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The central problem with Rise of the Planet of the Apes is that it feels more like a piece of something larger than a complete motion picture.

August 4, 2011 Full Review Source: ReelViews | Comments (16)
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Alsan Ali

If only someone would make a series out of this!

Aug 4 - 12:30 PM


Mar Jeez

Funny you liked Captain America.. which is exactly what that is.

Jk, to each his own. I do hope they make a new series out of this because I think a lot of people are going to dig it and hope for more.

Aug 4 - 01:23 PM

Sean Kautenburger

Sean Kautenburger

Wait..Is that because its a prequel hmm. Sometimes I wonder if you watch the movies you rate.

Aug 4 - 01:29 PM

Eric Agricola

Eric Agricola

not a prequel. a reboot=reimagining. Big difference. But i see where your coming from. To think this is a stand alone film is well....retarded

Aug 4 - 01:49 PM

Jin Juice

Jin Juice


Aug 5 - 01:05 AM

Jin Juice

Jin Juice

@ Eric A

James Franco during an interview confirmed they're working on a sequel, and he's part of I'm hoping this turns into a great trilogy.

Aug 5 - 01:07 AM


Nate 2709

Like every other movie ever made that's part of a series, how many Harry Potter movies felt like stand-alones? None.

Aug 4 - 01:34 PM

Steven S.

Steven Smith

The Harry Potter installations were sequels. If Rowling decided to somehow re-boot the series, then that reference would make sense.

Aug 4 - 09:16 PM


Val Mordas

"The central problem with Rise of the Planet of the Apes is that it feels more like a piece of something larger than a complete motion picture.".

Uh, yeah - because it is. It's an addition to a larger story, duh.

Aug 4 - 02:04 PM

Mykul Wilyams

Mykul Wilyams

it is part of a larger picture; it explains in realistic terms and not sci-fi terms how the movies 30 years ago began...viral infection is common everyday stuff and no telling what could happen with the crap the CDC has

Aug 7 - 05:29 PM

Kendall Christianson

Kendall Christianson

Hahahah. Whatever you say james. Whatever you say.

Aug 4 - 09:12 PM

Eric Ridl

Eric Ridl

your retarded

Aug 5 - 03:13 PM


Barry Anderson

Two words and you couldn't spell them correctly? Not to mention your misuse of the word retarded. I'm guessing I'm wasting my time and you are incapable of reading this. Sorry.

Aug 10 - 04:40 PM

bob  j.

bob jones

oh god the irony

Mar 20 - 12:55 PM

tim k.

tim k

Really? I was surprised at how well it worked as a stand alone movie. I agree with the 2.5/4 rating, but I lean more towards a tomato.

Aug 21 - 10:38 PM

Transik S.

Transik Sebator

Oh, there's more wrong to it than that.
It continually dumbfounds me how reciprocally stupid American culture can be. Can it really get any worse? This movie is Carrie with hairy humanoids.

Sep 22 - 09:51 PM

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