Trailer Bulletin: Rocky Balboa

Love him or hate him, Sly Stallone has one key thing in common with Rocky Balboa: He refuses to hang up the boxing gloves. And we have the brand-new movie trailer to prove it.

"An aging Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement, intending to fight a few low-profile local fighters. He is approached to fight a match with the reigning heavyweight champion, and soon his comeback sets off a media firestorm."

Written / produced / directed / starring Sylvester Stallone, "Rocky Balboa" opens on December 22nd.


Now it's dark

Kirby K

I as hoping he would fight the Karate Kid.

Jul 11 - 09:01 AM


Aram Jabbari

Although the following admission prompted me to immediately call a psychiatrist...

I want to see this one.

Jul 11 - 09:22 AM


Lupe DeLeon

so much for my hopes of rocky being a cage fighter in part 6...ah well, there's always part 7.

Jul 11 - 10:25 AM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

no matter no matter

I'll see it anyway, that music got me

Jul 11 - 10:46 AM


Eric Schulze

Despite the looks of this movie having terrible acting and lack of story, im still excited to see it.

Jul 11 - 11:16 AM

Blue Arc

First Last

Well, Stallone looks very fit for a man his age, and I kinda liked the whole theme music. I just might go see this. <.<;;

Jul 11 - 12:22 PM


Garrick Hollenbeck

Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh.... I'll be there

Jul 11 - 02:29 PM

I Am Remote

Robert Pilkington

What the hell. I'll see this. You can't help but root for stallone.

Jul 11 - 03:20 PM


glenn welsh

hopefully this will lead to the long-awaited Rocky VII: Adrian's Revenge.

Jul 11 - 03:38 PM

The Senhman

Senh Duong

I'll have to see this too. Can't believe Stallone's 60. The guy's still in unbelievable shape, which makes this premise remotely plausible.

Jul 11 - 08:25 PM


Harry Myland

The story is a little skiddish, and the "champ" isn't too impressive looking, but it looks more personal than the "newer" ones, and the tagline of "one final round" gave me more time baby, I'll give it to him! PHILLY REPRESENT!! GO ROCKY!

Jul 11 - 09:26 PM


Sean Ludwig

I like the fact that it looks self-reflexive and shouldn't take itself too seriously. "It ain't over 'til it's over." "What's that, from the 80s?" "Probably the 70s." - Great lines.

Jul 11 - 10:42 PM


Maynard Maleon

Adrian can't have her revenge... Adrian's dead...
Anyway I can't wait to see this...
The funny thing is... with the lack of competition in the Heavyweight ranks this days, Rocky coming back isn't quite a long shot.

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

Jul 11 - 11:16 PM


Pete Szczepanek

[b]Should I feel guilty?[/b]
Should I feel guilty that I think this doesn't look like it'll totally suck? I kinda like the idea that they've acknowledged the fact that Sly is well into his 60s...

Jul 12 - 01:45 AM


Merlin Ambrosius

The film seems to realize that the premise is a long shot. But for sports fans, it is an interesting premise. Who is the best Quarterback ever? Who is the best Running back ever? Could Nolan Ryan strike out Babe Ruth? It would be awesome to see that happen, so this isn't actually that bad of an idea. I think it looks pretty good. Of course, it's just a trailer...

Jul 12 - 06:57 AM

Aqueryan Reloaded

Andrew Bosma

What makes this 'plot' especially intriguing is that the computerized 'fantasy' fight between Rocky and [Mason] Dixon harkens back to the actual 1970 'Superfight' which pitted the real-life Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano against each other in an actual boxing ring for a simulated match in which the two legendary participants 'enacted' a championship fight according to a computer scenario. Marciano won the 'fight' but as he died shortly after filming the unlikely possibility of a real-life sequel to the virtual contest waged between Marciano and Ali never even had a chance to present itself, unlike the case in the new Rocky movie.

Jul 28 - 08:56 PM


First Last

[b]can't wait to see it[/b]
I too saw the trailer looks awsome love the music and the theme. Looks like this movie we'll lean more to the first and second style of Rocky 1 an 2 which I loved. The man looks fantastic holy cow.

Will be sad to see Adrian gone. Will nice to see Paulie and the other gang back again.

Those are hurtin Bombs!

Hurry up December 22 get here already lol

Oct 7 - 11:32 PM


dave woroner

"REAL SuperFight"


My name is David Woroner. My Father was the creator, producer & director of the original Superfight 1970 between Ali & Marciano.
I would first like to thank Mr. Stallone for treating the overall concept of the computerized fight with respect. I applaud you Sir.

I do not believe it is a far stretch at all to say that without the original computerized fight, there would have been no vehicle to tell the story as laid out in Rocky Balboa.

The Melville Group & Mike DeLisa while having a contract with myself to "manage the new 2005 Superfight", does not own the copyright to the original computerized fight that was created by Murry Woroner.

I worked equally with Mr. DeLisa to rerelease the new version, that includes a 1 hour documentary. I was listed as everything from Assoc. Producer to Producer depending upon what data base you look at.

I am proud to see my Father's work have a resurgence. I also have stated that I believe my Father was the true originator / grandfather of all opponent based computer games. It would have been nice to have seen my Fathers name on the screen, as well as my Mother and finally myself. Because I fought with the LoCongress for two years to acquire my own Father's Film.

Bottom line, I hope you enjoyed the film. I hope you will look at the NEW version, its available at amazon and many other outlets.

Again, Thank you Mr. Stallone for treating my Fathers memory with respect.
You do so by basically emulating the original story and the truest flattery one can bestow is to retell the original story in an updated format.

I also believe the film did a fantastic job at bringing the the greatest underdog story of all time to a respectful and meaningful end.
"Its not how many punches you throw, it's how many you take and move forward." < Ain't that the truth!

God Bless, David Woroner
"Quality isn't polished on, it's built in & shines through."

Jan 11 - 05:34 AM

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