felt a little like that at the end, except with 'cry' written on the card.

Overall though, was a fun film.

Jan 7 - 12:40 AM

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown

All I can say is all you guys ranking on this guy's criticism is grow up. He doesn't like it, big deal. Do you think that something you like everyone should like? Grow up. You know what they say about opinions. If you're 12 old or so, I can understand, but you're acting like a bunch of children.

Jan 8 - 07:21 PM

Joshua W.

Joshua Wark

I think it should be rated higher overall. People are reviewing it for what it is not. If you're comparing it to other action movies like this one it is pretty entertaining. I don't get rating this on acting and emotional responses. I did not watch it expecting or caring for it to excel in that area.

Jan 28 - 02:38 PM

Anthony Suh

Anthony Suh

absolutely agree!
Could've been a good movie but the directing was terrible.
Graphics and plot was good but VERY POOR execution.

Jan 28 - 06:34 PM

Dan-Kristy Wilmoth

Dan-Kristy Wilmoth

Really this was a great feel good movie, and one thing I can say is that most critics tend to bash any movie that consists of a good time! They seem to love the boring, depressing movies about reality; movies are supposed to be a getaway from reality!

Feb 4 - 08:10 PM

Amber Reed

Amber Reed

i agree with haphy, QUIT YOUR JOB! we all love this movie and your wrong.

Feb 12 - 08:53 PM

Aaron Tribhuvan

Aaron Tribhuvan

I can't believe this is what passes for a good movie these days.

Incredibly simplistic and highly predictable plot, mediocre acting at best, and lets get something straight - when you make a movie that relies entirely on fighting robots, you should know that the Transformers series (as heartless, silly and loud it was) has already ACED that watching these trash cans have at each other with simplistic blocky moves was hardly entertaining when I've already seen something far, far better. In the least I was expecting to see these "fighting" robots performing Ju-Jitsu, Muay-Thai or Karate moves. Instead all I got was rock'em sock'em robots.

The villains/antagonists were nothing short of painful to watch. Bad acting aside, it's impossible to take them seriously with Karl Yune (Tak Machido) trying to pull off a desperate "look at me I'm so serious" look throughout the movie and Olga Fonda (Farra Lemkova) incapable of anything more than a smile or a grimace plastered on her beautiful face.

The predictability of it all is on a whole new level when Atom is introduced and you immediately know "oh look, the underdog that will rise up against all odds". And then you see Zeus and immediately know "yep, this is the guy that will be getting beaten at the end". At this point I just wanted to fast-forward to the end and see the final fight, (because we already knew who was going to win) and skip all the garbage in the middle.

Jean Hackman tries his best but even he can't make up for mediocre CGI, the braindead plot or pathetic performances by everyone else.

Feb 21 - 11:00 PM

Nick J.

Nick Jensen

Jean Hackman...really? All that work for a summary and screw that up? Keep your day-job as a loser in his mom's basement.

Jul 28 - 12:20 AM

Ruben St Laurent

Ruben St Laurent


Feb 22 - 09:05 PM

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

Ah yes, a witty put-down style movie summary. I'll bet you were popular in high school with your witty put downs! This movie was not fine cinema, but hey, more work went into it than your not-quite clever review!

Mar 4 - 04:41 AM

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