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September 11, 2012
A casual dialog is fine but when you try too hard at a casual script, you get cheese.
½ June 22, 2012
There comes a time in ones life where they seem to watch things over and over and over to the point where everything new has been done once,not twice but three times before....this wasn't one of them. Yes there is alot of cliche in this film,but has music and charm nailed down to a T. Great performances and chemistries in this film taking it from the less boring typical route and kinda blending in alot of humor and heart into the story. Don't want to really spoil it or talk to much about it but I was impressed and this is no lazy ass Alpha and Omega clone.
December 2, 2011
Wonderful animation that brilliantly combines the beauty of 3D with the cartooniness that we all miss from 2D.
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April 21, 2011

Jugal Hansraj to Chuupa rustam nikla. The very first 2 D Bollywood Piece of Candy supported by Disney. I never ever thought Jugal Hansraj was so talented. I have feeling this guy never ages. He still looks like 27 something. lol

One of the Disney guy said, they were really impressed by the Idea.

What I most liked about this Movie were many quotes which Jugal picked from great Bollywood Classics. One of them was from.

"Amar Akbar Anthony."
Aisa to Admi Doeech life time baagta he: Olympic ka race ho, ya Police ka Case.

Not to Mention the great voice of Saif Ali Khan as (Romeo) and Javed Jaffrey(Charlie Anna)

This Movie is NOT only for Kids, Adults will laugh their socks off as well.

It was even so fun to watch the making of.


Last funny line after credits
No animals were harmed during making of this Movie, cannt say about the Crew though!
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April 22, 2011
Bollywood is out with Disney! It was not a bad Movie, but it was not Original as well.
Jugal as a writer, never thought, but I guess he needs to come up with Original Ideas, still credit for him that he made the script funny.
March 28, 2010
i thought i knew all disney movies. but i never heard of this movie before!
½ October 12, 2009
this movies was funny
September 8, 2009
Good to see a animated Bollywood film out there and a good one at that to.
½ August 7, 2009
this movie was funny
February 9, 2009
it's a hindi cartoon !!! i have to see it !!!
December 16, 2008
dat movie si so cute man + funny
December 2, 2008
woow i was lovely ...kareena n saif did a really great job it mwah
November 29, 2008
ohhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i c why ha
November 26, 2008
such a cute movie because dog love is very cute. my favorite par was the beginning of part four awwww
½ November 8, 2008
Charlie Annna very funnnnyyy! Dog Romeo so good.
October 19, 2008
OK but the story could of been bit better actually a lot :]
November 1, 2008
Cute, funny, and a total must watch for entertainment! A bit roughly directed though
½ October 31, 2008
it is a wonderful movie
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