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Robin Hood Reviews

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May 27, 2010
Having been heavily panned by the critics, I entered this film with low expectations. And while this film is flawed, it is certainly not for the reasons given by the reviewers. The first half is a beautiful action period piece with superb performances all round. Unlike Gladiator, here Scott fills his film with actual substance: a sweeping, complex plot, interesting and likable characters, and well shot action sequences. Where the film falls apart, however, is the second half, where a complex plot becomes increasingly convoluted and any sense of causality is thrown out of the window. The realistic gritty setting which he has established begins to unthread as the three central plot strands are tied together in highly convenient and implausible ways. It is in this quagmire that the original story gets lost and Robin Hood ceases to be a folk hero for his own sake and instead becomes a list of checkboxes to be ticked as he moves from scene to scene fulfilling the various roles required of him by different interpretations of the myth. And so a film which began as a self-proclaimed gritty historical drama descends into an almost farcical mess of cliches. The production of this film was riddled with indecision and as far as I am concerned this is very much reflected in the final product. It is still a good film, much better than Gladiator or, for the most part, Braveheart. But when the Lambs do become Lions, they don't quite compare to the reputation preceeding them. 7/10
January 27, 2014
Boring, dry, flaccid entry for a bright, spritely hero
Just James
June 22, 2014
An overlong, bloated, uneventful bore of a movie, Robin Hood opens with promise but quickly descends into a journey of talkative drama. Russell Crowe seems to have left his charisma at home and brought in a monotone voice, making for a rather bland interpretation of the hero. Cate Blanchett does her absolute best with what she's given, and most of it's standing around cleaning out her farmhouse and riding a few horses in a few fields, how has an Oscar winning actress been reduced down to a small role, or maybe should I ask what Blanchett saw here?

Ridley Scott's scale is present but not merely for long enough. The opening attack on Chalus castle is rather cool, the size of the army, the bows flying through the air in the hundreds and men charging against the castle doors, it's signature Ridley Scott action, one that leaves you jaw agape at his ability to immerse you in his epic battles, and once the flames erupt in this sequence you truly get the feeling this Robin Hood will be an entertaining epic with gripping storytelling but no, one decent action scene is not enough. The cinematography is undeniable gorgeous, sprawling beaches, forestry and looming castles look great, and there's a great action shot of Robin Hood looking down the bow aiming his arrow, water dripping off it, and then he fires. There's thought and craft for the sets and camerawork but nothing else.

Along with A Good Year and Body Of Lies, Robin Hood joins those two as Scott's weakest films, they barely measure up to Gladiator, American Gangster or Prometheus and worst of all, they commit the sin of being absolutely boring.
July 29, 2013
When I first heard about this I thought really!? Do we need another Robin Hood movie? But I don't think this story has been told before. It's essentially a prequel and I liked this version revealing how and why the "Robin Hood" of lore came to be. It's a solid movie; production value, attention to period detail, cinematography, the epic battle scenes -including hundreds of extras. It's all very good. Russell Crowe is believable enough even though he has very little dialogue (and is a bit old). I liked Cate Blanchett as Marian and their romance held chemistry. Max Von Sydow was just awesome, stealing every scene and I also liked all the sub characters, his "merry men" (the guy from Great Big Sea) friar Tuck and the baddies. There are some really great battle scenes, in particular the final one on the beach against the French. My only issue here was that it took on a very D-Day (Saving Private Ryan) feel, complete with the landing boats, and underwater shots of whizzing arrows and sinking bodies, the only difference being all the horses, swords and chainmail armour. 6/6/14
June 9, 2014

- 'Robin Hood' is a 2010 action-adventure film by Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner), based on the legendary figure. The story has a different approach than the other films about Robin Hood and that makes it both interesting and confusing. There are a lot of action scenes, but none of them really blew me away. The battle at the end of the film got me thinking I was watching a film about D-day. It was entertaining, but I'm unfortunately no fan. With Russel Crow (the Gladiator, Noah), Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth: The Golden Age, the Lord of the Rings trilogy), William Hurt (The Village, Vantage Point), Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes, John Carter), Oscar Isaac (Drive, Sucker Punch) and Max von Sydow (Shutter Island, The Exorcist).

When King Richard Lionheart dies on his crusade, archer Robin Longstide (Crow) and his friends Will Scarlett, Allan A'Dayle and Little John decide to head home. On their way the find one of Lionheart's knights, Sir Robert Loxley, dying after being ambushed by royal guard and traitor Godfrey (Strong). Robin promises Robert to bring the King's crown back to England, and Robert's sword to his father, Sir Walter Loxley (von Sydow).

