Tobey Maguire to Star in Robotech?


Michael Bay, what hast thou wrought? Last month, we discussed the impending Voltron movie; now, from The Hollywood Reporter, comes word that Robotech could be following suit. Back to Article



eric revollo

OMG! please don't do a live action movie of this. you realize that if they do the movie will suck, I really doubt they could even come close to a good plot.

Sep 10 - 07:06 AM


Matt Perloff

I'd be more impressed if they came up with an original idea with giant robots.

Sep 10 - 07:09 AM


Philipp Sokolean

Well, it can't get much worse than Transformers...

Sep 10 - 08:07 AM


Rusty Baldwin

I always liked the Scott Bernard series the best, but I assume Maguire will be looking at the Rick Hunter character. The robotech fighters have always been some of the cooliest robots. If only somehow they can capture the charm of the 80's anime.

Sep 10 - 08:26 AM


J Mangold

Oh ye of little faith. I assure you that Hollywood can certainly trump itself and make this movie a much larger abomination than Transformers ever was.

I loved Robotech, it is one of my most cherished childhood shows. From the bottom of my heart I beg Hollywood, as a whole, DO NOT DO THIS! Leave Robotech alone and go find yourselves some other bit of nostalgia to mercilessly rape. Perhaps a Teddy Ruxpin movie? Certainly there are some delicious horrors you could visit upon that!

Sep 10 - 08:31 AM


Colin Schmied

I'll only go if there's someone singing "Zoom!Zoom! My Boyfirend's a Pilot Now!"

Sep 10 - 10:13 AM


Patrick Cruz

It took rotten tomatoes a while to get this story up. Anyway, I would love to see this film. Good on Tobey, hopefully he does not change the plot way too much.

Sep 10 - 10:37 AM


Matthew Sanderson

I'm excited. Michael Bay won't be involved, after all.

Sep 10 - 10:37 AM


James Humpula

Oh, for the love of Mike! NO! Please, Toby Maguire, rethink this! To make a live action movie of an American bastardization of a cherished and beloved anime series with a rich history and mythose such as this? It WILL suck. Do not do it, please... (I think I'm going to puke... seriously...)

Sep 10 - 10:37 AM


Joel Christie

Chill out. Geez. The movie might be good. Maybe even great. And so what if it isn't? The old series will still rock. You certainly don't HAVE to watch the new movie.

Sep 10 - 11:05 AM


Brian Lorenzo


ps: don't tell Bay this is being made. he already ****ed up one license this year.

Sep 10 - 11:46 AM


sputnik 99

You complainers are...well, complaining. Wait until you see a photo-realistic Veritech fighter on screen. You'll be drooling for more just like you were for Transformers in the early days.

Good stories, even cartoons like the Macross saga, can't just sit in one format forever. Have you seen how many ways the Japanese have tried to milk the Macross saga for new cartoon entertainment? What else is left to do than to re-tell the original story, but in live-action? We can do it with today's technology. More people liked Transformers than disliked it, so maybe the same will be said for Robotech.

I love Robotech. But I'm tired of watching the same old cartoons. Give me a new thrill, Hollywood. But make sure you do your damn best.

Sep 10 - 11:46 AM


Colin Schmied

I'm curious if there going to just stick to the "Macross" parts of the series. As "Robotech" was actually three different series mashed together.

Of course with only a two hour movie I imagine you would have to stick with one part.

Sep 10 - 12:16 PM


Raymond Ogilvie

I have a great idea! Let's report on movies that at least sound like they'll be worth seeing!

Sep 10 - 01:16 PM


Shattered Hero

Robotech is so much love.

Sep 10 - 01:26 PM


colin christian

As long as there is no more redneck and hip hop east coast west coast stylin'breakdancing keeping it real yo type of awfulness we had to endure with Transformers,if that is culture today then I have no hope for the world......

Sep 10 - 01:33 PM


Bryce Marrero

what's with all the anime adaptation movie news lately..robotech? Dragonball z? Speed Racer? what did hollywood run out of comics to adapt and now going for anime.

Sep 10 - 02:08 PM


Craig Mottram

Anime is almost, if not better than most hollywood films these days. The Japenese tend to ham it up a little bit. Most animations are a little over saturated with melodramatic elements, but they do for the large part captivate the audience visually.

I've never watched robotech the series, I've only seen the shadow chronicles but it was "nice" to watch. Hollywood certainly has the technology to create lifelike robots in a real environment, so bring it on!. Oh...I have seen the Macross mini series, very good. Maybe that would be a good starting place for the live action films?



Sep 12 - 03:30 PM


Victoria Leduc

Not a good idea. ROBOTECH is a Frankenstein's monster of anime. Three animes in one. Too bad most Americans don't know that.

So, when is the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION movie's going to be made? That anime was sooooooo much better.

Sep 10 - 03:04 PM



Giant Robot movie has an interesting psychological affect in me, everytime I hear it I think, but what about Evangelion?

Sep 10 - 03:20 PM


damv bat

It would be pretty cool if it was in 3-D

Sep 10 - 05:22 PM

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