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The zombies are back and they're really having a jamboree this time in this blend of terror and comedy. After Julian (John Keefe) escapes from the zombie lair in Necropolis, he and Jenny (Jenny Mollen) discover a canister of a strange chemical compound they mistakenly brought back with them. Julian and Jenny give the powder to their science-minded college pal Cody (Cory C. Hardrict) to analyze, hoping he can figure out what it is. However, while Cody identifies the stuff as Trioxyn-5, he gets the none-too-clever idea that it would make the perfect basis for a top-shelf club drug. Tweaking the compound and calling the product "Z," Cody is soon distributing the new drug all over the campus, unaware that in time it will turn its users into brain-chomping zombies. Can Uncle Charles (Peter Coyote) help Julian save the campus before it's too late? Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave From the Grave was produced in tandem with the fourth film in the series, Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis.more
Rating: R (for strong violence/gore, sexuality, nudity, drug use and language)
Genre: Horror
Directed By:
Written By: William Butler, Aaron Strongoni
In Theaters:
On DVD: Mar 20, 2007
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John Keefe
as Julian Garrison
Peter Coyote
as Uncle Charles
Claudiu Bleont
as Aldo Serra
Ricky Dandel
as Coach Savini
Mihai Gruia Sandu
as The Mortician
Aurelian Surulescu
as The Guitarist
Dan Bordeianu
as Frat Boy 1
Eduard Opaski
as Fat Gouged-Eye Zombi...
Diana Vladu
as Roommate
Maria Roman
as Serenity
Nicholas Marino
as Mr. Jones
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Ellory Elkayem, you were so good at comedy in "Eight Legged Freaks"-what happened?!

Full Review… | May 26, 2011
Cinema Crazed

It's cheesy and squirrelly, but at least it's not wretched. If that sounds like the faintest praise with which I can damn something, it's meant to be.

Full Review… | April 25, 2010
Antagony & Ecstasy

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The final film? well who knows but this isn't as bad as I've read and its certainly no worse than the fourth film ('Necropolis'). Basically the same plot lay out with the deadly toxic gas again being mistreated and lost, although this time its turned into a drug which was an interesting twist.

Its still pretty dumb though really. The students find these barrels of toxic gunk and decide to test them?! They discover that the chemical have the same type of effect as ecstasy when taken orally...sort of. It actually makes you foam at the mouth and spasm! none the less they name the drug Z for the zombie-like effect it has on a person. Then guess what? they start extracting the chemical, putting it in pill form and selling around school...well that's not totally illegal and dangerous now is it.

Apparently you're only suppose to take one pill at a time but guess what...I won't even finish that. So before you can say holy squelching zombie balls...there are zombies everywhere.

The story does follow on from the last film and has the same surviving cast members which is good but for some reason they don't seem to know what the gas is or what it can do as if the last film never happened. Yet this film does follow on from the last for sure as the characters all have the same names.

I suppose they may not have seen the canisters in the last film but its still a bit odd, never the less the film plays out much the same as before with people going down one by one as we head towards the rave finale. The makeup is spot on just like the previous films and looks nice n slimy, nothing too new looking but it all works and does the job plus the Tarman zombie (or another version) is back and looking sweet.

I think this film also gets back to the humour aspect of the original two films which is good and in my opinion makes it worthwhile and a fitting addition to the series. Even thought the entire premise is absurdly ridiculous...but I guess that also harks back to the classic 80's originals.

Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer

If you're a fan of the first Return of the Living Dead movie, please don't watch this one. You'll loose ten years of your life from aggravation. The film is supposed to be set in the United States, but was actually shot in Romania and most of the actors' accents are worse than Jurgen Prochnov's on a good day. The Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis won't even qualify as a "good bad cult movie" 20 years from now. Parts 2 and 3 were already pretty bad, but this one is just embarrassing. Trash, Suicide and even Julie Walker will roll over in their graves. I wonder if the makers have even bothered to watch the first three films. Unlike Romero's walking corpses, the Return of the Living Dead zombies are not supposed to die when you shoot them in the head! Nor do they give speeches or box. The movie does have one thing going for it, though: it proves that all those B actors they got playing KGB agents in cheap 80s crime flicks got their accents right after all.

Cassandra Maples

Super Reviewer


Corny and incredibly dumb, Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave is a monotonous horror-comedy that overdoes the comedy. A pseudo-sequel to Necropolis, the story follows a group of college kids who discover a barrel of Trioxin and (mistaking it for ecstasy) turn it into a street drug that causes zombieism. The series continuity issues are glaring and the switch to a comedic tone doesn't really work. Delivering neither scares nor laughs, Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave is a pointless entry into the franchise.

Dann Michalski
Dann Michalski

Super Reviewer

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