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Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare Reviews

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Super Reviewer

June 22, 2013
Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare is a fun low budget horror film that is tongue in cheek, but is lots of fun due to its ridiculous plot. The film boasts an interesting idea and for the most part work well enough to keep you entertained. Overall this is a decent film that should be seen by fans of low budget cult horror films. Like I said, this is a ridiculous affair, but one that emphasizes all that's good about cheesy 80's horror. The film has its flaws and it does show up on-screen, but the amusing nature of the film makes you enjoy it all in strides. Acting wise, there never are any standout performances, but this type of film that is to be expected. The film is fun, and relies on tongue in cheek performances to deliver effective entertainment. This is not a film for everyone as it is silly, but to those that enjoy low budget horror, Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare is definitely a treat. For all its imperfections, this is a fine piece of 80's nostalgia, and if you come across it, and want to watch a fine example of truly original 80's cheese, then give it a shot. Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare is a decent horror yarn that could have been reworked a bit, but the final product that we see on-screen is a movie that represents perfectly the feel of the 80's metal scene mixed with horror elements to create a memorable low budget schlock fest that will thrill midnight movie fans looking for mindless horror fun. With effective horror sequences, a good soundtrack and interesting concept, Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare is a low budget Cult film that no horror fan should pass up.
Graham W

Super Reviewer

July 23, 2012
The greatest so-bad-it's-good film of all time. Everyone needs to see this movie at least once. Fantastic lunacy!!!

Super Reviewer

August 6, 2007
I love this movie! I became an instant fan of Thor after watching it and the documentary.
January 18, 2013
This film has gained a certain reputation within the interweb circles that I travel as a corny classic of the '80s, so I finally gave it a day in court this past October, and I have to say that it's pretty Goddamned silly but it's so earnest and trying so hard, you have to kinda smile along with it, now don't you?

It's basically a long form commercial for the lead Jon Mikl Thor's band, who go to a remote house to work on an album, only to have strange puppet creatures begin to grab them one by one.

It's silly as hell, but still a good bit of fun.

December 17, 2007
This could quite possibly be one of the worst films ever and also one that everyone needs to see. Pure retardation from the get go.
December 1, 2007
Due to the fact I can't give it ZERO! Complete waste of time. Cult favorite? This doesn't even strive to be a GOOD bad movie.
January 2, 2009
Basically this main character brought his bandmates to die so he can fight the monster. Thats what it looks like to me.
June 21, 2007
Easily one of the top five stupidest endings I've ever seen, if not number one. The rest of it's incredibly bad too, but MY GOD the ending.

It also contains evil puppets, an on-again off-again Australian accent and lots of unwelcome nudity. It's bad all the way through, but the last ten minutes are a revelation and have some even Ed Woodian elements to them. Definitely worth the price of admission.
June 19, 2007
I have to give this one four stars, definitely not for quality, but for the simple fact that few things in my life have made me laugh this much. This is easily one of the stupidest, most nonsensical, worst acted, worst directed movies of all time - but I enjoyed every moment of it. I laughed my ass of throughout pretty much the whole thing. You'll get to see such things as: an oven that's just pure evil, Jon Mikl Thor's beer gut slipping despite his best efforts to suck it in, Thor "wrestling" with rubber starfish being tossed onto him by someone off camera, a "monster" that looks mysteriously like a penis spitting into someone's coca-cola (?), and last but not least, the climactic final battle with a rubber doll of Satan. Tell me that doesn't sound like wholesome, all-American fun.
June 11, 2007
Despite all the cheese this was a great horror movie that prayed on the "Rock and Roll is the Devil's Music" cry at the time. Cameo by Ozzy Osbourne as a television preacher :)
May 22, 2013
A rock band is possessed by demons; unintentional hilarity ensues.
Graham W

Super Reviewer

July 23, 2012
The greatest so-bad-it's-good film of all time. Everyone needs to see this movie at least once. Fantastic lunacy!!!
Jason T.
January 29, 2012
Rock n Roll Nightmare is essentially one of the worst films ever created in the greatest way possible. From start to end you will be fighting back tears as you laugh the evening away. It's a surreal experience, and one I implore everybody to experience.
September 3, 2011
Three things I learned from this movie
1.)Living in Canada could be hard because of supernatural forces
2.)The 1980's never died out in Canada
3.)Canadian heavy metal actor Jon-Mikl Thor is a angel.
October 24, 2011
I became obsessed with this film after seeing the fight scene on youtube. And am now a huge Thor fan and have Rock and roll nightmare parties whenever I can
June 11, 2011
I AM THE INTERCESSOR! Jon Mikl Thor was the greatest unsung hero/talent, to ever grace the silver screen. Who else could battle rubber alien starfish with such conviction? Should stand beside Citizen Kane on AFI 100 list but Orson Welles fears Thor.
May 3, 2011
Longest van scene... EVER!
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