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½ October 28, 2010
Best Music Documentary of 2010!
July 29, 2010
Rise up is a beautifully done documentary filmed in Jamaica over five years . Our film maker follows 3 struggling musical artist to Rise up out of the underground of the Jamaican music scene . Jamaica produces more music per capita than any other country in the world . Each artist is at a different part of there career is is trying to get ahead in the business as with there talents . Keymoy is a young country girl with a voice of a angel , who just started to realize her talent thanks to some major producers . ICE , is a uptown youth with a dream and drive who gets a chance of a lifetime , thanks to some good contacts . Blows a great opportunity to make a impact in his career . Turbulence is a artist thanks to the director of this film , who gets to make his dreams come true . They each struggle to go to the next level or find some understanding what it takes to become a star. There is a downside to these beautiful story , we get caught up in Keymoy's story and find her at the end with raising her child and not following her talents to what could be . I applauded the film makers on this wonderfully made film and they really captured Jamaica and its beautiful people
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