• R, 1 hr. 41 min.
  • Drama
  • Directed By:
    Darren Aronofsky
    In Theaters:
    Oct 6, 2000 Wide
    On DVD:
    May 22, 2001
  • Artisan Entertainment

Critic Review - One Guy's Opinion

Requiem for a Dream is meant to have a hallucinatory, mesmerizing quality, but it manages to be about as enlightening as a bad acid trip.

July 24, 2006 Full Review Source: One Guy's Opinion | Comments (15)
One Guy's Opinion


Ciaran -.

Ciaran -Cerb

Yoiur review shocked me to say the least. This film is a both powerful and thought provocing, depicting with great development and style the spiral of drug abuse can have. I thought the performance and transformation of the mother was real enough to be oscar worthy. To say that the montages are repetitive is a style and if you don't have the patience or the capacity to understand the progression of the sequences as the increase in intensity I ask, why be a film critic. Maybe its because its not typical Hollywood linear sequences that you do not understand it, in which case go buy your popcorn and coke and watch something 'proper' films, such as fast and furious, so you can let turn your brain off and let the film mouth food you shallow plot lines.
Enough said.

May 23 - 05:00 PM

Vince Vaughn XD

Vince Vaughn but not really

some people have stupid opinions :D

Jun 11 - 11:00 AM

Max L.

Max Linnemann

Yeah I think it is a poor review. I think the critic%u2019s main gripe with the movie is its inevitability, in being a downward spiral. But why does the fact that we know exactly where the film is going have to ruin it? The writer looks towards the camera work and cinematic effects for a way of making the film "feel better" to watch... to allow them to critique it. But it's not necessary as you're supposed to feel awkward and god awful through the whole thing. Not everyone%u2019s cup of tea - I'll grant you... but what an impact it makes. Right to the core. Oh yeah - and I think the camera work was excellent. (Just my 2cents however).

Jun 11 - 08:41 AM

Juliana L.

Juliana Leal

Hahahaha. I'm sorry your life sucks, Frank.

Feb 11 - 07:27 PM

Blue Velvet

Bucky Bossier

Poor Frank.

Mar 30 - 05:39 PM

Sean S.

Sean Sandberg

You sir have obviously never done acid.

Apr 20 - 04:19 PM

Rob H.

Rob Hansen

well everyone here has already said it all. you clearly haven't done acid and from what you've said here I'd say you haven't seen this movie either. A harrowing story told in the most effective way possible, sealed by Clint Mansell. IDIOT!....GOSH!

Dec 28 - 01:20 PM

david c.

david cooper

thank ggod its only one mans opinion.

Aug 29 - 04:05 AM

Ben O.

Ben O

Your review is like a shit stain on society. You have lost all my respect. It was one of the best movies iv ever seen and i find your review rather shallow and pedantic.

Sep 21 - 01:51 AM

EunJun C.

EunJun Choo

This film is my favorite movie..... Fuck off Frank for giving a fucking shit review to a masterpiece.

Nov 25 - 08:52 AM


Raul M


Dec 7 - 02:59 AM

Bob McBobson

Bob McBobson

A bad acid trip is EXTREMELY enlightening if you're only smart enough to pay attention

Jan 12 - 11:49 AM

Alan Bellchambers Rbe

Alan Bellchambers Rbe

The worst thing about this and every drug movie I've seen is that it says and knows nothing about drugs. It couldn't even get its facts right. The eyes do NOT dilate with heroin use,they do the opposite. I wish these phoney filmakers would do their research properly and stop presenting us with their second-hand representations of what they think something is like. It's worse than a bad acid trip,it's a pretentious movie-makers ego-trip.

Apr 10 - 03:53 AM

Andrei Kazatchek

Andrei Kazatchek

I think they did a wide array of drugs, not just heroin. Except in the car, at the end...

Apr 15 - 05:19 PM

Tim Stratton

Tim Stratton

Why do you have to know about the specific physical effects of heroin in order to make a movie showing the horrific effects of it? Wouldn't it be enough to have a drug addict in your family that you watch disintegrate into nothingness? Isn't that enough? Idiot

Oct 22 - 11:24 PM

Sugandh Singh

Sugandh Singh

Frank Swietek is an IDIOT!

Apr 12 - 02:36 PM

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