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Was Maher afraid he might muddy his clownish jape if he actually brought into the mix a learned theologian?

October 6, 2008 Full Review Source: Christian Science Monitor | Comments (15)
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Gabriel Campbell

The thing is, a "learned theologian" doesn't actually know any more about God than a plumber or a postal worker.

Oct 6 - 06:10 PM


Matt Heckler

I believe he interviewed the leader of the "Human Genome Project." Pretty learned.

Oct 7 - 07:16 PM


Edward Stymest

Molecular biologist with religious beliefs =/= Theologian (much less "learned")

It's crucial to understand those two qualifications are discrete and not mutually inclusive...

Jun 26 - 12:08 AM


Gregory Howard

You can tell this is a great movie, look at the box office, ohhhh uh forget about it. It isn't even topping an American Carol LOL!

Oct 11 - 01:08 PM


Colin McIntosh

First of all calling someone a "learned theologian" is completely idiotic. What, do learned theologians know more about the idiocy of religion than normal theologians?

Second of all, Maher had Dr. Francis Collins, the leader of the Human Genome Project, in the film. You must have been taking a bath break during that part.

Oct 12 - 10:01 AM


Tyler Runde

Dr. Collins = PhD in Genetics, not theology or philosophy. Even if you do take his time on screen as expertise Maher really only had Collins and the Vatican Astronomer as his only intelligent interviewees. A vast majority of this film was spent going after easy targets, it hardly created a base for his ending statement. It's a decent film and I would recommend it to anyone who already has their mind made up.

Oct 12 - 11:52 AM


Ed Myob

A "learned" theologian?

Learned in what? Fairyology?

Theology - fantasy in search of a rationale.

Oct 17 - 06:20 PM


Ed Myob

Maher only goes after the "easy" targets. Well,
the easy targets represent
millions of True Believers all over the world.

Who would the "tough" targets have been? Perhaps someone like
the founder of Domino's Pizza,
who swallows God in a holy wafer.

Oct 17 - 06:37 PM

Tommy H.

Tommy Hatcher

That's a good point. Most 'Christians' seem to not really think about what they believe in. Going after someone who isn't an 'easy target' wouldn't be representing the majority of Christian believers, or the majority of any religion.

Sep 15 - 11:20 AM


Biff Henderson

This reviewer has simply missed Maher's point. Religion is an irrational system. A "learned" theologian is no less irrational than the more amusing crazies that Maher interviewed. When you base a system of values on irrational beliefs, there is no consistent way to excuse the fanatics for the benefit of the moderates.

Oct 19 - 07:31 PM

Tommy H.

Tommy Hatcher

LOL Yeah, this is a good example of Christian ignorance. I agrue with people about religion on youtube sometimes and I get the same responses. Just insults and nothing more. 'Muddy his clownish jape.' Real mature there, dude. And what would a learned theologian (is that an oxymoron?)have to say to disprove his disbelief? Don't forget, the first half of that word is THEORY, which means a belief with no absolute proof. And also don't forget that the purpose of the movie isn't to just mock religion, it's to stop the evil and war of religion, which isn't theory!! When a Christian kills a gay person 'for God' that isn't a theory, it's a real and terrible thing.

Sep 15 - 11:18 AM


Edward Stymest

"Theory" implies taking intuitive leaps to an absolute postulate. Otherwise you'd also call Einstein an idiot along with every "theoretical" physicist who ever lived. And, why in the world would you base any generalizing view from youtube? That place brings the worst impulsiveness and irrationality from people who pretend to be professional on a subject.

Jun 25 - 02:10 AM

Caleb Maillet

Caleb Maillet

was that Vatican priest he interviewed not knowledgeable enough for you. or did you just hate what he had to say? the truth of the matter is you could find the best imaginary historian (or theologian) in the world and he would still just be talking out of his ass.

Mar 30 - 08:35 AM


No Name

That's not really a valid criticism. I think it's unfair to review a movie by what it didn't do, and I think that Bill Maher's methods have no impact on the quality of the film.

Jun 1 - 07:06 PM


Edward Stymest

I think it should because it's a documentary, which strives to present a case. Specific methods in an experiment can produce very biased results, which leads to a manipulative documentary. For now I'll postpone my accusing of Maher doing that but this is just something that's vital to understand when viewing something that advertizes itself as a persuasive argument.

Jun 26 - 12:11 AM

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