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½ June 6, 2008
One of my vices is the Resident Evil series. For what they are they are fun!! Love em.
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September 28, 2007
A change of pace for the third film as we move outta urban settings and weapons/laboratory facility type settings for the open desert. Yep Resi Evil goes for the 'Mad Max' look complete with heavily armoured vehicles including the good old petrol tanker, you just can't go wrong with a tanker in your desert based fantasy flick.

The image of Alice being more of a elemental/supernatural type superhero is enforced more in this new film after we learned how badass she was in number two. A motley band of survivors once again are in deep doo doo being attacked by hundreds of ravenous crows (crows in the Mojave desert?), until Alice pops up and saves the day by scorching all the crows to a fiery death with the mind powers she learnt from Professor X.

The plot is just like all the other films, a small group of survivors in a different setting, getting taken down one by one, until only Alice and maybe two others remain for the next sequel (where those two normally get killed off early on). I quite liked the idea of Alice roaming the Southwestern US outback looking for supplies and survivors but stumbling across crazy killers that like to watch people get eaten by zombie dogs. You could totally see that happening in the US with all those religious nut jobs over there, real 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' type folk in the sticks over there.

On the subject of zombie dogs, why are they always rottweilers? what has happened to every other type of dog? is there some kind of special sale on zombie rottweilers?? cos they are everywhere!

Actually this film felt somewhat muted and not as action packed if you can believe that. Looking back over all of the films this one definitely has a slightly slower pace, less interesting characters and less action...apart from the usual mass of gunshots to zombie heads. On the other hand the visuals seem more realistic (deserts always seem to look good on film) and the zombies look good, grittier. The sequence where the main bad scientist guy tries to domesticate a captured zombie harks back to the classic 'Return of the Living Dead' zombie franchise (third film), nice touch.

Despite a more straight tone as it were, this film does suffer from not being quite the ballistic overdrive of action the rest are. It almost doesn't quite fit within the franchise really but I liked the fresh location. The whole film does feel a little bit of an anti climax though, the finale with the mutated creature sums that up pretty well, but as usual the setup for the next sequel intrigues.
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½ June 9, 2010
After the disappointing Resident Evil: Apocalypse, this third entry is a well crafted Sci Fi action horror film that erases the mediocrity of the second film. This is a very different film from Apocalypse, yet it continues the saga effectively well, and makes it an entertaining and must see film for fans of the original movie. The film has its flaws, but it relies on its action and zombie carnage to deliver something to the viewers looking an entertaining hour and a half to kill. This is not a film to watch if you're looking for a great story and memorable performances, Resident Evil: Extinction is a movie that is pure entertainment value from start to finish and this one has what the second one lacked, well executed action and less tongue in cheek moments. I felt that this entry had a more serious tone than Apocalypse, and it was a more worthy addition to the series. This is a well made movie that is one of the better films in the series. If you've enjoyed the first one, you're sure to enjoy this one. Extinction has a good amount of action and horror to appeal to genre fans and despite its questionable performances, this one is guaranteed to give fans a good time. Extinction improves on what Apocalypse lacked in terms of an interesting story and good action. There are also enough good elements here to appeal to common horror fans and Resident Evil: Extinction stands on its own as well as a good zombie film. Sure there are aspects that don't really stand out, but there's plenty here to enjoy and make this one worth seeing. As far as I'm concerned, Extinction did a far better job than the second entry in the franchise and it most certainly offers an exciting treat for fans.
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½ September 2, 2012
The first time I watched this was in the theater, and I fell asleep. I found it to be boring, pretentious, and just overall not a very good movie. Now revisiting the movie, I find this to actually be a much better experience, and along with the second movie the best of the series. I really liked the way the movie looks when it's in the desert(the only thing I like when I saw it the first time), and it really pops off of Blu-Ray. Here, Alice(who has superpowers) is looking for fellow survivors, as the world has basically been overrun by the t virus. She meets up with a group in the Nevada desert, some of whom she had teamed with in the second movie. But the umbrella corporation find them, and they have to make it out alive. When this is a straight up zombie movie, it's awesome. Two words: Crow Zombies. But towards the end when again it's like guys with tentacles coming out of their face, or Alice being super powered, it's dumb and the effects are bad. Is it a great movie? No, but I don't think it's a bad movie either. It has enough good qualities to make it watchable. Some movies get better with age, and surprisingly this is one of them.
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½ June 9, 2009
Milla Jovovich reprises her role as "woman who makes sounds come out of her mouth that sound an awful lot like words." Ali Larter is "hot teen girl played by 35-year old woman." Ashanti electrifies the screen with a great performance as "girl who gets ripped inside out by 3000 zombie crows." Mike Epps is "black man with a gun and an urge to say 'aw hale naw.'" Matthew Marsden is "man who tells woman to 'RUN' while they are both climbing a water tower." and Linden Ashby gives undoubtedly the best performance of the movie by playing "good looking man with sunglasses who withholds all emotion."
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½ March 2, 2007
A very good western by todays standards and better than a few I have seen recently. Much more like an old school western like The outlaw Josey Wales. Good performances all round and plenty of action along the way.
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½ March 14, 2011
This film still did not come close to being par with the first Resident Evil, but it did improve on a few things since the second film. The film felt a bit more polished as the plot events flowed a bit better but the lack of plot and character development was not so great. The potential of this film is decent but it fails in overall quality just like the second film.
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½ September 22, 2007
What looked rather promising in the trailers turns out to be just another dumb zombie feast including every stereotype you can imagine: the party member who hides his bite and later dooms a lot of friends, the sacrifice with a bomb among the zombies and the totally mutated boss enemy. Even the action is so hectically edited and uninspired that you don't even care when characters suddenly disappear among a bunch of zombie attackers. At least every female in this film is extremely hot. While the set up is rather nice to look at it merely made me want to play Fallout: New Vegas and not revisit this weak excuse of a film.
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October 15, 2007
23/11/2010 (AVI FILE)Again not so scary since it's mostly day time and it still seems like a "Sci-fi" flick to me. Anyhow, I still enjoyed this movie and it is a lot better than the previous two that was released earlier. At least for me this movie collection has gotten better so far unlike the many trilogies and sagas that went backwards with disappointment.An awesome dose of action and a kick-butt chick with super sonic powers! Zombie birds? that's a good one but I'm still waiting for my Zombie lions and guerrillas! A pretty decent follow up from "R.E: Apocalypse" and a nice conclusion that lets us know there's more!Again I watched it as a movie on it's own rather than an adaptation of the game and it was yet another treat for my spare time. Now, bring on Part 4!!
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February 5, 2010
I loved the scene where Milla Jovovich was controlling the fire. It was epic.
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September 23, 2010
It was a little buzzkill...Cause the movie was obviouslty 20 min too short. And it's not offen I think a movie is too short. They just build up for the big final scene...and then it's just over....But the bird scene was pretty cool and Milla has a real badass angry-face. It's a pretty good movie...but I just got pissed when it just ended...
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July 26, 2010
This was really bad ass. This was definitely better than the first two movies. I usually say that these are bad movie and that they're just meant to entertain but this wasnt actually a bad movie. One reason why is that this movie isnt stupid and takes itself seriously but still fun and is semi believable. This one was really good. B+
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½ September 13, 2010
Definitely the best out of the entire series, which makes sense when it's deirected by the man who created Highlander. This definitely has some kooky elements including telekinesis, but it has a very realistic look about it and doesn't feel like just a videogame anymore. Milla Jovovich always makes the movies fun and she looks so good whilst doing so. This has a real zombie movie quality to it which the others sort've lacked. While it's not perfect of close to it, all of these movies deliver on an entertainment level.
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July 12, 2010
This girl just wants to kick zombie-ass. That's all you need to know.
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January 13, 2010
An odd Zombie movie that I feel I might be giving too much credit!
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½ March 13, 2008's more Resident Evil. If you liked the others, then you'll like this one too. Milla Jovovich is still the best thing about the series, she's sexy and show a natural affinity for doing action scenes.

