• R, 1 hr. 41 min.
  • Drama
  • Directed By:
    Darren Aronofsky
    In Theaters:
    Oct 6, 2000 Wide
    On DVD:
    May 22, 2001
  • Artisan Entertainment

Critic Review - San Diego Metropolitan

Unfortunately, about halfway through, the film takes a (deliberate) nosedive into the depths of human degradation from which it never emerges.

July 6, 2010 Full Review Source: San Diego Metropolitan | Comments (10)
San Diego Metropolitan


Brandon W.

Brandon Whales

Unfortunately? That's kind of the point. what did you expect from a movie about drug addicts if not degradation? would it have been better doing anything else?

Oct 9 - 10:13 PM


Amanda Morris

I know right? 'Cause drug addiction always has happy endings. Dumb critic.

Oct 12 - 12:48 PM

doofy d.

doofy doofus

crybaby. boo hoo not everybody loves this stupid POS movie

May 16 - 01:42 AM

Alex Allen

Alex Allen

That's the truth of the depth. There is no fairy tail ending for many drug cases. In a movie sense, overcoming it would be awesome. But the ending scene where him and his mother (both dead) say they love each other is the happy ending your seeking. It's irony though because it couldn't be conveyed while they were alive but thats the world we live in. Homeless people have stories too and no close relatives, it's disgusting but probably so intriguing if it was fleshed out.

Nov 20 - 06:46 AM

Kyle Thurman

Kyle Thurman

Except I'm pretty sure they aren't dead at the end. The ending sequence is a day dream seen through the eyes of the mother

Dec 14 - 09:25 AM


Jeremy Kotora

They aren't dead, but for the sake of the point Alex A is trying to make, they may as well be. So you're both right. And this critic is wrong.

Jan 26 - 11:35 PM

Casey Hamilton

Casey Hamilton

The movie is about the character's degradation, you closed-eyed fuck.

Dec 21 - 01:30 PM


Edward Stymest

That's the point....

Feb 14 - 09:49 PM

Matthew Nguyen

Matthew Nguyen

im not going to even bother read the full review. i mean, how could i/why would i want to when his brief statement doesn't even make sense in any shape or form? ITS A MOVIE ABOUT DRUGS AND ADDICTION, not a cliched love story.

May 6 - 03:47 AM

Tim Stratton

Tim Stratton

Where did you think it should have gone when the very first scene of the movie is Harry stealing his Ma's TV set to sell for a heroine fix?

Jun 22 - 10:01 PM

Nathan Christensen

Nathan Christensen

She states that its deliberate, for people who may enjoy this critic, she is being completely accurate and helpful to them. Some people want different things out of stories and/or movies.

What you all accuse her of, is (ironically) essientally the same idea, that by criticizing this comment, you are all now are guilty of yourselves.

A movie can take a nosedive into degradation and still beautiful art and a critic can make an accurate point, which she found distasteful and non the less still be a good critic

Aug 16 - 10:36 AM

Abram Martinez

Abram Martinez

Lets just cut the shit and state the obvious....The " Ass to Ass" scene just kind of ruins it for people...fair enough.

Nov 2 - 03:34 AM

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