• R, 1 hr. 34 min.
  • Horror
  • Directed By:
    Alexander Witt
    In Theaters:
    Sep 10, 2004 Wide
    On DVD:
    Sep 4, 2007
  • Sony Pictures

Latest News on Resident Evil - Apocalypse

July 16, 2008

Resident Evil 4 in the Works Opens in new window

Lost in all the hubbub about that Lost Planet movie yesterday was the news that Capcom is working on a fourth installment in the Resident Evil saga. More...

July 1, 2008

Anderson Calls Resident Evil 4 "A Possibility" Opens in new window

He's still trying to come up with the right story, but according to Paul W.S. Anderson, talks for a fourth Resident Evil are under way -- and "there's a possibility it might happen." More...

October 30, 2007

Resident Evil Enters CGI Realm Opens in new window

Good news, fans of the Resident Evil films: Sony and Capcom are teaming up to continue the series. Sort of. More...

September 20, 2007

Ali Larter Gets Spoilerific On Resident Evil: Extinction Opens in new window

Ali Larter talks Resident Evil: Extinction and drops a few spoilerific tidbits about the fate of the survivors, including the demise of a certain key character! More...

September 20, 2007

Box Office Guru Preview: Jovovich vs. Alba in Multiplex Mayhem Opens in new window

Jodie Foster will find herself in the middle of a catfight over the number one spot this weekend. The star of current chart-topper The Brave One will face challenges from Milla Jovovich's new action sequel Resident Evil: Extinction, Jessica Alba's romantic comedy Good Luck Chuck, and the Amanda Bynes college laugher Sydney White. More...

August 13, 2007

Milla Jovovich On Resident Evil And Her Ultraviolet Beef Opens in new window

Meeting Milla Jovovich was the highlight of RT's visit to the set of Resident Evil: Extinction, and not just because the impish actress is as energetic as a live wire. She also spilled tons of info about her character Alice and story points from the upcoming sequel, and spoke candidly about her disappointing experience making last year's Ultraviolet. Read on! More...

August 8, 2007

Set Visit: Resident Evil: Extinction! Opens in new window

It was a midsummer day in 2006 that Rotten Tomatoes got the call to drop in on production on Resident Evil: Extinction, and what a tantalizing invite that was. Resident Evil fans, prepare yourselves: our preview (with some spoilers) is ahead! More...

July 31, 2007

Nasty New Red-Band Trailer for Resident Evil 3 Opens in new window

I've said it before and I'll say it again right now: I dig Resident Evil. No not the second one, you lunatic. My passion for cheeseball cinema only goes so far. But I dig the first flick enough to look forward to the third flick, despite the (wide) opinion that the second flick sucked eggs. Horror geeks are funny that way. More...

March 5, 2007

Fehr Not Returning for "Mummy 3" Opens in new window

While we await word on whether or not Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz will be returning for the second "Mummy" sequel, we have a little news on someone who definitely won't be returining: Oded Fehr. More...

February 21, 2007

Teaser Time for "Resident Evil: Extinction" Opens in new window

Say what you will about the "Resident Evil" flicks, but they sure are advertised pretty cleverly. Then again, when the best thing you can say about a movie is "the teaser trailer sure was cool," there's definitely a problem. More...

December 29, 2006

Capcom Aiming to Bring More Video Games (And More "Street Fighter!) to the Movies Opens in new window

Yeah, it's a pretty disrespected sub-genre, isn't it: the video game adaptation. And for good reason, I suppose, what with "Super Mario Bros.," "Double Dragon" and Uwe Boll among its achievements. But that's not stopping Capcom (creator of "Resident Evil," among many others) from taking a few new chances. More...

December 18, 2006

"Resident Evil" Series to Go "Extinct" After Third Flick Opens in new window

When the producers of the third "Resident Evil" movie called their flick "Extinction," they weren't kidding! Looks like the series will end up being a trilogy and nothing more ... maybe. More...

October 20, 2006

First Shots of "Extinction" Hit YouTube Opens in new window

Madly in love with the "Resident Evil" series? Simply cannot WAIT for the third installment, "Resident Evil: Extinction," to hit the screens next September? Well, good for you: A pair of behind-the-scenes videos have recently hit the interweb. More...