The story is still an afterthought, of course, but that's to be expected. Extinction goes even further away from the plots of the games than the first two movies, but I've never had a problem with the differences in the stories between the two aspects of the franchise.

The numbers of zombies and the scope of the action have increased since Apocalypse, and the movie benefits a good bit from the extra things to look at. Yeah, it's all still mindless, but I don't think zombie movies have to be masterpieces in order to be entertaining.

Extinction fully commits itself to action instead of horror (Were the games ever really scary, either? Spooky, maybe.), and if you watch it with your expectations at a reasonable level, you might just enjoy the zombie killing and explosions like I did.
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½ June 1, 2009
Much better than the second one and twice as fun, really enjoy it! After the outbreak of the T-virus initiated in Raccoon City, the whole world is destroyed and crowded of flesh-eating zombies, and the humans keep moving fighting to survive. Alice travels alone in her motorcycle through the Nevada Desert, where she meets a convoy of survivors leaded by Claire Redfield with Carlos Olivera and helps them to fight against a bunch of zombie-crows. The group decides to travel to Las Vegas first to get fuel and supplies and then head to the decontaminated Alaska. Meanwhile, in an underground facility of the Umbrella Corporation, the evil Dr. Isaacs is researching an anti-virus to domesticate the zombies and cure people using clones of Alice. When Dr. Isaacs locates Alice through the satellite, he forges an order from the president and the troops chase Alice, while the group of survivors fights against a horde of zombies in Las Vegas.
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½ October 28, 2007
Excellent i lve the final instalment of the trilogy !!
Its better than 28 weeks later and is probably the best movie to be made from a video game to ever be made its excellent exciting and tense!!
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½ March 18, 2007
Finally a version that stays true to the game. A pulse-pounding and exhilerating film thats both compelling and contagious. It's ultra thrilling and action-packed thrill-ride. A brilliant mixture of science fiction and chilling horror. The Road Warrior meets Land of the dead. Bursting with non-stop action and great speacial effects. This is a more exceptional and better directed video-game movie by veteran horror Director, Russel Mulcahey.
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September 18, 2007
Admittedly, the extent of my knowledge of the Resident Evil canon never got past the PS1 platform and this is the first Resident Evil movie I've seen so I was a little in the dark about certain aspects of the story here. As a zombie movie, Resident Evil: Extinction started off pretty damn well. Then being a sequel of a movie based off a video game it gave way to that inevitable ongoing story, which to its credit, wasn't too hard to get caught up on. It wasn't a great story, but it could've been worse. I'm guessing if I saw the first 2 movies I'd probably have a different (as in lower) opinion of this movie, but overall I didn't mind it too much. It seemed like its star, Milla Jovovich--nice to look at, but not much else going on.
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