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January 7, 2016
Having witnessed the Coca-Cola fuelled high-jinks of Mac and Me earlier this week, I prepared myself for yet another barefaced rip-off in exploitation God Bruno Mattei's Robowar. I love Predator, the movie it's based on, but it's hard to tell if Mattei does too. Was it really necessary to take one of Arnie's greatest movies, strip away the budget, exciting action, tense atmosphere, tongue-in-cheek humour and any semblance of story, and replace it with cheesy music, terrible dialogue, laughable effects and crushingly repetitive sequences where the characters simply wander aimlessly through the jungle, hardly ever questioning what they're supposed to be doing? All it's good for is as the basis of a drinking game, where you and your friends take a shot whenever a scene, plot element or line of dialogue is lifted from Predator. If you make it to the end still conscious, you deserve a medal.
April 1, 2013
A blatant Predator rip off, If you loved the scene in predator where Jesse Ventura, Arnold and the rest of the scooby do gang leveled the forest with machine gun fire, you get it about a dozen more times in the Bruno Matai ripoff flick. Reb is awesome as always if he's your thing. He's so bad he's awesome, he's badawesome. If you like Strike Commando you should find this one a fun ride too. All hail to cheesy badnes 5 stars for sucking, but not letting me fall asleep.
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