Incoherent cheesy confused movie...

This movie was weak. So little in the film worked. The CGI on Caesar worked, but not the CGI in large chunks.

The plot made no sense. What were the apes doing?? Throwing a tantrum? Freeing all the apes? What for? What about the apes who were at the zoo and didn't get the one dose of IQ powder? How did they know what to do? (How does one does of IQ power give apes a biogeographical knowledge of a city they've never seen?) What were the apes gonna do in the woods? Kick it? How were they gonna eat?

How did James Franco have access to any part of the film he needed to be in? The lab? The primate center? The bridge? The woods?

How come Caesar was so smart...but so stupid? What was he mad at James Franco for? Why was he so mad at people, but when he went on a rampage, kept telling apes not to hurt people? What exactly was it he wanted? I dunno.

This film was lazy, weak, the acting sucked, the script sucked, the CGI was ok, but who cares?


Andrew Kafoury
12-2-2012 05:29 AM

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Jackson Schaecher

Jackson Schaecher

It's a PotA movie. lol... you're way too hard on it.

Jan 2 - 02:10 PM

Andrew Kafoury

Andrew Kafoury

I know, I got all mad. haha! I had no life that night.

Mar 5 - 04:25 AM

Marc Cerone

Marc "Cerone" Chaudry

Well guess what, you've got a chance to get high again when the sequel is out -_-

Aug 13 - 08:42 AM

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