Robin and his men deliver the crown to Richard's brother John (Isaac), who is now the new king of England. But unlike his brother, King John is cruel and orders that everyone must pay him taxes. Much to the dislike of his adviser William Marshal (Hurt). Robin continues his quest as he seeks Sir Walter to bring him the news that his son has passed away. Fearing the upcoming taxes, Walter asks Robin to take on the identity of his son and doing so being a husband to the goodhearted Lady Marion (Blanchett)...
June 5, 2014
It is not Gladiator but, a nice film. I liked the changes made to the story which added something to the story that everyone knows. I cared about the characters and believe that it had great casting. I enjoyed the grittiness that it had. Not much to say about it aside from that but, it was very entertaining!
May 30, 2014
I still have no idea how a Robin Hood movie can be this boring.
January 22, 2013
¿Robin Hood o Gladiator?
May 9, 2014
I remember this film being long but fun when I watched it. The opening was really exciting. And someone got an arrow in the neck. That was cool. Can't remember a lot else :/
May 3, 2014
Probably Ridley Scott's weakest production. It isn't bad per se', but it isn't going to move you either.
Sgt. Cockstrain
October 31, 2013
Feels like they tried so hard to add historical accuracy into the story which in the end is pretty pointless as the man in question didn't really exist, so why bother? For the most part this is very well made and worth a look, but the over-long length, not that great battles and general lack of fun make this not the ultimate Hood film Mr Scott was hoping it to be.
April 6, 2014
The point where it became noticeable that Ridley Scott had lost touch.
March 19, 2014
While I liked Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, Ridley Scott did everything he could for me to not like the movie. Such as having a dark tone, evil bald Frenchmen, and not following the original story.
March 12, 2014
I'm rating this pretty well considering I usually very much dislike stories like this. Crowe is quite charming in the role, which I found surprising.
February 19, 2014
Ridley Scott does an OK job of setting the tone of 12th century England, but the movie falls flat with boring characters and a disappointing ending. I left the theater feeling empty because I didn't get a Robin Hood movie with a good message--I got a half-assed and boring prequel, which is actually much less thrilling than it sounds.
Diego Tutweiller
January 21, 2014
Hey look, another Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe movie that's not worth your time! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, not only does Robin Hood bore, annoy, and confound me, but it also represents everything wrong with the modern filmmaking industry. For some reason, Hollywood feels the need to make Dark Knight-style "moody and brooding" adaptations of every fucking story ever, even if the result is the complete antithesis of what the original story was supposed to be. They did it with Man of Steal Your Money, they did it with Total Recall, and now they've done it again here. Because God forbid that we make a Robin Hood movie that's any damn fun at all! Sorry, Ridley Scott. It's not all good in the Hood.

Robin Hood stars Russell "Jor-El" Crowe as the titular character. You know Robin Hood, right? The merry man who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, all with a skip in his step and a twinkle in his eye? WRONG! In this adaptation, Robin Hood is a dour and depressed man who fought in the crusades for his king, who then died of Conveniently Placed Hollywood Arrow Syndrome. Returning to the town of Nottingham, he finds that the new king is a whiny little bitch, in the vein of Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator. Hmm, I'm seeing some parallels here. Anyway, through a convenient plot contrivance, Robin Hood ends up married to Cate Blanchett and running the town, robbing the king of shipments of... wheat... or something, and pulling goats out of mud holes for two and a half hours. How very entertaining.

Most of the problems with this movie stem from the actors, who (for lack of a better word) seriously don't even give a shit about what they're doing. Russell Crowe delivers his trademark generically indifferent performance as Robin Hood, and his down-to-earth approach doesn't work very well with the character at all. Max von Sydow is all right as Sir Walter Loxley, but he only has a few minutes of screen time. The rest of the supporting cast is fleshed out by typically strong actors such as Mark Strong (no pun intended) and Oscar Isaac, but neither of them bother giving the silly claptrap they're saying any life. Cate Blanchett is just there. All of these characters are thrown into one massive Game of Thrones-style story where their lives intertwine and people stab each other in the back. Yadda yadda yadda. Holy shit, how many times must I get deja vu while watching a movie like this? These half fantasy/half period piece movies are so irritating these days. They all try to be epic on a Lord of the Rings level, but just end up cramming in a load of incomprehensible political silliness in lieu of an actual plot. If you need any proof, just go to RT's page on this movie and look at the full cast. You could get arthritis from scrolling through all those unnecessary characters.

And then there's the dialogue... ugh, don't get me started. Whenever Crowe tries to give some sort of epic speech or declaration, the lines he's given to work with sound like they're taken straight from every other medieval movie ever made. "The laws of this land enslave people to its king. A king who demands loyalty but offers nothing in return." God, who cares? There are dozens of movies out there with identical plots to this. Ooh, an unjust king. What a fucking shock. Seriously, this encapsulates everything that could possibly go wrong in a movie, right down to the overly dark tone and bleak visuals. It's virtually impossible to recall a single scene from this movie, as every single one looks exactly the same: Trees and mud, more trees, more mud, people dying. Everything is so watered-down and unsatisfying, you have to wonder what kind of a sociopath could like, let alone love, a movie as uninvolving and boring as this. Oh right, Jed Groff exists.

Final Score for Robin Hood: 3/10 stars. I almost nodded off while watching this movie, making it only one of a handful of films to hold that distinction. And I'll watch nearly anything, so that's quite a feat. But really, nothing about this movie is worth your time, from the shoddy direction to the sloppy editing, the bad acting to the horrible dialogue, the obnoxiously self-important cinematography to the overpacked and muddled plot. I am so, so incredibly done with crap faux-epics that think they're God's gift to filmmaking but end up tanking both critically and commercially (and rightly so). These pretentious and laughably dull movies are the ass end of the drama genre, and represent exactly why Hollywood should take a break from "dark" and "brooding" movies for a while so they can take some time to find a new gimmick to overuse. My colleague Jeff Goldblum put it best: Say no to Crowe.
May 3, 2010
Good actors maybe good movie
Channing Tatum
January 27, 2014
Ridley Scott's Robin Hood is a unique take on the legend and offers many amazing action scenes, but the film can also feel overlong and boring with its slow plot.
May 28, 2010
my movie Robin hood son of herne is far superior with a sequel on the way
Hayden L.
January 21, 2014
The greatest retelling of Robin Hood ever made! The acting is fantastic, and so is the action. Crowe is amazing as the title character, and so is the rest of the cast. I really really love this movie!
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