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July 21, 2010
Sequel to Robocop is a mediocre outing and one that just tries to duplicate what the first film tried to do. With this film there a few things that work, but unfortunately there is a lot to be desired from this follow up. I really expected something good with this one; unfortunately, it tries too hard at outdoing the original and in many ways it copies the first and recycles ideas. The story is bland with few entertaining moments, and what this sequel lacks is an effective and memorable villain. The original Robocop had Clarence Boddicker, which was brilliantly played by Kurtwood Smith. The villain in this one, although played by Tom Noonan, who is a great actor, but simply doesn't deliver anything memorable in his performance as Cain. I really thought the film was a missed opportunity to make something truly great, and overall the film feels rushed with a paper thin script, and wooden dialogue that at times is cringe worthy. I loved the original film, but with this entry, the film simply doesn't do anything really entertaining and memorable. The ending fight was well done, but most action bits were just not interesting and fell apart. The plot was somewhat good, but it was underdeveloped and lacked a bit in terms of original content. Viewers who enjoy mindless thrills will surely love this one, but for die hard Robocop fans, they may dislike this one and with good reason. If the studio would have waited in trying to create a terrific sequel, and concentrated on writing a great script, then this sequel would certainly have worked. Unfortunately Robocop 2 and 3 are prime examples of movies that were made with no emphasis on quality. There are some decent action bits here and there, but overall this is a mediocre film that simply doesn't live up to the original. If more effort would have been put into this film, then this sequel surely would have been just as good as the original.
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August 9, 2011
Because I grew up on these movies, I liked it. Not the best acting, but still cool.
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September 24, 2007
Spot Collins from Newsies plays a murdering drug pusher 11 year old. Can't beat that. Also, Tom Noohan plays a killer robot that is fueled by drugs. And at the end, there is an epic hour long robot fight...that makes it lose some points. But in the end, this still has plenty of fun robo cop good times.
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December 30, 2006
OCP instigate a police strike in order to cause Old Detroit to tear itself apart so they can make a hostile takeover and take the entire city private. One of Frank Miller's earliest movie scripts, Robocop 2 is a bit of a strange mess of ideas, some of which work while others are just cringeworthy. Subtlety is kicked right out of the park as the inhabitants of Old Detroit are to a man, gun-toting, mohicaned heavy metal obsessed psychopaths and crimelords are drug dealing, foul-mouthed 10 year old boys with machine guns. In fact it's a classic case of a writer thinking that filling a script with swearing and violence makes it "adult" where in fact it could not be more juvenile. It also misses the black-hearted satire of the original film that made it work so well, and some of the cheesy sentimentality is just laughable. On the other hand, the parodying of underhanded corporate practices that undermine democracy and avoid legal responsibility is actually quite clever and the characterisation of Murphy who has to come to terms with what he has become and its moral implications is interesting if not satisfyingly explored. It also has a few (albeit unsubtle) laughs and the model-based effects although dated have a real old school, kitsch charm. As a whole it's very hit and miss, but it entertains on a purely nostalgic level and the producers of the Iron Man franchise were obviously impressed, having procured more than a couple of its ideas for their projects.
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January 24, 2008
Seems to be innevitable that sequels to great movies devolve into parodies of themselves in some way or shape. Not that it's a bad thing per se, Robocop 2 is a bit of hit and miss with the material, but i still had fun. Tom Noonan was perfectly used for all it's creepiness.
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April 22, 2007
Insane sequel.
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December 30, 2009
Not an amazing movie or quite as innovative as the first, but it still has all of the fun and insanity. The story got a little bit more cartoonish and the characters weren't as complex as they seemed to be in the first. In the end, it is a very good sequel and quite possibly the best direction for the series.
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September 10, 2009
Most sequels to great movies aren't very good, but "Robocop 2" is an exception. Robocop (Peter Weller) returns to rid the city of criminals. In this sequel, he's ultimately after the drug lord of the city, Cain (Tom Noonan). But the road to finding Cain won't come easy, especially not after Robocop gets torn to pieces by some of Cain's people. However, Robocop does finally meet Cain face to face, except that Cain isn't human anymore, he's a cyborg just like Robocop himself, and an evil one at that.
I don't see how anybody could give "Robocop 2" a bad rating because it's a great sequel. It has a little bit of dark humor such as a commercial where a woman puts on blue suntan lotion that has a caution reading: "Using this too much can cause cancer." And best of all it has spectacular action sequences, especially after Robocop and Cain finally meet and start fighting each other. The special effects are great, and Robocop 2 (Cain as a robot) is especially well done with all his weapons and the computer that acts as Cain's brain.

