• PG, 1 hr. 39 min.
  • Horror, Comedy
  • Directed By:
    John De Bello
    In Theaters:
    Oct 13, 1988 Wide
    On DVD:
    Apr 27, 2004
  • Starmaker Entertainment


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Return of the Killer Tomatoes! Reviews

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Super Reviewer

February 18, 2012
Return of the Killer Tomatoes is a hilarious comedy horror film. This film stars a young George Clooney. This comedy horror film is really over the top, and everything is done deliberately. The film is pure fun from start to finish. This is the type of comedy horror flick that should only be watched by fans of these films. If you're going to expect something serious here, forget it. This film is pure cheese from start to finish. Sure the premise is stupid, but that's what makes this film so much fun. The acting is average, and is exactly what you'd expect from this type of film. There's plenty of memorable comedic moments in this film to appeal to horror comedy fans. Everything is so over the top, but it's done on purpose. Return of the Killer Tomatoes is simply a great Comedy horror flick that spoofs old school monster flicks, and other genres as well. The film isn't perfect, but it manages to be very entertaining. The best way to describe this is a mindless comedy horror flick that shouldn't be taken seriously whatsoever. This is a fun comedy horror flick that will appeal to B movie fans. The story is simple, yet it works. I enjoyed this film, and I thought that the film was a good sequel that equalled the cheesy fun of the first. There's some very funny performances here, and you'll be constantly entertained by this film, if you're in the right state of mind.

Super Reviewer

November 29, 2010
A perfect sequel to a great spoof film. Very 80s, and extremely hilarious on so many levels. If you liked the first one, you need to see this one.
Cassandra M

Super Reviewer

February 25, 2009
If you expect a serious movie you'll be massively disappointed. If, however you're expecting a comedic spoof that doesn't take itself (or it's prequel) seriously then you're in for a wild ride. It's nearly worth watching just so you can admire George Clooney's 80's mullet. There's little plot, but instead there is a series of imaginative scenes which can really make you laugh (so long as you don't try and take the movie seriously). Heartily recommended.
November 1, 2011
Ok I have no idea why this came before the 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes' but oh well. Its one of those cheesy b movies that you pretty much know what you are in for as soon as the 'lottery' guy comes on. Its goofy, silly and sort of meta at times. Oh yeah and if there's no other reason to watch it... 1 name.. George Clooney is actually in this back in the days!!! (its 1988) The movie was funny, dad & have fun watching it during a full on power outage!! But in some areas I got a little bored here & there. C
November 29, 2010
I absolutely loved this movie! It's the funniest movie I've seen all week. I especially loved John Astin as the mad scientist, he was fantastic, and the rest of the cast was great too. Everything works so well together in this movie, even the opening with the movie show works with the rest of the movie. There are many unexpected hilarious twists in this movie too. Plus we see some of the characters from the first movie in this one, as well as the very 80s recap of the original, so you'll be able to see this one even if you haven't seen the first, and a promise of another movie at the end. If you love comedy (and who doesn't) you need to see this movie!
May 17, 2008
Hilarious movie if you deny reality for awhile. One of the few movies that Anthony Starke plays the heroic lead, even with a young George Clooney trying to steal the scene. A mock Frank Sinatra song will also make you laugh. Even if you hated the first one or refuse to watch it, this will make you laugh, at least a little. The parts where Clooney would cling to Starke's coat also crack me up. I recommend it heartily.
April 10, 2008
Just like the first one, I laughed out loud lots because it is always making fun of how bad it is. And George Clooney is in it with fluffy hair.
February 4, 2008
Better than the original in every way! George Clooney gives a "killer" comedic performance back when he was young (yes he was actually young once, this is fuckin proof.) Fun times!
April 11, 2007
March 17, 2007
Probably George Clooney's first movie. It's bad acting, a cheesy story line, but it's one of my all time favorites.
February 16, 2014
One of the stupidest movies you'll ever want to see! Hot tomato babes and bad sight gags in the vein of Airplane and Naked Gun, it breaks the 4th Wall numerous times...and you'll never be able to look at George Clooney the same after this!
January 6, 2014
an atrocious movie, but it's still fun to watch if you like b-rated horror comedies.
Bailey C.
July 5, 2013
My grandparents made me watch this. A dumb-funny movie if you're into that.
Michael P.
May 13, 2013
It was fresh enough to pull itself off in my childhood 90's, not so sure it would be today but as i shall not watch, an review this from memory an enjoy that memory. Who can forget so many commercials
April 17, 2013
this movie makes me laugh so hard. give it a chance
March 27, 2013
A slightly more serious, less dragged out, but less enjoyable, sequel. There isn't really any killer tomato action outside flashbacks from the first film. The cast is alright, but the characters are just corny. The last 25 minutes has the most funny parts, but I didn't laugh a lot throughout the rest of the film. Better quality, but not as fun as the first.
Fuzzy Tomato
March 23, 2013
Hilarious movie, but not the best in the series.
February 11, 2013
So 80's, ridiculousc comedic spoof ! Didn't watch the first one, I watched this one because of Clooney and after a friend's recomendations. Just watch it for fun !
January 31, 2013
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the produce aisle... The killer tomatoes are back, and this time they have been transformed into vicious tomato-men in another vile attempt at world domination! It is up to a new group of heroes to stop Professor Gangreen before the streets run red. John De Bello and company return with their first goofy follow-up to the campy cult-classic, bringing back more of the same inane humor and kooky characters from the original along with some silly new gags. John Astin and Steve Lundquist join the cast as the crazed professor and his hunky assistant Igor in a pair of hilariously off-beat performances that account for much of the film's success. While the bad puns and ridiculous visuals often encase the film in B-movie cheese, RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES shows flashes of brilliance in the tomato-smuggling scenes and the conspicuous product placement that is used to keep the film afloat. De Bello even pokes fun at the movies, themselves, as he breaks the fourth wall to reveal the cheapness of the production on several occasions. RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES sets the tone for the two remaining sequels, and ranks highly amongst B-movie fans for its unashamed attempts at absurdity.
June 24, 2012
Ontzettend slechte, maar super grappige film met George Clooney in de hoofdrol.
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