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Red Lights Reviews

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August 25, 2014
Simon silver: "Are you questioning my power?!". This is one of those movies that everybody felt letdown with, but it didn't for me. Red Lights is about a Psychologist and assistant work to debunk so-called "mediums" and parapsychologists but it all changes when they begin to investigate a world-famous psychic. This movie has a nice twist that I didn't see coming and all the cast do a fine job in there roles. But the movie to me lacks of thriller and lacks on interest. But overall Red lights is alright film and not as bad as people are putting it out to be.
August 24, 2014
August 24, 2014
A so-so paranormal thriller let down by a ridiculous twist ending
August 23, 2014
There are films that are all style and no substance, but this movie has no style, and very little substance. The film's nonsensical plot, which revolves around two scientists trying to discredit a famous psychic, moves at a plodding pace, and I swear the film seems to be sending mixed messages. Sometimes, the film presents psychic powers as real, while in other times it assumes the cliché sceptic's stance that Sigourney Weaver's character has. I can tell that the film-makers thought they were being clever, when in reality there are numerous gaps in the film's "logic". The characters are all poorly written, and it seems that for all but three of the film's characters, they weren't trying at all. Robert De Niro's performance is the only good thing about this movie, but it doesn't help much since he's the one being vilified in this movie. The so-called thrills are really shallow, since much of it is based on what I can tell are special effects. Nothing about this film is satisfying in any way, but worst of all, the ending made very little sense, and was simply pretentious.
August 23, 2014
This movie is very oversold at best, and I honestly can't help but think it doesn't know what message it's trying to send. I mean, the film at first seems like it's advocating an arrogant form of skepticism, but by the end the film goes the opposite direction. But that's the least of my worries. The characters are uninteresting and the two protagonists are both painfully arrogant most of the time (Cillian Murphy's character comes obscene arrogance with a very shifty attitude later in the movie). Lastly, save for some exceptions, the film is not very thrilling or interesting and a lot of the story feels like an arbitrary conspiracy tale. The only good thing I have to say is that at least the music is at a natural pitch compared to most movies.
August 13, 2014
IF you are absolutely determined to watch anything and flatly refuse to do anything else... DO SOMETHING ELSE.
August 11, 2014
One of the worst. Cillian Murphy isn't believable and looks like a troll in some J.R.R. Tolkin offshoot. Turned it off when I realized I needed to take the trash out.
Sgt. Cockstrain
June 21, 2012
A movie that really should have been a whole lot better than it is as it had the cast, the director, and a good concept, but for some reason this just squanders it all. Biggest issue for me is that I really didn't find anything this threw at me scary, nothing at all, although I was intrigued by the evens as they unfolded, I just wish they ended up somewhere else. It seems to lack that little something extra as when some decent tension is built up, it's quickly dropped, particularly early on when the two researches are meeting people who claim to have supernatural power that in the end leads nowhere. What this really needed is a rewrite and some real freaky, yet clever and unique shit to happen somewhere, anything, and this just doesn't, so because of that shortfall this sadly has almost nothing to offer but a good cast and a interesting plot with little to no pay-off.
September 13, 2011
Not a terrible movie but it seems like the movie has a very strong momentum and somehow in the middle of the story, it loses something. It was the irony but overall, it was an ok film!
August 3, 2014
I wanted to love this because Cillian Murphy, Lizzie Olsen, and De Niro, but it lacked much excitement until the end which provided a nice twist.
Wonderland D.
July 30, 2014
A riveting film constructed out of pure genius. Fantastic performances from the the three main actors with a great script, directing, and cinematography. Kept me teetering the whole way then slammed me with the coup de grâce. A masterpiece.
Josh C.
July 25, 2014
Red Lights keeps you intrigued, with the odd jump scare and abstract scene, but it suddenly unravels into a confusing attempt at a twist ending, which doesn't really work. I felt a bit unsatisfied, but I enjoyed the first half, and the cast is great, so it isn't totally lost.
January 19, 2013
A thriller with an outstanding cast and some impressive cinematography, but a far too confusing premise to keep its audience interested.
