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..cannibalizes famous images and lines from all the "Apes" flicks, which is cute until the evident lack of new ideas becomes tiresome.

August 5, 2011 Full Review Source: Metro Times (Detroit, MI) | Comments (12)
Metro Times (Detroit, MI)


Paul G.

Paul Grady

this guy sucks,.this film was as a=original as it possibly could be,..I wish this guy had better ideas so we could all watch them,.of course he doesnt,.so he turns into what he really is,.a guy really unhappy he has a small penis

Aug 6 - 02:23 AM

Andi Milhomme

Andi Milhomme

Some critics just want to sound smart. This movie was really engaging and fun to watch. At least we got to watch something different

Aug 6 - 10:23 AM

allister w.

allister w

"some critics just want to sound smart?" Jesus, well Andi you don't have to worry about that yourself.

That said, I would try at least to give Mr. Hall a smart argument, since the film , while hardly perfect, is better than the sum of its parts.

Aug 6 - 08:36 PM

Cristoffer Sarabia Lopez

Cristoffer Sarabia Lopez

well duuuuhhhh is "Rise" of the planet of the apes it has to have similar things because from this movie the others will proceed , is showing you the origins of why those things are in the following movies... i havent watched the original movies but i can make the assumption that the window on Caesar's room, will be like their emblem or something...

Aug 6 - 01:50 PM

Vince Vaughn not really

Glenn Vaughn

do you have a new awesome plot?
get dat shit made

Aug 6 - 03:48 PM

Jonathan Singleton

Jonathan Singleton

This movie never became tiresome. The story developed perfectly and the action scenes were pretty stunning. You should watch it again. ^___^

Aug 7 - 01:00 AM


Gregory Bevier

He makes it sound as if the movie is nothing but a rehash and amalgamation of all the previous "Apes" movies. Not even close. This movie is FULL of new ideas. Watch the originals again and then watch this one. Just because the "damn dirty ape" line is in it that means it wasn't original? It's called "paying homage."

Aug 7 - 04:24 AM

Robert Larkin

Robert Larkin

I thought is something other than "paying homage". The hose scene was a reversal of the original movie in which Charlton Heston was the victim of a hosing down and the re-use of the famous line he uttered when captured by the apes in that movie was an excellent use of attaching the movie to the series from which it is derived.

Aug 7 - 12:07 PM

Robert Larkin

Robert Larkin

Personally, I enjoyed the references to lines from past "ape" movies. They were timed perfectly and fit the situation. I'm not sure what people who didn't like this movie are looking for in a movie. Great CGI - a compelling story with a compelling, non-human character who manages to get your emotional attention and some fabulous action scenes and an explanation of HOW the apes became intelligent and what happened to the humans. What MORE could you ask for from a prequel?

Aug 7 - 12:04 PM

Mykul Wilyams

Mykul Wilyams

why dont this asshole that reviewed it post a face so when can see what idiots look like?

Aug 7 - 05:30 PM

Nancy S.

Nancy S

I guess the homage to Roddy McDowell went over you're head. There were so many times in the film when I could see his eyes and the facial expressions Roddy had made in the original films and TV show. The entire movie was enjoyable and brought tears to my eyes several times. They did an incredible job from start to finish and I can't wait to see the next one.

Aug 10 - 09:58 PM

Christian Sufitchi

Christian Sufitchi

i know... they used apes...again! (rolls eyes) how predictable is that? Origin story FAIL roflmao

Aug 13 - 10:41 PM

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