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April 14, 2011
A cute, entertaining yet forgettable animation with too many clichés and whose charm lies on its exuberant visuals and an exotic (but clichéd) composition of a Rio de Janeiro full of samba and colors. It is only sad though that the story is so conventional and never goes beyond ordinary.
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½ April 15, 2011
Sweet and innocent all around, "Rio" is the type of kids film that usually only comes around once or twice a year, and is both equally for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Although the feel of the picture is very childish, but the heart and motives behind each character, whether or not it is an animal or human, feels very genuine. The story follows one of the two last Blu Birds in the country, and they must be united to birth new life into their species. Many lessons will be learnt for kids and many emotional moments and adult humour will be shared for adults. It's not groundbreaking animation, but it is beautiful to look at as always, and it's a very fun film to boot. I will remember this short a sweet story for years to come, and recommend it to families of all ages. "Rio" is a lot of fun!
michael e.
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May 10, 2012
Rio follows the story of a blue macaw named Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), being the last of his species who is taken to Brazil to mate with another found female Blue Macaw named Jewel (Anne Hathway,) to restart the breed of macaw. The two are somehow kidnapped and discover that they are going to be sold for a major fortune. The two escape after the kidnappers bird Nigel (Jermaine Clements) accidentally takes his eye off them for too long. Now the two birds have to learn how to get along and find there masters and restart the race of Blue Macaw.

Rio has probably some of the best animation I've seen in a while. This animation seriously matches up with Illumination studios and Dreamworks, and that's saying a lot from the people who made Ice Age, Robots, and Horton Hears a Who. The colors and lighting in this film really do shine and make this probably one of the most vibrant looking animated films I've ever seen, and in 3-D this film just looks incredible and just pops out. The animation and lighting for the musical numbers also pop and look just as vibrant and colorful as say Cats Don't Dance, or even some Disney movies like Oliver and Company.

Now in terms of animated films voice acting is one of those delicate things that has to be held with caution. Now animated films have done poorly in terms of entertaining me when it comes to the voice acting, *FLAME SHIELD* such as Happy Feet, with some of the most annoying singing voices and voices i've heard in an animated film. Or Hoodwinked Too Hood vs. Evil, which has probably the most obnoxious villain voices in the world not to mention one of the worst and most obnoxious animated film plots of all time. But thankfully, Rio doesn't fall in this category in the slightest, in fact without a lot of these voices, I couldn't see this film doing that well. Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Will. I. Am, Jamie Foxx, Jermaine Clements, George Lopez all do incredible jobs, and without these voice actors, the songs in this movie would be nowhere near as good as they were. Each voice was picked very well and just match these characters very well, unlike the Blue Sky movie Robots, which many of the voices just seemed to be picked due to how popular these actors were and not due to how well their voices suited the characters and were just flat out annoying and forgettable performances *CoughHalleBerry CoughPaulGiamatti.*

Now the musical numbers.....MY GOD!!! This movie has probably the best original soundtrack I've ever heard in a film in my entire life. The energy, the lighting, the vocals, they just are all blended together perfectly in these musical numbers and truly just match the environment in this film and just look and sound incredible. Special mention to my favorite song in the film being hot Wings done by Jamie Foxx and Will. I. Am.

The sheer look and energy put into this musical just show how much effort these animators put into this film and how much effort that Foxx and Am put into this song and how much fun they clearly had working on this. Also Anne Hathaway already being a great singer does a great job singing with Jesse Eisenberg who up to this point hadn't had little to no singing experience. The only real song I didn't like was surprisingly Nigels song, done by Jermaine Clements. The main reason I find this shocking being the fact that Clements is well known as being one of the lead singers in the duo singing group The Flight of the Conchords, and does have professional singing experience and has for a while, but his song just really annoys me and I don't really see much of a beat in this song. But other than that song these songs are the best I've heard in a film in a while if not of all time.