If you like great action movies or if you liked the first "Robocop," I recommend getting "Robocop 2" without thinking twice. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2001.
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April 12, 2007
Not nearly as good as the first but still fun. The brain with eye balls is quite choice.
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½ August 14, 2007
A real let down, how did they do it? the effects look awful, the baddies are poor and the story is not really effective. There really aren't any highlights here, cant understand what went wrong.
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February 18, 2009
Peter Weller returns as the low rent Terminator in Robocop 2, the mediocre sequel to the 1987 action film. This time our hero is on the trail of the source of a new drug called Nuke. Meanwhile OCP (the company that built Robocop) plan on manuevering their contract with the city into total ownership and creation of a mechanic utopia. Eventually both plots cross paths.

Robocop 2 was directed by Irvin Kershner based on a story and screenplay by Frank Miller. With a combo like that you figure the film would be a great action piece with some actual character development dealt in. You get anything but in this film. Most characters tend to be standard rehashes of the ones in the original film with the one notable exception being the young foul mouthed boy who seems to be the most ruthless of them all. Otherwise you saw it all in the first film. I was intrigued by a sub plot about Robocop stalking his widowed wife, but that runs it course in the first ten minutes. An interesting plot stonewalls into a remake.

The special effects were very disappointing. Most look like a Robotech figure with an aluminum foil covered G.I. Joe riding on its back. There are interesting computer graphics, but they're used on one of the most ridiculous looking robots ever seen. And he fires for five to ten minutes without reloading his ammo. And another thing- you would think after the big failure of a robot in the first film they would not give him in ammo in its demonstration. Oh yeah, he needs to shoot the place up for the big battle.

Robocop 2 was entertaining in a mush brain sort of way. You know it's not a good movie, but damn it I love to see stuff blow up. Bang.
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March 1, 2008
Much more better than the first film. More in depth Sci Fi Scenes and stronger character.
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June 27, 2007
A few steps down in excitement from the first, we have RoboCop (Peter Weller) going up against a crime drug gang, led by Cain (Tom Noonan) a strange head-in-a-robot life-support system. Strange that Irvine Kershner also directed this film; the story seemed long and uninteresting. I was suprised, there were NO opening titles of any sort on this movie; it just begins. Here is where I got off the RoboCop ride.
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June 14, 2007
A pretty good follow up to the original. Just as gritty and violent as the first but missing a certain spark from the first. The SFX are starting to look a bit dated now as well.
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½ February 17, 2007
Not good than "RoboCop", just different
"RoboCop 2" , the sequel to 1987's ultra-violent "RoboCop", is not quite up to par with its predecessor. The film still manages to entertain on a large level. I know that a lot of people do not like this movie, but I personally think it is still pretty good. I'm not writing a review of this movie, I am just expressing my thoughts on it.

First off, this movie is a lot more violent than the first "RoboCop". You get scenes of bloody shootings, grisly scenes of torture, and a surgery which I'd rather let you see for yourself than describe here. Paul Verhoeven does not return to shock his audience with graphic violence and ultra dark humor, which has since become trademark in his films. The director this time is Irvin Kershner, who made "The Empire Strikes Back" nearly ten years before this movie. Kershner seems to focus a lot more on action, rather than story.

Second, the movie's villain, Cain (Tom Noonan), to me is a direct opposite of Clarence Boddicker (the villain from the first film who was played by Kurtwood Smith). Cain enjoys giving people pleasure (through his highly addictive designer drug called Nuke) while Boddicker was a sadist who took pleasure in the death and suffering of others. (Though after Cain's "transformation", none of this really matters).

Lastly, this movie does not exploit children. The kid in this movie, Hob (played by Garbriel Damon) is Cain's twelve year-old side kick. He is a violent, foul-mouthed little child who runs errands for Cain. The writers for this movie did this intentionally, to show that crime holds no age barrier. Regardless of age, crime is crime.

Like I said, "RoboCop 2" is not trying to be better than its predecessor, it's just trying to be something different.
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½ February 13, 2007
This movie kicked so much ass when I was 15 but when I caught about 15 minutes of it on cable a few months ago I could only weep for the past.
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½ January 11, 2007
should have left it at 1
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December 27, 2006
I liked it.
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½ November 20, 2006
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