July 5, 2014
A lot of talent comes up empty in "Red Lights," a thriller that doesn't thrill. I say SKIP IT!!!
July 5, 2012
Started off reasonably well and kept me captivated but drifted off into a bit of a stupid none sensical conclusion.
June 8, 2014
Red Lights is a mystery, suspense thriller that will have you well and truly intrigued but ultimately leave you feeling short changed by the conclusion. Rodrigo Cortes, the writer/director/editor of his brake through hit Buried, is hot on the heels of that previous films success, you can almost smell the big names pushing every other actor aside in order to make sure they got the part in his new feature, almost remenisant of that of Chrisopher Nolans beginnings, Insomnia being his red lights. This film is crafted well but just is no where near focused enough to pull it off to the successful level Buried did. We follow Dr Matheson and Dr Buckley who challenge themselves day in and day out to debunk all forms of paranormal activity, psychic ability and magic to prove to the world these people are frauds. So much so, they teach university students about their findings on a weekly basis. As their career starts to become stale, long time magic man and rival of Matheson, Simon Silver, emerges for a string of U.S. dates, which gets Buckley wondering, what if the duo could debunk the biggest psychic, paranormal performer there ever was. Matheson however doesnt like the idea of it and protests against Buckley to take any further action. Then the story twists and turns all over the place and to write anything more down will just ruin the entire film for you. First of all, this movies strong points, firstly it has a phenominal cast, Cillian Murphey, Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro, Toby Jones, Elizabeth Olsen, they do their best, lending their thespian expertese towards this film. The film also looks great, merging loads of different styles and themes and presenting them in a polished and entrancing manner. For example watching a gritty talk show gone wrong segment, Cortes decides to use uncomfortable close up shots and pans the camera constantly, pulling focus abruptly, in order to give a sense of disorientation. Other scenes include some lovely tracking, dolly, jib and steadi-cam shots, all effortlessly edited into sequences that its hard not to applaud the visual style within this film. The idea and general story is also one of intrigue. Where this film is let down however is in its script writing and its dramatic jump into the ludacrous within the space of 30 minutes. Watching these performers is all good and well, however well Cortes can write a monologue, his dialogue suffers immensely. Its all well and good when Sigourney Weaver is reciting the first heart felt moment she found out her child was ill and how she could have debunked Silver years ago but never. But this film is so full of small talk and awkwardness that you kind of wish nothing was said at all between the larger character speils. Another issue is that Cortes also hasnt a clue what kind of film he wants this to be, or even what side of the fence he wants us on. This film thrusts us back and forth like a rag doll every five minutes, which keeps us on our toes yes, but only if the pay off is worth it and sadly that is Red Lights biggest flaw, its finale. In the last 5 minutes you will be so taken aback by the movies revalation, it will chuck you so far out of the movie, only to try and wangle you back in with a few minutes of flash backs and exposition. The result feels jarring and unwanted. I cant quite work out wiether the movie was trying to be too clever for its own good or if Cortes created such a rabbit hole, the only way he could return would be to knock the most illogical thing possible out, in order to make this film feel more logical, if that makes sense? However there is quite a bit to like about this film, you cant knock Cortes for wanting to broaden his horizons and attempt something challenging. However had another script writer been involved, this film could have been a lot more feasable and fun.
May 27, 2014
Interesting for the right reasons, then it collapses under the weight of its premise. De Niro doesn't help either.
May 11, 2014
I'll watch anything Cilian Murphy is in. Literally, anything. Sometimes that's not good news for me. This movie is definitely not one of my favorites I've seen him in, but it's also not one of the worst. With better editing and better writing it would have flowed more easily and been more interesting- some of the dialect nearly glazed my eyes over. But I really like the concept, and I didn't have much trouble sitting through it.
April 16, 2014
I think people were misled into thinking this was going to be some kind of generic paranormal horror movie and were therefor disapointed when they were presented with a well made film that didn't fall into typical horror movie tropes.
Cameron W. Johnson
Cameron W. Johnson