Overall Rio is like its music, beautiful, entertaining, colorful, and well sung. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves vibrant musicals or just fans of animation in general, you will not be disappointed.
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½ April 17, 2011
a standard, well drawn kids movie that parents would never watch alone, but wont mind sitting through from time to time. decent humor and an entertaining story.
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July 25, 2012
This is a solid family movie. Eisenberg and Hathaway do good jobs and the story will keep children entertained. There is a little here for adults, but don't count on too much and you won't be sorry.
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July 26, 2012
The film was quite amusing and the music was well done, but somewhere along the line I wondered whether or not the story of an owner being reunited with a pet was a story that really needed to be told again. Also many moments verged on the cliche.
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April 3, 2011
A good colourful, bright, funny film for everyone to enjoy. Technically very good animation, a good voice cast and music. It's not a standout film like ice age or Finding Nemo but still fun.
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January 28, 2011
When the first time I watch the trailer for this movie, I know that this movie could offer a lot of fun but of course there's a little doubt about that.. But after I spent about one hour and a half watching this movie, I can say that 'Rio' truly offers me a lot of fun while watching it.. The story is simple, do not need to think about it but just enjoy the fun that this movie offered.. And the song, they all really make me want to move my body especially Real in Rio which is also nominated for Best Original Song in Academy Awards..
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½ October 26, 2011
"Rio" takes the simple cliche' of all the other cartoon movies without the believability behind it. You've all seen it: "Protagonist is thrusted into an environment he's not used to and is forced to tag along with a girl that is the complete opposite of himself but then they begin to develop a relationship. Just when the relationship is gonna blossom, they end up in a fight, but once her life is in grave danger, he hits an epiphany that she is the love of her life so he musters up courage to go back to get her. They reunite after the villain's death and they live happily ever after." It's an entertaining formula, no doubt, but "Rio" tries too hard to follow that formula but you don't see the actual chemistry develop. The main characters fall in love when there doesn't seem to be something stirring up, these birds befriend the protagonist for no apparent reason, and the relationships do not seem genuine. But I'll had "Rio" this: the visuals was absolutely stunning... wow -- super colorful and vibrant. It was an entertaining movie and the comedy really works not only for the kids but for the adult's as well. "Rio" was a good time but follows the formula for the formula's sake, not for the character's sake.
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February 11, 2012
Filled with over saturated, vibrant color, Rio is a visual spectacle to behold. The storyline however is a tired tome that holds the film back from becoming something magical.... Or in other words: Pixar.

Telling the story of a young Blue Macaw (unimaginatively named "Blue"), the film gets off to a promising start with a musical samba reminiscent of the Tiki Room at Disneyland, penned by famed Brazilian Sergio Mendes (you probably have to be of a certain age to have any connection at all to his hit making machine "Brazil 66").

We witness the capture of a fledgling Macaw who is transported for sale to Minnesota where he is taken in by a young girl. The scenes showing their bond and home life are very sweet and humorous, and it's only when the rest of the humans, especially the dorky Brazilian bird expert show up that the film loses a bit of luster.

What drives the story, as the bird expert explains, is that Blue is the last remaining male Blue Macaw and there is only one other of their species left - fortunately a female. This is a bit of a hard fact, and of course is totally glossed over in this feel good film aimed at the under 12 audience - to the point that the villains of the piece are buffoon caricatures who are nowhere near as vile as they should be. I imagine that after this film there was probably a rush at exotic bird stores as the little kiddies wanted a blue of their very own - similar to what happened when 101 Dalmatians was first released... which misses the point entirely.

However, social commentary aside, the film does have some nice points to it, including some hilarious characters - first and foremost a slobbering bulldog voiced by Tracy Morgan. The story also has a villainous bird, with a delightful upper crust Brit accent and a gang of small monkeys who rob tourists of their bright, shiny things. After introducing the monkeys the villainous bird tries to coerce their aid in finding the then missing pair of macaws. When the lead monkey, using a gold watch as a bling belt, asks what's in it for him, the bird snatches him up, high above Christ The Redeemer, and then drops him, casually drifting down as the monkey falls and asking himself rhetorically "gee, what could I offer you in return for your services?" Too funny!

