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Tthe movie has some plot-point missteps. But it seldom puts the brakes on a story that moves toward a furious ape-human rumble, not in a jungle, but atop the Golden Gate Bridge.

August 5, 2011 Full Review Source: Denver Post | Comments (10)
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Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee agrees with you!

Aug 6 - 05:58 AM

Kyle Barton

Kyle Barton

The movie was horrible, there was no war until the last 20 minutes of the movie. the plot that they pursue threw the commercials are all false It is a boring movie half of the people in the movie theater were falling asleep half way threw the flick i give it a total 4/10.

Aug 6 - 10:02 PM

Jacob Furuya

Jacob Furuya

When was any Planet of The Apes movie focused on war alone? This movie is called the "Rise" which clearly means pre-war. Wait for the sequel to make a judgment like that.

Aug 7 - 07:40 AM

Kaitain J.

Kaitain Jones

This was...a movie theater full of children?

Aug 14 - 06:45 PM

David G.

David Gee

Kyle, between your obvious ADD and inability to write a coherent sentence, you might want to not post here anymore. And don't watch Saving Private Ryan because those 30 minute gaps with no war will have your ADD screaming.

Aug 17 - 04:35 PM


Timo H

Obviously you did not understand the movie at all. Please watch Transformers 3 but do not rant Rise for not being a non-stop-boom-bang-action-blockbuster-with-no-brain-and-heart-but-a-lot-of-explosions-film. 'Rise' is more for the intellectual people.

Aug 23 - 07:15 AM

???? ???????

???? ???????

Sorry Kyle B, any critic who doesn't like a movie due to lack of action doesn't have any idea about what he or she is talking about. Movies are not just CGI's and action scenes. Learn a thing or two before trashing a movie like that. The emotions on the face of the apes and their distinct characteristics give a different perspective, and make this apes movie the best one yet. Please don't bring in the 1968 version into this conversation. this movie is more than just a sci fi flick.

Aug 25 - 01:41 PM

Tommy H.

Tommy Hatcher

Sadly, I know a lot of people, and I'm sure there's a lot more out there, who would agree with you. That's why you don't see many movies like this being made these days. I thought the movie was great and I hope to see more like it in the future.

Sep 14 - 12:58 PM

Kevin Sun

Kevin Sun

Sorry to inform you but maybe before you dedicate your time to critiquing on such a prestigious review site, you should get over your silly 8 year old fantasies of every movie having an action scene coming at your face at 15 second intervals. You fail to understand this movie is a more dramatic remake of the esteemed classic. The makers of this movie even try to remake the movie so it is easy to comprehend for teens and children, and yet you still say it was dull. What more could you want in such a great movie? Personally, and no offense, but the apes have a higher intelligence level than you do, and you should kindly escort yourself to the adjacent theater that is playing Terminator 4.

Feb 3 - 09:46 PM

Cole Luskey

Cole Luskey

Hey Kyle B, how can you expect a war? the movie was about how they get TO the war, it never said there would be a war, there never will be a war, if you paid attention at all you would have seen how the humans eventually wipe themselves out. That's the whole point

Aug 7 - 07:44 PM

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