Super Reviewer

April 16, 2014
"Roxanne, you don't..." Okay, I just can't finish that, because it's too obvious, and at any rate, Sting is singing about "the" red light, as if to say there's one red light, whereas this film is about "Red Light[u]s[/u]". Hey, there's a difference that makes quite a difference, because if you've ever been stuck behind a series of red lights, I don't know if you can so much call this film a thriller, as much as you can call it a bona fide horror film. Shoot, I don't even know if I can joke about that either, because this film is about a physicist and a psychologist teaming up to mess with some psychic, so, seriously, just how thrilling can this possible be? Oh, that's what we said about "Buried" some film about some bum being buried, yet it came out as a success, and this is the same director. Well, in all fairness, in "Buried", he was working with Ryan Reynolds, who has always been charming enough for me to sit in a coffin with him for a while, but here, all Rodrigo Cortés has to work with is... Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro and Toby Jones. Wow, this is kind of an impressive cast for a film that no one saw, but at any rate, the point is that this film at least has some charm going for it, although that's not going to be enough to overshadow the problems.

Not especially realized as a thriller with only so much consequentiality, this film tends to rely on heavy-handedness to get its points across, having a certain liveliness to its abrasiveness, but nevertheless bearing down on you with unsubtle score plays, alone, and further distancing through scripting whose thin characterization and plotting lacks depth that should drive this steady thriller. Rodrigo Cortés turns in a script that is lacking in storytelling layering, which cannot be justified by meat in this film's dramatically lightweight story concept, for even on paper, this drama was never to carry much in the way of momentum, it's just that Cortés doesn't help. As if there wasn't enough limpness to Cortés' drawing thin characters being a thin execution of a plot concept that was never to be particularly meaty, what Cortés' scripting lacks in material it makes up for in filler, or at least repetitious material, which drags and drags, until the film becomes aimless and unevenly paced, and not just in storytelling's written form. Again, the lack of delicacy to Cortés' direction, on top of shaking subtlety, keeps the film kind of lively, with highlights that really bring the engagement value to life, but when not much is going on to either impact you with or simply beat you over the head with, Cortés fails, if not neglects to incorporate some kind of flare, resulting in bland spells that really water down a sense of suspense. Of course, the storytelling element which most reflects laziness and defuses shock is a lack of originality, because at the end of the day, there's hardly, if at all anything in this film that you haven't already seen in "The X-Files", let alone other paranormal and psychological thrillers of this type, leaving impact to go slowed down simply by your knowing what's coming. Despite an adequate amount of surprising spots, predictability plagues the final product about as much as anything, which is saying a lot, because there is a lot which plagues this unsubtle and unevenly paced "thriller". Quite frankly, while I was watching the film, I found myself forgetting it, but I can recollect enough to tell you that while this thriller occupies your time, by no means does it waste it, not even as much as it squanders its potential, however limited.

Inconsistent in dramatic weight, lacking in layers as a thriller, and not even original, this film's story concept limits the final product's bite enough through natural shortcomings, which are themselves limited, by elements that are, in fact, intriguing, perhaps thoroughly so, whether they be tightening in on some edgy conflicts, or incorporating some depth to the dramatics, or painting a paranormal mystery whose evidence of reality in questionable. Like I said, there's plenty to predict in this formulaic thriller, but at the same time, while the film has to resort to a silly twist or tow, the fact of the matter is that this study on what may or may not be the paranormal, and coming to terms with truths about yourself has its shocking moments and thematically weighty aspects, both of which primarily reside in a concept that is done both injustice and justice in a fair execution. Even the film's visual style anchors much of the effectiveness of the tension, as Xavi Giménez's cinematography has a bleakness to its lighting and coloration that, while not particularly unique or richly dynamic, is rugged in its grit, to where it both fits and augments the thriller's intensity, and looks good by its own right. A little more significant of a compliment to the edge of this thriller is, of course, Rodrigo Cortés, at least as director, for although Cortés' storytelling is either limp or heavy-handed, moments of realization to momentum really do get to the nerves, drawing some genuine tension to highlight pacing that is rarely entertaining to some extent. Yes, there are dull spots, but they're relatively rare in this tightly paced, if a little abrasive thriller, which is, at the very least, pretty entertaining, if not kind of tense, despite being rather dramatically lacking. Of course, if there is some dramatic effectiveness, then it's not Cortés' performance that drives it, but rather, the performances that one might predict are pretty solid, given the quality of a cast, from which Sigourney Weaver - as a particularly thinly drawn, but still charismatic and somewhat emotionally uneasy psychologist - and Robert De Niro - as a blind possible psychic who grows tired of his career, if not his life as a unique being - stands out, about as much as leading man Cillian Murphy, who is always as charming as he usually is, but does more than the film deserves by gradually packing on dramatic layers that capture the confusion of a man against the paranormal who fears that his lack of beliefs, if not his safety are challenged. When material to really play with finds Murphy, if not his peers, the acting really shines, and quite frankly, the drama shines with it, for although this is a generally limp thriller, there are plenty of highlights, which grow a little more recurring, until you end up with decent latter acts that are worth waiting for in an effort which is still consistently entertaining enough to hold your interest, even if it's typically with a loose grip.

When the light dies down, intensity which natural dramatic shortcomings thin enough in concept go further watered down by subtlety and pacing issues, and a lack of originality that ultimately render the final product underwhelming, if not forgettable, but not to where you can completely disregard an intriguing idea's being done enough justice by a rugged visual style, some biting direction, and strong performances - especially by Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy - to make Rodrigo Cortés' "Red Lights" a fairly entertaining and often tense thriller with bright spots for every shortcomings.

2.5/5 - Fair
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