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February 14, 2014
Similar to it's predecessor, but more crazy, more schlock. and not as well structured (the storyline falls through about half-way). But still cool sci-fi, darkly satirical, and still containing great over-the-top violent action. A worthy, though inferior, sequel. 6.5/10
June 26, 2014
A dumbed down sequel that keeps some of satire and increases the violence, but ditches the soul and wit of the original. The clash between Robocop and robo-cain is awesome though.
½ September 29, 2014
This was always my shit as a kid but not better then the first one
½ July 15, 2012
A considerable step down from the original. The stop motion wasn't all that great either.
Cameron W. Johnson
Super Reviewer
½ August 12, 2014
"RoboCop Episode II: The Detroit Police Department Strikes Back". You know, it's corny stretches like that which probably drove Irvin Kershner to, upon completing this film, sit back and think, "Man, what am I doing with my directorial abilities?". He bailed out of that part of the film business, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's because he knew what people were going to always remember about him as a filmmaker. Man, you know that they got him this gig because he's used to working with men they had to turn into cyborgs in order to make him a stronger figure of authority. I can just see RoboCop and Darth Vader hanging out in a cantina, sharing some motor oil, or whatever it is that androids drink, and joking about how kids these days are getting wimpier, what with Anakin's kid complaining enough about just getting his hand cut off. RoboCop wished that it ended with his hand getting blown off, and I'd imagine a couple of people wish the same thing, because they were running enough risks for stupidity with just one "RoboCop" movie. Well, don't worry... that one guy left after me who still hasn't seen this film, because this sequel gets by, though not without some bumps.

The predecessor hit its share of tropes, sure, but in so many ways, it was truly original, and with this sequel, that originality has begun to expire, and it doesn't help that the narrative is, at the very least, as formulaic as the predecessor, with conventions that are harder to ignore, due to the lack of freshness, and the conformity to cheesily problematic tropes. Just in time for the turn into the '90s, this film proves to be more of a generic '80s action film than its predecessor, complete with trite dialogue and cornball comic relief, as well as action about as over the top as many narrative attributes. More so than the predecessor, this film ought to feel inconsequential as an action fluff piece, and more often than not, it is just that, but it sometimes incorporates dramatic touches which are noble, yet leave the film to take itself too seriously, at least enough to drive inconsistency in tone, and stress the limitations of the story concept. Again, on the whole, this is inconsequential action fluff, and although it is plenty of fun, with some surprisingly compelling occasions, there shouldn't be much to it, and it grows harder and harder to deny that the more the film tries to keep busy. Clocking in just shy of two hours, and therefore being longer than its predecessor, this film, to be so inconsequential, is too long, and when it isn't bloated with totally expendable filler, it's taking on ultimately expendable layers which lead to certain focal inconsistencies and wear down momentum to aimlessness, despite all of the predictability. Overblown, this film tries to be memorable, and it ultimately offer plenty of memorable, fun moments, but the conventions, cheese, unevenness and overall inconsequentiality render the final product even more underwhelming than a predecessor which let down some potential. Still, the point is that this film is plenty of fun if you can take it for what it is, and even embrace its script for what it is.

There's both too much and not much to Wallon Green's and action comic legend and first-time screenwriter Frank Miller's thin and cheesy, yet still draggy and uneven script, but as excessive as the narrative is altogether, every set piece is tight, with enough dynamicity and material to hold your attention, despite a lack of depth. If there is some humanity here, then it's found in the cast, that is, to an extent, as there is some overacting within the supporting cast, but the leads do a decent job, with the surprisingly unevenly used Peter Weller projecting a presence of authority, punctuated by some arguably unfitting subtlety to dramatic projections which are actually pretty effective. Weller helps in giving the film a heart, but at the end of the day, it is all about the fluff, and in order for that to work, this film needs to look at, not so much storytelling proficiency, but technical proficiency. Sure enough, while this film doesn't do as much as one might expect to up the spectacle of the last film, the effects, in spite of some dating, are well-conceived and flashy, helping in immersing you in this futuristic world. Of course, the technical value most immerses you in the action, which is about as solid as it was in the predecessor, with tight, dynamic staging and explosive visuals to mark heights in tension and even entertainment value to Irvin Kershner. You can see Kershner's directorial inspiration slipping with this, his final directorial performance, and quite frankly, I never thought he was an especially strong filmmaker, but he's always known entertainment value, and he sure knows how to showcase that here, with enough colorful scene structuring and attention to solid technicality to sustain, if nothing else, a fun factor through and through. This film isn't quite up to par with an already underwhelming predecessor, but I don't feel that it descends as far from the bar as many are saying, keeping up that entertainment value enough be a fun, if nevertheless inconsequential action flick.

Altogether, the film is nothing new, but it is plenty cheesy, and even then, it sometimes takes itself too seriously to keep consistent with tone, just as it's too overlong to keep consistent with focus, making it harder to deny the inconsequentiality which secures the final product as underwhelming, but lively scripting, charismatic performances, flashy effects, solid action and entertaining direction make "RoboCop 2" a fun, worthy follow-up to a classic, if also flawed action thriller.