September 20, 2006

"Smallville" Escapee to Star in "Resident Evil 4"? Opens in new window

The third "Resident Evil" flick is still under production, but that won't stop the casting rumors on "Resident Evil 4: Afterlife" from pouring in. Let's just say that those who've watched "Dark Angel," "Smallville," and "Supernatural" might enjoy this news. More...

September 10, 2006

Box Office Wrapup: "Covenant" Leads Pathetic B.O. Frame Opens in new window

Tumbleweeds blew through North American theaters this weekend as movie fans forgot that there were films playing at their local cinemas. For the first time in three years, no film managed to generate at least $10M in weekend ticket sales. More...

July 28, 2006

"Resident Evil: Extinction" Has an Arrival Date Opens in new window

Considering the flick's nearly finished production, I half-expected "Resident Evil: Extinction" to hit theaters sometime in early 2007, but IGNFF informs us that, nope, the third entry in the hotties vs. zombies series won't hit screens until next September. More...

July 6, 2006

Oded Fehr Discusses the "Mummy 3" Possibility Opens in new window

While chatting with the IGN FilmForce folks on the set of the next "Resident Evil" flick, actor Oded Fehr spilled a few early beans regarding a new "Mummy" sequel that might be happening. The key word here being "might." More...

June 30, 2006

Check Out Milla's New "Evil" Pic Opens in new window

Big fan of pretty girls and zombies? Then you probably already dig the "Resident Evil" franchise. (Well, the first flick, anyway.) IGN FilmForce has snagged an early pair of "RE3" pics that are heavy on the girls and light on the zombies. For the combo, we'll probably have to wait until "Resident Evil: Extinction" hits theaters next year. More...

June 28, 2006

Familiar-Faced TV Actor Joins the "Resident Evil" Brigade Opens in new window

Even though the flick is already in production, that won't stop "Resident Evil: Extinction" from adding a new cast member if necessary. The newest addition to the series' second sequel is veteran TV actor John Eric Bentley, who'll be playing an evil Umbrella employee tasked with tracking down Milla Jovovich's Alice character. More...

May 10, 2006

Larter to Join the "Evil" Brigade Opens in new window

Seems like every day we get a new casting report from the third "Resident Evil" movie. First we heard that Milla Jovovich and Sienna Guillory were returning, and then came word of Ashanti joining the party. If that's not enough of a hottie ensemble, please welcome Ali Larter to "Resident Evil: Extinction." More...

May 9, 2006

Ashanti Joins the "Resident" Gang Opens in new window

Pop-star Ashanti will join zombie-killin' hotties Milla Jovovich and Sienna Guillory in "Resident Evil: Extinction," which the actress / singer refers to as the "trilogy finale." More...

April 17, 2006

"Resident" Regulars Line Up Opens in new window

Variety reports that both Oded Fehr and Sienna Guillory will join Milla Jovovich and return for Resident Evil: Extinction, the second sequel in a series produced by the genre-centric Paul W.S. Anderson. More...

February 9, 2006

"Highlander" Helmer to Tackle Third "Resident" Entry Opens in new window

Aussie filmmaker Russell Mulcahy, best known for directing the cult classic "Highlander" and its widely detested sequel, has been tapped to direct "Resident Evil: Extinction" for producer Paul W.S. Anderson and leading lady Milla Jovovich. More...

November 8, 2005

Anderson and Jovovich Sign On for "Resident Evil 3" Opens in new window

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson and actress/model Milla Jovovich will be returning to the undead well once more with "Resident Evil: Afterlife," which is the third feature film to be spawned from the well-regarded video game series. More...

October 20, 2005

RT Critical Consensus: "Doom" Gloom, "Country" Sounds Sweet Opens in new window

This week at the movies brings stories of marines on Mars ("Doom"), iron miners fighting the man ("North Country"), little girls who love horses ("Dreamer: Inspired By a True Story"), and questions of human identity ("Stay"). Which of these films will score with critics? More...

December 10, 2004

Paul W.S. Anderson Talks Resident Evil 3 Opens in new window

In an interview with Now Playing Magazine, director Paul W.S. Anderson tells the magazine what he would like to do for the next "Resident Evil" movie should there be another one: "The third movie I always saw as kind of a sequel, or a postscript, to the videogames, set slightly after the time of the videogames." More...

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