Once the monkeys are on the lookout more hilarity ensues. When one spies the macaws, he whips out a stolen cell phone and texts back to the leader, who is sitting on another cell set to vibrate (uh huh, you got it). When he finally pulls out the cell phone he looks at the screen to see the text: "ooh, ooh, ah, ah" - gotta love it!

The climatic chase scene through Carnival unfortunately involves the humans, and while visually stunning, seems to go on a bit too long (odd in a film with barely an 80 minute run time) - and in the end, well.... What do you expect?

Of course you could do much worse as far as animated "kiddy" type films go, and I'm going to recommend this one for the humorous bits and the beautiful eye candy, though I'm still cringing at the lukewarm, feel good relationships between not only the macaws, but the girl and the bird expert - which fall in direct contrast to the more real, love/hate relationship between the Toucan (voiced by George Lopez) and his wife.
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August 24, 2011
I have always been of the mind that if a movie makes you laugh out loud, when penned as a comedy, it has done its job. Well Rio certainly made me laugh out loud, quite a lot too. The all star cast did not hinder the humour and the musical numbers were catchy and seamless. The deeper meanings behind this movie were also well thought out and provoking. A brilliant all rounder, that chose its cast well and its story better. An instant classic for the animated movie shelf.
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August 15, 2010
Rio is a stunningly colorful animated movie with a wacky sense of humor that will greatly appeal to kids but will probably only be mildly entertaining for adults (think Madagascar).
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October 28, 2011
I just didn't see any comedy in the works, it was all just too sloppy, well let's hope the children liked it.
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April 5, 2011
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½ July 8, 2011
Hmmmmm. I expected better. It definitely had several laugh out loud moments, but not enough for me. It was cute, but I for one was a little disappointed.
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April 13, 2011
A fairly generic kids movie with a simplistic storyline and typically wacky characters. The animation is good, especially the array of colors shown and the music is nicely done. Both will keep younger audiences entertained throughout, but adults might find themselves twiddling their thumbs because we've seen this all before and know where it's going.
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½ December 16, 2010
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Tracy Morgan, Rodrigo Santoro, George Lopez, Jake T. Austin, Carlos Ponce, Bernardo De Paula, Wanda Sykes, Jane Lynch, Will i Am

Director: Carlos Saldanha

Summary: When a cooped-up macaw named Blu leaves the confines of his birdcage behind for the tropical climes of Rio de Janeiro, he's forced to wing it and re-examine everything he knows about life -- and being a bird.

My Thoughts: "Rio is a cute, funny, charming film with a sweet love story. The character's are a lot of fun and so is the movie. The film is entertaining for kids and adults alike. Visually the film is quite beautiful with all the great colors floating through the movie. Great music too. Definitely one everyone can enjoy."
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½ August 30, 2011
Jewel: Aw, this is great. I'm chained to the only bird in the world who can't fly! Is there anything else I need to know? 
Blu: Yes. I can't fly, I pick my beak, and once in a while I pee in the birdbath! 

"Join the party!"

Despite being a really good looking animated movie, I really didn't enjoy Rio all that much. When a movie is about 30% music and the music isn't that good, there's going to be problems. The voice cast left a lot to be desired. I did, however, like Eisenberg, Hathaway and Mann. But putting George Lopez's annoying voice in the movie was a horrible mistake. Then they compound that with an even more annoying Tracy Morgan, even if it is a small role.

The movie is way more annoying than it is funny. I could definitely tell when it was trying to be funny, but I only ended up laughing once or twice and those were chuckles at best. The movie has it's likable qualities, but never really sets itself apart from all the other animated children's movies. But it is sure t entertain kids, so I guess that's enough if you are a parent.
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