2.5/5 - Fair
½ August 8, 2014
This is not bad, of course it isn't. I think it's a very acceptable sequel, with the Paul Verhoeven's spirit, that spirit of Black Comedy, that spirit of explicit action. I really enjoyed this film, it's a good sequel, "worthy" in my opinion.
July 29, 2014
Half man, half machine, all cop, and a very solid movie. It seems more realistic than CGI made effects.
½ August 13, 2012
It gets wonky and silly at times, but in a way it all fits with its dark comedic feel. Not as over-the-top as the first but still rather hardcore. The characters are a little more empty and the action may be pointless at times, but overall Robocop 2 is an enjoyable fun movie, but no where near the level of the first film.
½ July 1, 2014
They dropped the ball!
July 1, 2012
An okay movie by itself but in comparison to Verhoeven's thrilling masterpiece it feels much more obsolete, like it was made in the 70-s.
May 24, 2014
Nowhere as good as the original, but nowhere as bad of a sequel as it was made out to be at the time. RoboCop is back and trying to get a dangerous new drug, Nuke, off the streets. What made the original so memorable was not the pulpy story about a half-man, half-robot police officer, but it was RoboCop's inner turmoil regarding wether he was humor or machine. That an the anti-corporate satire. This film is too heavy handed in it's satire and RoboCop is really just an unstoppable Terminator in this film, reducing it to a simple comic book storyline that's not especially compelling. The film needed a stronger director like Vehoven to give the film touches, like when The ED200 blasts a hole in RoboCop's visor to exposing his very human eye, revealing a level vulnerability in a critical moment that's never dealt with in an emotional way, but really only in a superficial manner. Still, it's an entertaining enough of comic book story, plenty of terrific action and special effects and a very game cast that includes Peter Weller a RoboCop, Nancy Allen (with much better hair), John Glover and Tom Noonan. Directed by Irvin "The Empire Strikes Back" Kershnera and co-written by Frank Miller (in his first screen credit) and Walon "The wild Bunch" Green, there's an able behind the scenes crew which makes it kind of disappointing how pedestrian the film ended up being. I remember reading an interview with Green in an issue of American Film, saying how Miller's first draft of the film was filled with terrific ideas, but that he didn't have any idea how to structure a film and that's what Green was brought in to fix. There are some clever bist that I bet were Miller's doing, like a little league team robbing an electronics store or drug addicted robots, but like I said before, it's not as bad as it was made out to be when it first came out, but it's still nowhere as good as the original. Silliest of all, my favorite moment was when RoboCop goes into a video game arcade, because there are so many of those in the near future, right?
March 14, 2014
a worthy sequel to a great sci fi movie,robocop malfunctions,and a new robocop is built,robocop 2,but they use the brain of a crimminal kane to build the new cyborg and it goes on a killing spree,robocop,murphy,goes out to stop it
½ March 6, 2012
Robocop 2 doesn't match its predecessor, but it's nowhere near as bad as Robocop 3. Cain is rather forgettable in human form and although him becoming a machine is a slightly campy concept, the final duel with Robocop is still a fun watch. Child villain Hob was an awesome character in my opinion and this film actually had a better end-credits theme than the original. It's not a terrible film, it has good action and Peter weller is terrific as Alex Murphy, but it suffers from sequel syndrome and doesn't hold a candle to the original either way.
June 17, 2012
True to the tone of the original and rife with creative ideas, memorable moments, social commentary etc. The only real flaw it has is in the editing department... the film loses focus at times. Overall, a great and satisfying sequel, albeit a bit batshit crazy.
February 26, 2013
While the action scenes are gory and some of the satire is back, Robocop 2 looses track of any direction it started andfalls into a mean spirited shoot em up with no interest in plot
February 7, 2014
A solid sequel. Did it surpass or equal it's predecessor? No, but not every sequel needs to be 'Aliens'. The sequel is as loaded with the same dark satire as the original. This time the themese of privatization and political correctness are mocked but wrapped around a cop action story which pits Murphy against Cain, a Jesus obsessed psychopathic drug lord. The highlight of this film is the finally in which Cain becomes the 'Robocop 2' of the film's title, a mechanical monstrosity, which Murphy must go head to head with to stop. The fight features great stop-motion sequences which have aged pretty well.
October 11, 2010
If you believe the video game that was made out of RoboCop, it was set in the same year that RoboCop 2 was released. RoboCop is simply one of the best films ever made, and it brought me much relief from a very sorrowful childhood. Which brings me to the point I am trying to make here: anything was going to be something of a letdown. Another rebuke I would like to make of other critics of this film lies with their complaint that the movie was too mean-spirited and had too much violence. Let me quote Paul Verhoeven's commentary about the original: "the whole style of the movie is 'too much'".

The real failing of this sequel lies in the story, which is full of threads that are either resolved badly (the attempt to reprogram RoboCop with new directives) or not resolved at all (RoboCop's memories of his wife). Considering that not a single second in the original was wasted when it came to drawing the viewer into the hero's mind or building some emotional connection, the lack of sympathy one feels with even Lewis or the Sergeant is worrying. Then there's the villian. A film with a superhero, like Robocop or the Bond series, is only as effective as its main villian. Cain is not an effective villian, and gets very little development in the bargain, the exact opposite of the situation with Clarence Boddicker in the original.

The mock commercials are something of a hit and miss affair. The OCP Communications commercial was hilarious, but the Sunblock 5000 commercial was just plain tasteless. The use of children in RoboCop 2 also counts against it. There were no children in the original, reflecting the fact that the film just wasn't made with children in mind. The use of children in RoboCop 2 smacks of a cheap attempt to appeal to the children who are allowed by their parents or whomever to see the film. It doesn't work because the writers are trying to transplant adult dialogue into a child's mouth. Similarly, the attempt to transplant the manner in which the Christian Coalition think children talk into Robocop fails.

All in all, RoboCop 2 is a passable sequel, but it pales in comparison to the harsh perfection that is the original. Give it a chance because it does have some entertainment value.
March 1, 2014
É divertido e tem um que outro conceito interessante, porém mal explorado. E o maior problema é a criança. Que ideia mais retardada. Sem ela o filme seria MUITO melhor.
March 1, 2014
best cyborg vs drug addicted cyborg movie ever !
February 27, 2014
Retardado demais. Mas mais divertido que o "novo".
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