Liek omg Fox to Create a Teens-Only Division

The Hollywood Reporter brings some rather bizarre news from the normally quite sensible people over at 20th Century Fox. Just like Universal has "Rogue" for the genre fans and Paramount has "MTV Films" for the aging slackers, Fox will soon create a Teen-Centric division that'll focus on REALLY separating your 16-year-old from her allowance.

"Fox Filmed Entertainment chairmen Tom Rothman and Jim Gianopulos have appointed Fox Searchlight president Peter Rice to run a new division for teen and young adult audiences intended to tap into the lucrative genre film market.

Rice, who also will continue running Searchlight, the studio's specialty films unit, has signed a new five-year contract with FFE.

The new division he will head -- which has not yet been named -- will produce and acquire six to eight films a year in genres including action, thriller, comedy and drama.

The new division also will create new-media content for mobile devices, the Web and emerging technologies.

"Young audiences have their own aesthetic," Rothman said, adding that new media would primarily be used to create marketing opportunities for the division's films. "Both the movies and the marketing will have a pretty radical aesthetic. We're going to try to be bold," he said."

"Bold and radical", eh? Sounds like someone got a little overzealous after the annual bring-your-daughter-to-work day. Personally, I think 20th Century Fox is the very best of all the big studios, but why not just focus on the individual projects instead of creating an ultimately pointless 'label'? Do high-school kids base their weekend movie selections on the logo screens? "Hey, let's go see the new Sony Pictures Classics movie!"



Jeremy Appleyard

[b]I love the headline.[/b]

Expect this to be a short-lived marketing experiment from Fox.

Dec 22 - 05:56 AM


Nicholas Marcus

While it is a shame that we have come to this, you know its going to work because the teen market is an endless cashcow

Dec 22 - 11:31 AM


Victoria Leduc

Stupid studios!

Dec 22 - 05:41 PM


Nancy Elizabeth

Why oh why?

I agree completely. This is not going to work as well as they planned.

Dec 22 - 07:54 PM

hattori hanzo

derek knight

[b]Somone needs to be assasinated[/b]
Oh my goodness if teens didnt already look enough like overobsessed, self indulgent, vain, nymphos. Fox will burn, burn in hell, for what they have done.

By the way fox, thanx for treating us teens like cattle just like the rest of the corporate world, appreciated. Now just so you know, im boycotting this new division.

Dec 22 - 10:23 PM


Khim Lo

its just coporate restructuring. I don;t think it would affect the quality of the films anyhow.

Dec 23 - 02:23 AM


jonny danger

[b]Good, This label will let us know what movies wil[/b]
Just put all of the crappy movies under the teen label to keep the loud mouth little queers out of the grown up movie theaters.

Dec 24 - 10:01 AM


Merlin Ambrosius

It's odd the disdain people feel for if you were never one. (And no, I am not a teenager. Haven't been for quite some time)

Dec 28 - 11:41 AM


Philip Hutchinson

[b]I hope[/b]
I think they should call it Paramount. Oh wait, it already exists. Anyway, I hope that this new studio is more like a Fox Searchlight instead of a Nickelodeon. If instead of just getting gross out comedies and nonsense romatic comedies, it goes out and gets good movies that teens would like (like say a Napolean Dynamite) and market them for teens I think it would be good. Searchlight and Sony Classics are great for good movies for adults, but there are good movies by new directors that can be made for teens that if marketed properly could actually make teens better movie goers.

See, I'm hoping for Fox Searchlight for teens. Something a little more lighthearted and about things teens care about. But I know its just going to be Fox Nickelodeon. Bummer dude.

Dec 28 - 10:31 PM

Super Simba

Super Simba

What the HELL? I'm not a normal teenger by any standards, but I don't think other will go for this by any means.

Dec 31 - 04:28 PM


Mr. Happy

Good job limiting your audience to teens who actually watch teen movies, Fox!

Jan 1 - 01:13 PM

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