Reine Geschmacksache (Fashion Victims) Reviews

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½ July 21, 2010
This was a cute movie, in a very German sort of way. It helps if you watch it while physically in Germany, in German. Sort of like eating German food, I guess. Karsten is just too cute, in a naive virginal sort of way, so it's pretty easy for him to be taken in by the slick, handsome Steven. Plus, there's the fact that his home world has turned to shit - Dad's raided Karsten's college fund and is losing his mind, hair, wife and sanity; Mom's being stalked by a lesbian while planning a Help Russia venture; and Karsten had to miss his summer vacation in Spain with his 2 female friends to drive his dad who had his license suspended. Fairly run-of-the-mill so far, right? So Dad's competition turns out to be the same guy that Karsten has the hots for, and not just mere competition, but the man who's ruining his business. Dad's been cut off at the bank too making matters even worse.
But, it's all cleared up in a very 'It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World' sort of way at Brigitta's Pensioner. Piece of cake.
It's a fun movie, and just seeing Karsten almost naked is worth it all.
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