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½ September 5, 2010
I hate westerns, which isn't the only reason I hated this movie, it's just so boring and slow, I couldn't stand it.
September 29, 2015
The conflicted characters make it worth seeing.
October 4, 2011
An outstanding western with a great cast. It's Jim Brown's debut and he's memorable. Richard Boone's Lassiter is more irascible than usual, with good cause. Edmund O'Brian's performance as the Rebel officer who's come slightly adrift of his senses is spot on.
½ January 15, 2010
I found that Rio Conchos was entertaining. It is an action packed flick about a man who lives for killing. Richard Boone was awesome in this movie. The supporting cast is also excellent. The script is good and so is the director, Gordon Douglas. Rio Conchos is recommended to who like an action packed western.
December 26, 2009
This movie is awesome! I dont understand the haters....just because a film does not have John Wayne and an overblown budget does not mean its not entertaining and well written.
Richard Boone excells as always, Jim Brown makes his debut,
Stuart Whitman in the lead, what more do you want? No cliches, just a great movie.
½ November 26, 2006
Very ordinary western, but I am not much of a western fan, so if you are you may well liuke it much more. I thought a number of the sets were very phony looking and was not thrilled with any of the acting, I found most to be overacting. So so story, seemed longer than 107 minutes.
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