Moldy Tomatoes: The 10 Worst Movies of the Last 10 Years

RT highlights the worst-reviewed movie for each year we've been around.

Let's face it. You love bad movies, we love bad movies. That's why we're called Rotten Tomatoes and it's why a movie needs a 60% Tomatometer to be considered Fresh -- we want to see films sweat to be considered good. Now nothing cleanses the palette like a bad movie. They encourage us to actively appreciate our favorites even more while (hopefully) giving us a good laugh. You already read our Golden Tomatoes article, now continue for the 10 worst movies of each year of Rotten Tomatoes' existence (which are sorted using the same weighted scores that we use on our big features lists).

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1998's Worst-Reviewed:

Black comedies are hard to pull off consistently (even the American masters, the Coen Brothers, succeed only slightly more than half the time), and one set during high school runs the risk of being zero interest to critics, who have long since conquered high school, college, and probably a few midlife crises. But Jawbreaker, detailing a beautiful girl clique's attempt to cover up a murder, tries its hardest to make it work. And by making it work, we mean shamelessly stealing from Heathers, Clueless, and John Waters while failing to establish a consistent tone. "Not quite a satire, not quite an homage," writes Liam Lacey of the Globe and Mail, "Jawbreaker falls into a third category: audaciously unoriginal."

Runners-Up: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, 54, A Night at the Roxbury
Best-Reviewed: The Truman Show


Jack Waters

zachary leeman

Wow, even the previews and clips for these movies look terrible...

Aug 7 - 04:20 PM


rob fecteau

OMG John Travolta sounds like comic book guy in battlefield earth! Not menacing at all.

Aug 7 - 05:26 PM


Brian Auten

The Science Theater commenting on Battlefield Earth was priceless

Aug 7 - 05:38 PM

Adam Ashford

Adam Ashford

They did that one??? Dude, thank you for the king sized gift of information.

Jun 6 - 11:49 AM


Brian Auten

but I love Corky Romano...

Aug 7 - 05:41 PM


Dustin Hughes

i kind of liked chill factor. :(

Aug 7 - 05:54 PM


Samuel Ewing

Of the films mentioned I've only seen Christmas with The Kranks which I thought was perfectly fine as far as thoroughly safe family fare goes certainly a lot better than Wild Hogs, The Santa Clause 3, or Cheaper by the Dozen for whatever it's worth.

Aug 7 - 06:33 PM


Zach Williamson

Good Luck Chuck was the worst movie of last year. This is wrong

Aug 7 - 07:12 PM


robert drake

Agreed. Good Luck Chuck was incredibly bad. Its easily the worst film of all times. Its disgusting, brainless and downright annoying. This movie sucked so hard, its beyond words. I still harbor a dying and an immortal hatred for this piece of **** flick.

Aug 10 - 07:30 PM

Young Turk

Joe Massino

"And get me a Royale with cheese!", priceless!

I know it's no big surprise but notice that almost every year the best reviewed film is a product of Pixar.

Aug 7 - 07:54 PM


Jonas Mieschbuehler

I just have to say, Chill Factor was unlucky to be in that mess, as ive only seen 2 of the 10 and probably 3-4 runners up (thank RT!). Also Alone in the Dark is officially the worst movie i've seen, Chill Factor looks like The Godafather compared to it.

Aug 7 - 08:40 PM


Ryan McEachern

Did anyone else notice that a Pixar film was listed about 8 times out of 10 as the "Best Reviewed"?

Aug 7 - 08:59 PM


phil alexander

The Pixar films are always going to be best reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes, because they are all vanilla. They can appeal to everyone and they dont offend anyone. How many great horror or action films have you seen critics just dismiss as, "too violent" or "sends a bad message to kids." In all honesty for action and horror movies I prefer them to be around 50-60% on rotten tomatoes because if you arent offending at least the fat, 60 year old, feminist, lesbian blogger critic, then you probably dont have a good action or horror movie. People take the rotten tomatoes score too seriously. You can usually tell whats horrible when it appeals to no one, and you can tell whats family friendly, semi inspirational, or safe good fun when it scores in the 90-100, but for certain types of films you dont want a 95% or so.

