Golden Tomatoes: The 10 Best Movies for each of the Last 10 Years

RT highlights the best reviewed movie for each year we've been around.

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What better way to celebrate RT's 10th birthday than with a film retrospective that focuses on the very basis of our existence? Take a look back, all the way through our formative years, to see which movies had garnered the best critical responses. Those of you who have been with us for a while now are already familiar with our Golden Tomato Awards, and the memory of last year's winner might still be fresh on your mind. But between a handful of animated features, a political satire, and a sentimental turn from a wild comedian, you might find one or two surprises in our list of each year's best-reviewed film.

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1998's Best-Reviewed:
The Truman Show

Media appropriation, voyeurism, ditching our jobs and sailing to Fiji -- these are issues we mull over every day at Rotten Tomatoes. So it's fitting that The Truman Show, Peter Weir's gentle treatise on pop culture and art, is the movie to inaugurate the site. The movie stars Jim Carrey as meek Truman Burbank, an insurance adjustor slowly realizing his hometown a giant set, his life nothing more than televised pap. But just like everyone else, critics loved tuning in to The Truman Show: "Adventurous, provocative, even daring," wrote Kenneth Turan. And the movie demonstrated Carrey need not resort to falling out of a rhino's ass to make the audiences laugh and take home the box office; The Truman Show has heart, hijinks, and, according to Owen Glieberman, it turns "Carrey...into a postmodern Capra hero."

Runners-Up: Shakespeare in Love, Antz, Saving Private Ryan
Worst-Reviewed: Jawbreaker