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About half of the movie works in its snide, hit-and-run way. The other half throws more and more darts at the same balloon, long after it pops.

October 18, 2008 Full Review Source: Chicago Tribune | Comments (10)
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Ted Jones

"This is squirm humor, wrapped in a dire polemic. No less than the evangelical Christian extremists and Islamic jihadists who come under attack in %u201CReligulous,%u201D Maher foments an apocalyptic vision of the planet%u2019s future. %u201CReligion must die in order for mankind to live,%u201D he concludes, flatly."

It doesn't take a genius to see what Christian extremists vs Muslim extremists leads to. Maher keeps this film entertaining while Philips review seems intentionally to over intellectualize. He calls it "cheap shots ". Perhaps Maher should have talked more about catholic child molestation and dealt with Crimen sollicitationis ?

Nov 14 - 12:05 AM


Naz Kikta

And what exactly would be your definition of a Christian extremist? The ones who formed the Red Cross, or the ones who are helping out with homeless shelters?

What is your basis for equating a Christian fundamentalist with a Muslim one?

Dec 31 - 09:26 AM

dan n.

dan norcott

Enayze... durrr.

1) A sensible person's definition of a christian extremist could be anything from a creationist to one of those idiots that bombs abortion clinics, with many grades of cretin in between. Ted haggard.

2) He didn't equate them, you clearly can't read, he just mentioned them both. You don't seem to think they exist.


Feb 5 - 12:09 AM


AJ Specia

What would be MY definition of a christian extremist?

Well, possibly the Lord's Resistance Army, the Christian organization in Africa that goes around killing anyone who refuses to convert to Christianity.

In fact, their converting tactics are almost identical to muslim extremists.

Feb 9 - 02:18 PM

Tommy H.

Tommy Hatcher

But that's the thing, the balloon hasn't popped. Religious people are so in denial about their rediculous beliefs that even the fact that he spoke of the same criticism over and over again, it still had no impact on the religious. And that's just my opinion!! Yes, I'm an atheist, that's my belief. You say: I can't prove it, I just know there is a God. And I say: I can't prove it, I just know there is no God. My faith is the nonexistence of God. I pretty much believe in what Bill Maher believes. I always have. I consider myself a rationalist too, and my philosophy is: I don't know.

Sep 15 - 11:03 AM

Buddy Evans

Buddy Evans

Shut up man, who cares. Its his opinion. Who cares, the movie is good but he interviews the stupidest people in the world and argues with them.

Jun 21 - 10:55 PM

John L.

John Lockwood

"throws more darts at the same balloon, long after it pops."

Im pretty sure i saw a statistic the other day that 1/3 americans believe in adam and eve.

(the balloons not popped, fag)

Oct 9 - 08:29 PM

Aimee Weide

Aimee Weide

I think people forget that you don't have to be brainwashed to have religious sentiments. Bill Maher is too much of a dick for his point to be valid. You have to have a lot of faith to be an athiest.

Jan 28 - 08:19 AM

Dale Dullnig

Dale Dullnig

I'm afraid that I watched it, and the only "dickiness" I saw was him challenging dangerous beliefs that are normally taboo to discuss. Bravo, I say.

"You need faith to be atheist"? One could find that offensive... but there are multiple types.
While explicit atheists may have good intentions, explicit atheism is somewhat self-defeating because it, like religion, requires faith... Only a small shift to implicit atheism is required to correct this.

Also it's so easy to see which of these critics are religious or not.

Apr 14 - 06:45 PM

Daniel Forth

Daniel Forth

Give me a break Phillips.

Mar 6 - 03:17 AM

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