Aug 9 - 05:19 PM


Tony Pritchard

i have a couple of guilty pleasures on here...such as say it isn't so and a man apart

Aug 7 - 09:46 PM


Jason Clark

Good Luck Chuck is by far the worst movie of last year, some friends wanted to watch it so we rented it (this was just when I started using RT, and I didn't check before I watched it...) It was awful, definitely the worst comedy I have seen and one of the worst movies period. 0% from top critics and 2.6 avg rating while Because I Said So is 9% and 3.7 avg rating. Why isn't Good Luck Chuck the winner?

Aug 7 - 09:48 PM


Thomas Sutton

Coens only succeed half the time? Bull! They've only made 2 bad films.

Aug 7 - 09:49 PM


James Lowell

Sometimes critics are just plain stupid. I don't care what anyone says about me or my taste in movies, Christmas With The Kranks is a thoroughly enjoyable movie. It always cheers me up after a bad day. I love it.

As for everything else, I've only seen Corky Romano and that had exactly one funny part......."You guys want some cookies?"

Oh, and Because I Said So. Diane Keaton created the most irritating character to ever be on screen. I hate that movie soley because of her. Well, that and the fact that the movie is just plain boring.

Aug 7 - 10:38 PM


Daniel Ross-Moore

alright, i know that Pixar movies are cute and very well made, but best-voted film for 8 years? come on. what the hell is that?

Aug 7 - 10:45 PM


Nathan Miller

Ok, So I totally agree with the whole Pixar thing. Sure they're good movies, but how in the world do they continue to get the best pic. reviews year after year. In fact, Wall-e is sure to get it again this year. C'mon, The Dark Knight was a far superior film in every way. Now I'm not a huge comic buff, but I know a good film and a great script when I see it and Wall-e doesn't deserve all the praise it received.

Also, Alone in the Dark is by far the worst movie of the last couple of years. Its horrid!

Aug 7 - 11:44 PM


Alex Reyes

ok, here goes again the anti pixar discussion. They DONT say its the best movie of the year, they say its the best reviewed by most people. That is IT. Now, saying that the dark knight is better than the Wall E isnt necessarily true. The dark knight has its "look how serious a movie I am" parts when trying to portray some relevant issues of today, but it fails in doing it seriously as it is more concerned on being successful. It is an awesome, super likeable by the masses, impressive movie whose accomplishments outshine its numerous flaws, but its flaws are there. Wall E is similar in that way, its accomplishment outshines its numerous flaws, but, although it doesnt reach the level of excitedness it brings on people, I consider it a slightly better artistic achievement. I still hope neither of these films is the best film this year, even if among the best.

Aug 10 - 11:02 AM


Brian Jarchow

i noticed that underneath the runner ups for worst movie, most of the best reviewed movies were animated pixar movies aimed kids. Those movies are great dont get me wrong, but its kind of a sad fact for the majority of hollywood.

Aug 7 - 11:45 PM


Tommy D

I didn't have any issues with the top Worsts of each year, but I noticed at least a couple movies -- "54" and "White Noise" specifically -- that I actually liked. I guess the critics are just wrong sometimes. ;)

I've never sat through "Battlefield Earth", but that clip of the movie was painful to watch. I'd rather watch a 24-hour Kevin Costner marathon than put myself through that entire movie just once.

Aug 8 - 12:28 AM


Emma Phillips

Oh my gosh! Your comment about the 24 hour Kevin Costner marathon made me laugh out loud. I agree, the clip of Battlefield Earth was painful to watch.

Aug 10 - 09:57 PM


Steven Edwards

I actually have always thought that White Noise was a great movie.

Aug 8 - 12:34 AM


E Z Dunn

Add a pinch of "I'm going to kick your..."
And then mix with explosion until it's a fine paste.

Aug 8 - 01:11 AM

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